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jericho-projectThe Basics

Created in 1995, Jericho Project is a state-licensed, year-long residential program in Brisbane, California, a suburb of San Francisco. The program specializes in treating chemically dependent criminal offenders, showing them howthrough therapy, community, life skills and recreationthey can live independent and healthy lives. The vast majority of its clients are court-ordered.

Accommodations and Food

Jericho Project’s facilities include several residences, the main house and a community center. Newly-admitted clients and staff members live in the main house, while other clients and case managers live in the other residences. The homes feature family-style interiors, with a TV in the living room and oversized dining rooms. Clients share bedrooms with one or two other people.

The community center is where most of the action occursthe space includes classrooms, offices, an extensive gym and exercise area and meeting rooms for staff. Clients can work out in the evenings, as physical fitness is an essential part of the program. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

For meals, everyone participates. Staff members stock the kitchens with the appropriate ingredients, pitching in to help guide the clients through recipes. The food is served and eaten as a group, promoting healthy conversation and bonding. Items such as coffee and sugar are permitted in the homes

Treatment and Staff

While many programs focus on individual therapy, Jericho Project’s year-long treatment process uses group counseling as the recovery tool. Through CBT and DBT therapy, counselors help change a client’s negative thoughts and behaviors. Group topics include life skills, relapse prevention, anger management, parenting, navigating the criminal justice system and trauma. Living in a group also teaches the clients about personal responsibility. This requires each member to maintain personal hygiene, keep up with household chores and respect the other members of the community.

Clients also have the opportunity to participate in vocational training and educational classes that helps prepare them for life after treatment. Class topics include an introduction to computers, English, remedial math and nutrition.

Family visits are not allowed but if a client is doing well after 90 days, they are permitted to call loved ones. While many programs offer a family night or family therapy, Jericho Project encourages clients to slowly heal family dynamics after their treatment is completed.

Jericho Project staff include a mix of LADCs, in addition to case managers.

In Summary

For severe addiction, a month or two of treatment is often not enough. With a 12-month program, Jericho Project allow clients to transform all aspects of their lives, teaching new ways of thinking and behaviors that lead to success.

Jericho Project
470 Valley Dr
Brisbane, CA 94005

Jericho Project Cost: Call for cost. Reach Jericho Project by phone at (415) 656-1700.

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  1. I think the best thing that could happen is all the ex clients contact each other and try to get a class action lawsuit going. Jericho project should get shut down and the ex clients should get some compensation for the years they worked. Not to mention the mental and physical abuse some of them suffered.

    • Please someone with some information on how I can find out what’s really going on inside this place ; contact me please; my close relative recently went there and I have been worried sick! I cant sleep at night. He was sent there when he was allready accepted into another year long program. I was just finding out about this program when they came and grabbed him up from jail before we had a chance to do more research. Now its too late and im scared to death for him. I just need to know if hes ok. I’ve been told by probation and public defender that the comments on here aren’t true but I can’t help but worry because what if they are. And the year long black out makes me question this place. The last i saw him there were tears in his eyes because he didnt want to go a year without seeing us. Please someone help us with some legal advice on what we can do.

    • I’m replying to this accusations that you have against the Jericho Project have a loved one that has been taking there and I’m not sure if he’s okay either reply back please

  2. Hoping and praying all these bad reviews are just unhappy program drop outs. My husband was picked up by them yesterday from county jail. He was arrested 5 hours after I gave birth to our son on some BS warrant from a year ago. So I want him home and healthy! I read EVERY SINGLE ONE these reviews to him, but he still chose to go. We are prepared for a full year black out, if in fact the 90 day black out is false. I have faith in him. He knows his family is here waiting for him. I will keep everyone posted as this is an actual true honest review. But nothing to review yet.

  3. Confidential Smith on

    I went to Jericho project from the county jail instead if going to prison. The deal with them is the faster you have a family member pay the quicker you will be picked up from jail and entered in the program. I was there for a month when my roommate snuck out at night to go somewhere. He was caught and they kicked me out as well as him. This program is only about making money. Since I had already paid the up front cost they wanted to start me over and pay the entrance fee again. The San Mateo probation officers are also in bed with Chuck. They are violent with the patient’s as I have seen gist hand Chuck choke a man out. He also punishes his own child by making him sit on his knees fave fist into a corner. Yes the philosophy i believe to be correct but there is definitely something ugly going on behind the scene. If your facility g a long prison sentence this is the prefect place to go. If not DO NOT send your loved ones there . Again the program its self is not the problem but rather the men in charge. If you pay upfront they will kick you out for any old thing like talking at night and make you start over while working off what you owe for his temp agency. Its crazy to me that the courts still honor this program with all the negative realties that go on here. I changed my life on my own. And I’m just glad I made it out alive. Some arnt so lucky. And there is a reason for not letting you speak with family. If someone gets beat up by Chuck there is a way to contact the police from the outside but not from the inside. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES TO YHIS PROGRAM.

