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Acadia: White Deer Run Cove Forge


Cove ForgeAcadia: White Deer Run Cove Forge Review

In operation since 1981, the Cove Forge Behavioral Health System is one of many rehabilitation facilities serving under the White Deer Run network and CRC Health Group. White Deer Run has a total of 16 various inpatient and/or outpatient rehabs, as well as Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), across the state of Pennsylvania. Its overall philosophy aims to provide high quality, life-changing treatment to both adults and adolescents in an environment that closely mirrors a vibrant sober lifestyle.

Under the Acadia Healthcare umbrella, White Deer Run facilities are included among an expansive international group of behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with inpatient, residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

Cove Forge calls Williamsburg, PA home and rests on 75 woodsy acres alongside the Juniata River. The setting is rustic—expect to see deer on the grounds of what feels like a college campus, boasting its own library, gym and ropes course.

This location can house up to 175 clients at a time, in rooms shared with as many as three other people. Men and women are kept on completely separate portions of campus (women on the hill, men at the bottom) and have no contact except if they happen to be going through detox at the same time. They even sit on separate sides of the cafeteria.

Menus are put out each month and an example day has a buffet style breakfast with eggs, sausage, bagels and cereal; cheeseburgers with fries for lunch plus chocolate muffin for dessert then pork roast and mashed potatoes for dinner, with more dessert. Salad bars are an option at lunch and dinner. Juice, milk, water, tea and sodas are available at any time. There are also vending machines on campus.

Laundry service is free but they recommend patients bring five to seven days worth of clothing. Linens are provided and changed once a day. Towels are included but clients should bring their own toiletries. Clients are allowed to have cigarettes. Shopping runs are done twice a week to pick up snacks and incidentals.

Treatment and Staff

The average stay for an individual at Cove Forge is 15 to 28 days. It offers detox, opiate addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment, all of which are tailored separately for men and women. It takes into account the specific needs of each client when determining length of stay and aftercare plans. Dual diagnosis addicts struggling with psychiatric issues are a specific area of treatment here, as Cove Forge believes in a combination of therapy, 12-step recovery and, if medically necessary, medication (both to ease the symptoms of detox and for long-term maintenance on certain cases). Though most of the therapy happens here in a group setting, individual counseling takes place at least once a week—with the option of additional sessions being scheduled in via counselor approval.

Cove Forge is armed with a full-time medical director, one psychiatrist, one physician, several physician’s assistants and nurses who are available around the clock. The patient-to-staff ratio is eight-to-one.

Cove Forge believes in keeping clients on a regimented schedule and the days here are jam-packed. A standard day starts at 5:30 am, followed by medication doling and breakfast at 6:30. After the meal, clients exercise on-site at the gym then have group counseling until lunch at 11 am. After lunch, clients find themselves in either a 12-step meeting, stress management seminar or lecture followed by more physical activities. They have an early dinner at 4:15 pm, followed by more 12-step work, a Bible study or “Gratitude Celebration” then one last block of time dedicated to distributing meds. Clients have a final snack around 9 pm followed by fellowship and reflection before bedtime at 11.

All visitors must attend a family program day (they have two a week—educational sessions about addiction and mental health issues) prior to visiting, and each visitor must be placed on an approved list. Visiting hours are held on Sundays between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm.


The Cove Forge Ropes Course is a highlight of the program. Other fun extracurricular activities at this facility include basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf softball and free weights. For the less athletically inclined, they have woodworking, drawing groups and arts & crafts.

In addition, Cove Forge offers a Music Performance Group, including a drum circle. Clients have the opportunity to collaborate with staff in writing and performing and even recording music.

In Summary

Clients who come here are guaranteed to pack a lot of treatment into a short duration of time. Whether this is a suitable strategy for everyone might be up for debate. For those who thrive in a structured, school-like environment and need treatment both for chemical dependency and related issues, Cove Forge is certainly worth exploring.

Cove Forge Behavioral Health System Location

202 Cove Forge Rd
Williamsburg, PA 16693

Cove Forge Cost

$12,000 (30 days). Reach Cove Forge by phone at (866) 769-6822. Find Cove Forge on Facebook

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