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Spencer Recovery Center: Dr. Paul’s at the Bay Outpatient


St Pete Beach FloridaThe Basics

Dr. Paul’s at the Bay is one of the treatment facilities owned by Spencer Recovery Center and located in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Dr. Paul’s offers outpatient treatment that is individualized to each client. In addition to standard outpatient substance abuse treatment, Dr. Paul’s also has a faith-based recovery program that is bible-focused, supporting the spiritual recovery by integrating the Christian philosophy.

Spencer Recovery Center programs aim to “foster change by promoting healthy lifestyle choices” with a residential track as well as support for seniors, young adults, learning disabilities and emotional problems.

Treatment and Staff

Dr. Paul’s takes a multi-level approach to treatment, integrating Behavior Modification, therapy, education and medication management to cover all the bases of addiction and treatment. In order to do this, clients must first participate an initial evaluation and assessment to give the counselors a better understating of their needs and to develop an individualized treatment plan that caters to those needs. Plans are then reviewed every 90 days to ensure that clients are progressing and their recovery needs are still being met.

Treatment plans typically consist of individual and group therapy, vocational rehabilitation and medication management. Individual therapy sessions are scheduled independently, while group sessions are scheduled several times throughout the week. Therapy incorporates both CBT and DBT methodology.

The 12-steps are not included in the program, but clients can be referred to local chapters if requested.

The faith-based Grace Track incorporates intensive counseling with studying the Life Recovery Bible as a recovery text. In addition to the 12-step framework, participants attend group sessions led by a Christian counselor, weekly one-on-one sessions, chaperoned transport to church services every Sunday as well as taking part in a specialized ministry called “The Effect.” Recovery aims to help clients develop humility, honesty and grace.

The staff at DPB consists of clinical psychologists, LCSWs, LMFTs, LPCs and CADCs.


In addition to the outpatient substance abuse treatment program at Dr. Paul’s at the Bay, the Spencer Recovery network also offers a variety of other treatment programs to clients and the broader community. Other programs include residential care, prescription drug services, an extended care program and an executive rehab program. Additionally, support is available for seniors, young adults, those with learning disabilities and co-occurring emotional problems.

Clients also participate in vocational rehabilitation, during which they are prepared to enter back into the workforce and learn valuable skills such as resume writing, interview techniques and how to search for jobs.

In Summary

Dr. Paul’s at the Bay offers a comprehensive outpatient treatment program for those seeking a variety of evidence-based treatment methods and the 12-steps. The program is flexible, allowing clients to maintain their regular life and work schedules. With a faith-based program option as well as vocational skills training, clients are given a well-rounded approach to treatment and recovery.

Dr. Paul’s at the Bay
140 Covey Ave
St. Pete Beach, FL

Dr. Paul’s at the Bay Cost: Sliding scale. Reach Dr. Paul’s at the Bay by phone at (800) 334-0394.

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  1. The program saved my life and my marriage!!!! Nate Casey is a thief that steals from his fellow employees and walks around high off suboxone all day and night. Complete loser……… He thinks he is soo cool since the owner hired him for Trauma Anonymous … Even though his own personal stories change every time he tells them… wow … No spencer center wants him ….

  2. Marnie Thompson on

    I got out of there in April 2018 and it is still just as bad. Thank you for your brave share. If I had known then what I know now, I would have saved my money and gone to support groups while living at home. Spencer Recovery Centers is a greedy scam with no regard for client welfare.

  3. I went to Dr. Paul’s twice, once from November 2012 to February 2013 and for about three weeks. I was not able to stay sober at all. Now I am not going to pretend that I was perfect because I was definitely not, but it did not help that certain clients got away with murder, the techs they had working their handing out medication at night were not licensed professionals, and so many other unfortunate things. People were bringing alcohol and drugs in there all the time. This made it extremely hard to get and stay sober when your roommate is drinking whisky is front of you and trying to score pills. Or when people are smoking spice on the back porches but they are favored by the housing manager so nothing is done about it. This wasn’t even the worst of it. The worse was the fact that they were committing insurance fraud by saying people tested positive for drugs so the insurance would pay more. If you were a cash paying client you were treated like royalty. They also broke HIPAA laws on the regular as well as had no moral code what so ever. They had a pretty good scheme of telling people (usually loved ones of the client) if they paid a lump of cash the client could take “classes” there to become a counselor. It was disturbing how much power they gave people who were still clients with very little time clean. I saw people overdose there from drugs they ordered on the internet and were so easily able to bring into the housing. All in all his place is your typical rehab money pit, convince families to pay massive amounts of money for their suffering addict/alcoholic, when really all they are paying for is the Big Book of AA.

    I would also like to note while I was there I watched the counselor who had created the program leave out of differences of how the place should be run. She did not agree with what the schemers were doing and it was apparent when she stated she didn’t like the way things were heading and loved to a different recovery center close by.

    Now this was back in 2012-2013, but from what I have heard from clients is not much has changed. I do hope it has for the sake of people who are sent there.

  4. Marlin johnson on

    I stayed clean the whole time I was there and am still clean today. I would never have been able to do it without those guys and ladies. They saved my life and gave me a second chance.

  5. I spent almost four months at Dr. Pauls at the Bay and it is the worst drug and alcohol program i have ever been to! None of the employees here care about anything but money! If you have insurance and there is someone there paying cash, they get treated 100 times better than you. The counselors dont keep what you talk about to them selves. They tell other clients an other staff members when there is supose to be a law that wbat you tell them doesnt leave the room unless your gonna hurt yourself or someone else. If someone calls to see if your at thier facility they are not suppose to tell them well they do along with any other info they wanna know about you and your recovery. The client’s get drunk over an over and they dont do anything about it. Client’s fail drug test and they dont do anything about it. If your a client they make you what the call an intern (which you do not get paid for) and they will work you to death cause its free labor. There is not a doctor or nurse on hand so the guy in the office (who has no licence to give meds) keeps ur meds and gives them to you in the morning and the evening shift worker hands out meds (who has no licence to give meds)! Meds come up missing in the office all the time! Of course it only the ones classified as a narcotic. There is no christian based anything here. They do not take you to church, even if you ask. They do not teach you vocational skills. They offer you anything to get you here then its nothing like they say it is. Just like the picture is of the beach, the beach is a 15-20 minute walk from the rehab. I do not know one person that stayed clean here or once they leave the relaspe within day. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. I was treated horrible while i was there. If i was you i wouldnt waste my time going there cause ur life is way more importan!!!!

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