  4. Jesus, is this for real? My childrens father is in jail for 4 months, he gets out at the end of the year. He wants to get help for his addiction so he applied for Jericho Project and he got in. I was excited for him at first to turn his life around, but now I’m scared for him! Are all these negative comments true? I really want him to go to a drug program, but if all the negative comments and the people wondering what happened to their loved one are true, i need to hurry up and warn him not to go… Does anyone know of drug programs men in Jail can get into that arent all f-cked up like this?

  5. Hello,
    Question for those of you that have been in this program my husband has been in the program now for a little over 3 months I was told that after his 3rd month he would be able to contact his family we have a 2 yr. old daughter who ask for her daddy everyday Is it true that your able to get phone calls I have tried to contact the center and I have not had any returned calls please help thank you in advance.

  6. Hi everyone/anyone!
    My brother Ron was sent there on the 14th and called my mom yesterday and said he is lost in Daly City. Any chance he can come back to the program?
    Long shot I know!!! Just still have to ask….Thanks

      • You are such a sad person-you spend so much time and energy going after this program. You maybe would have had some credibility but now it is obvious by all of your comments over the years that you are just an angry man with nothing better to do than feed your hatered. It is really sad.

  7. I would like to make something perfectly clear. Damon Casparian is not in prison or jail. He left his position as director solely because after the years spent helping people he was ready to leave a d start a family and implement the things he learned there in his own life. Remains GREATFUL for all the program taught him. Spreading lies about a place that actually helps people is a cruel thing to do. It doesn’t hurt jerico, it hurts the men who don’t go there because of what’s said. This place changes lives and just because you guys weren’t capable of it don’t rip the opportunity from others. Its licensed, yes it has ex con’s working there. Who better to help cons than cons? Damon Casparian who no longer works there should be left out of these conversation unless your thanking him for his time and effort he spent to help you while he was there. I have seen the product that has been produced through this program any its nothing short of a miracle.

    • I knew Damon. Does he still do construction? We all know Chuck never did. Him and his 25 year old Redwings without a scratch on them. “We(I) tried starting a stone cutting business. We(I) couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it.”? Chuck,what construction company did you work for? Are they hiring?

      • and stop using the word “we” when it’s “you” that has failed at every business venture that “you” have ever entered into. How’s “your” meat counter down at the beer and wine store treating “you”? Are “we” going to have to file for chapter 11 for that too?

    • Damon is in jail for identity theft, grand theft auto and drug possession. Chuck fired him for stealing from the program.

  8. Wow, that’s pretty impressive! This page goes for months without a single review and when there is a review, it’s negative. Then all of a sudden, like magic, there are several great reviews, all on the same day and all within the same hour!!! That’s almost unbelievable. Wait… IS unbelievable because it’s Chuck, aka, “Sir”, making one of his “staff members” sit down and give false reviews to make himself look better. He did this on Yelp as well and even paid them to delete his negative reviews (yes, you can do that, if you look at his account on there, you can see how many reviews have been deleted. They were all bad). Pretty pathetic “Sir”. It’s just too bad you aren’t as smart as you believe yourself to be. Maybe next time give them a few days in between…….you know, try to fool us a little.

    So, that’s the just of it guys. The negative reviews on here are absolutely real and factual.

    And, the reason myself and other men use aliases is simple. Chuck is an evil, vile person and will go to any lengths to screw someone over. But the truth needs to be said. Please, do not send your family members to Jericho Project if you love them.

    • “i gots me a job,teachin 13th grade ingish,thanks to i’s takin home over 30 dolla an hour”? What school district? Are they hiring?

  9. I came to Jericho with a 15 yr executed suspended sentence over my head I listened and follow the example and direction of the staff that works here and completed my 1yr commitment that I had. While in the program I was able to get my GED, they helped me get my driver license back, and after I graduated but while still in the program was able to get into the union here in the bay area… Jericho is a place where if your willing to put in the work and want a second chance at life this is a place where u can rebuild your life and yourself…. i owe my life to this place and the staff here and thank them all

  10. Jericho project saved my life, and many others. I have a job that Jericho has helped me get, and for the first time in my life I am clean and being financially responsible. I owe it to Jericho for giving me the best environment to train in. Jericho save lives, but you got to have heart and a pair of nuts to do it

  11. All I can say is you get what you put in. Ifor your a lame and don’t want to get your life on track then this program is not for you. All the people on here talking shit are lames who could not take responsibility for there self and want to blame the program. This program helps the people that want help not the people running from a jail sentence. Really? Tom foolery and you people? Sounds like some fakes to me can’t even use your real name. What does that tell you. You should really get a life and find something else to do. The program got me on track 8 years ago and I’m doing great. Got my kids good job handling business.

