13 Sober Summer Activities
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13 Sober Summer Activities


Every year, there’s a sense of excitement and relief as summer begins. But this year, with the economy slowly reopening as vaccinations become more widespread, the potential of summer seems bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re living through your first sober summer, or have been in  for decades, these 13 sober summer activities will keep you on track and entertained through the warm summer months. 

1. Check Out Alumni Events

More and more treatment centers are now creating communities for people who have been through their programs. Your treatment center might have alumni events remotely or in person. Either way, they offer a great opportunity to connect with other people who are in recovery. 

2. Try In-Person Meeting

After a year of doing recovery remotely, there are now more and more opportunities to be in the rooms, in person. During the summer you might even be able to attend a recovery meeting outdoors, enjoying fellowship and fine weather. 

3. Mix Up Mocktails

Being sober doesn’t mean you can’t sip a refreshing drink on a hot day. Experiment with different mocktail recipes, using all the fresh fruit and herbs that the summer has to offer. Need inspiration? There’s plenty of it online. 

4. Visit a Sober Bar

Speaking of mocktails, why not visit a sober friendly bar? These establishments serve up great drinks and a social atmosphere, without any of the booze. Search for sober mocktail bars near you for a nice outing after a year of pandemic life. 

5. Browse the Farmer’s Market

Summer is all about fresh food and produce. Support your local farmers and enjoy their bounty by visiting your farmers market. You’ll find plenty of fruits and vegetables, but also hand-crafter soaps, breads and other feel-good essentials. 

6.  Take a Cooking Class

Need to put all that food and produce to better use? Take a cooking class in person or online to expand your repertoire. Learn how to make a new dish or jazz up a favorite classic. 

7.  Go for a Bike Ride

There’s a reason kids are obsessed with their bikes. It’s so freeing to whiz around with the wind in your hair. With bike paths and rentals more widespread than ever before, anyone can spend an afternoon biking around their city.

8.  Get on the Water

Whether you’re on a whale-watch boat, kayak or paddle board, there’s something so calming about being out on the water. Head to your nearest beach, river or lake and spend some time soaking up the sun and reflecting on how the past year has impacted your recovery. 

9.  Go Camping

The outdoors are calling. Even if you don’t have all the equipment, there are plenty of businesses that will rent it to you, making a night away in the desert or woods a no-fuss break from reality. 

10.  Read a Book

When was the last time you delved into a book and pushed the rest of the world away? Head to your local bookstore and see what catches your eye. Then, spend a screen-free afternoon immersed in a whole new world. 

11. Get Artsy

Pick up a pack of crayons or a box of chalk, and get in touch with your inner artist. Don’t worry about making something that looks perfect — just have fun seeing what designs flow from your fingertips. 

12. Do a Virtual Race

Many people are still avoiding crowds. Instead of rubbing elbows with others during a race, do a virtual 5k (or distance of your choice). That way, you’re free to follow your favorite path, or explore a new area all together. 

13.  Have a Screen Free Day

Is there anyone who doesn’t spend too much time on their phones these days? Buck the trend by challenging yourself to a screen-free day each week. Take it a step further by journaling about how your screen-free day unfolds differently than your normal days filled with phones, tablets and computers. 

After a year of being stuck at home, many of us now have the opportunity to get out and establish new routines. This summer, put yourself out there and try something new, living life in recovery to the fullest. 


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