  12. Jared Phillips on

    My names Jared Phillips im Proof that this shit works. I came to Jericho in Lou of a 4 years prison sentence. I’m a graduate now I walk the stage cap and gown the whole she bang on January 26th 2017. I got a job gotten for me through Jericho and I dont have to worry about going to prison again. This program works for the men that are ready to change their lives. And for the little boys that didn’t make it… well you can see where their at, talking shit on the run.

    • Hi Jared,

      My name is Melissa and I see that you once attended this program I am glad that you were a success and are doing well I hope for the same with my husband however I have a question I have had no success reaching a staff member my husband has been in the program for 3 months and I was told that after his 3rd month he could contact his family being in the program are you able to make calls please respond thank you for your help in advance

      • Hi Melissa,

        My name is Marian and my son has just been sent to this program. I, myself, have been in a drug program and can say that most have a black-out period and the Jericho Project seems to have a 90-day black-out so I’m going to tell you what my son said to me, “mom if you don’t hear from me, it means I’m doing good. It’s when you hear from me before 90-days that it’s all bad.” I keep praying I don’t hear from him for at least 90 days. I know it’s rough not hearing from him but be grateful he’s sticking to it. It’s really a challenge to change old behaviors and I wish your husband and my son the best of luck. This is my son’s second chance at a program and I hope he makes it. God bless and best wishes..

  13. Christopher Cherry on

    My name is Christopher Cherry and I’m a graduate of the Jericho Program. Befor coming to Jericho Program I was a chemically dependant criminal offender. In other words I was addicted to methamphetamines and stealing to pay for my drug habit. I was in and out of jail. My life was a nightmare. I first heard about Jericho in jail. So I called and was accepted. When I first got to Jericho I was a little overwhelmed. It is nothing like any other program out their. I’ve been to a few. The whole philosophy of the Jericho Program is personal accountability. It teaches you the things you were supposed to learn when you were a little kid. Make your bed, cold your clothes, get up on time, brush your teeth, go to work. And be happy about it. For some people that’s just to much. Really? That’s all Jericho requires. Take care of your responsibilities and have a good attitude. If you can do that for a year then you can do it when you graduate. I did it. I have been drug fee for 13 months. I have a job paying over $20 hr. I have a good relationship with my children. Thanks to the Jericho Project. I’m the one who put in the hard work to change my life, but Jericho provided the environment and structure that made that possible. If you or a loved one really wants to change? If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? Jericho might just be the spot for you.

      • With such a negative attitude such as the one you have “stephen” Im surprised you would even get an interview much less hired..Stop trolling dude get a life…

    • Hi Christopher,
      My name is Melissa and I see that you once attended this program I am glad that you were a success and are doing well I hope for the same with my husband however I have a question I have had no success reaching a staff member my husband has been in the program for 3 months and I was told that after his 3rd month he could contact his family being in the program are you able to make calls please respond thank you for your help in advance

  14. Jericho Project has saved my life. All these other negative reviews are from some guys who couldn’t follow some of the most simple things. Of course it ain’t for the week minded people who have no thought of actually changing their lives. But if your into actually doing something for yourself then I recommend coming to the Jericho Project Program. I have been in the program for well over two and a half years decided to stay on as alumni cause I have no desire to go back out into the world where I came from and relive that lifestyle. There comes a point and time in your life where you make one of two decisions. One: you change your life to do the things you’ve neglected for the majority of your life. Or two: you can keep being dishonest and your never gonna let go of the past. You should want to be a father, a brother, a son, and an honest person people can depend on. I am thankful that the program has helped me turn my life around. I am thankful that they have shown me the skills necessary to gain employment. I got hired on at a great job making 17.00 an hour starting. I would’ve never gotten that chance without the reputation of the program backing me. I am proud to be here at the program. This place has helped me reach some potential I never knew I had. I will always consider this place my saving grace. It’s always the people who decide to either willingly exit, or are discharged that try to give a place a discrediting view. That just shows their poor judgement and inability to try something new that has helped many people over the last twenty years. We will continue to help anyone that needs help to change their lives. But you got to really want it as well. “Change comes when the present condition is no longer acceptable” I wish you all a great day. Sincerely Joshua Thomas

  15. Of all the men leaving the very rude and bad comments, how many of you graduated, or how long did you stay? I am trying to differentiate between actual men who did the program, or men with grudges.
    Thank you

      • May I ask why so many, like yourself, don’t use your real name then? And if it is this way, the state would have shut them down. These places get reviewed all the time for licensing purposes. I am going to investigate myself, because I believe all the comments here are bogus resentments.

        • This program is not inspected that often. When they are every staff member is jumping threw hoops to get the smoke and mirrors in place. The state won’t shut Jericho down because it’s an option to over crowded prisons.

        • When are you going to post the results of your investigation? What’s it to you anyway? It’s a man’s program. If you have a male fuck up in your life send him there. Wish him the best of luck before he leaves though because he’s going to need it.

  16. Shad Jimenez Jericho Failure on

    The Jericho Project is Garbage. The Program is as Rotten as the donated food all the clients are being forced to consume . You don’t have a choice to eat anything but what they get from donations because no one is allowed any form of currency to minimize the temptation to buy drugs with the money then something good to eat. The Jericho Project is NOTHING more then a medium scale temp agency that prides itself in not paying its employees anything more then donated scraps the stores cant shelve anymore and a run down beat up apartment living quarters that is packed 4 deep sleeping on children’s bunk bed frames. Surrounding local Business’, especially any Union Shop, can not even come close to the proposal prices that Jericho can , but the biggest difference that you will soon see by using there services are that fact that it’s Clients / Employees are Untrained, Uneducated, Drug Addicted Jail Birds trying to follow the direction of the so-called lead man on the crew. Believe me when I say this to you the Idiots running this program are not qualified to pick up trash on the beach after a Fourth of July Celebration. If the weight training is what caught your eye in the catalog and weighed in on you wanting Jericho over Another Program like it did me , another illusion they use to get clients. You don’t get to use them, they are for the chosen few , and don’t even look at the punching bags and think you are going to be actually laying your fist against them . NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They belong to the Idiot in Charge and if anyone sees you even touch them plan on spending 3 full days and nights staring at a clock on the floor dressed as a clown so everyone else knows not to talk to the man that didn’t follow direction well enough. That Man quickly becomes a PIECE OF SHIT as they all take turns calling anyone that makes mistakes. And of course one last comment before i rap this up. The Idiot in Charge talks about the whole program is based on being an Honest Man , he even makes a reference to the AA Big Book , about RIGOROUSLY LIVING HONEST. Sounds good doesn’t it ? Let’s just say that this program is the furthest from that Quote that he so proudly has taking to memory and recites so often . It’s all Lies all the way down to the very last detail. They tell you every time you make a mistake or seem to not be in the best of spirits, that if the program is not for you they will give you $20 dollars and a ride so you can at least get home safely to your Family. That is not what you get at all . This is what happens , when you say it’s not for you they get 3 of the biggest fattest senior members to escort you to one of the vans they strip you of any clothing that they gave you they drop you off by a train station at around 10 PM and then act as if they are giving you at least $20 dollars , but to my surprise I was left with nothing more then them joking about me actually believing that I was going to get some money out of them as they slam the door and drive off . I was left 100’s of yards from a train station with a shirt, jeans and my shoes , no socks , in a town I know nobody or have any idea geographically where I am at on the map, with NO Cell Phone ( which they kept from me , my personal $600 dollar LG Brand New phone ) NO Money and Zero direction as to which way to start walking or the closest place to stay warm for the night . The train is useless without money , it’s illegal to ride without paying which also means the closest store was over a mile at around 10:30 PM in the Bay Area in December. If what they are looking for is Rigorous Honesty, they just got it , because not one detail of my experience at Jericho has been Falsified or Altered . Now it’s up to You to make the call if it’s for you or not , i hope this was somewhat of a help to the person that has questions and is clearly seeing nobody is answering questions before the client walks in the door.

    • Shad,
      You’ve been out for over 5 weeks and you found a way to post this complaint yet you still haven’t contacted that family that you mentioned you were wanting to get home safe to. Rigorous honesty, you could practice that yourself since you know what it is. Pretty sad that seeing your post is how your mom found out you were out and asking if me or the kids knew where you are now! I’m guessing things aren’t great if your avoiding contacting us and you posted this and no word since. Don’t wait til we get a call from jail or the morgue. Your family deserves some peace of mind. If this place is so awful then get into somewhere that will help.

  17. I’m wondering about this place. Or if anyone recently got out and knows my boyfriend from in there? All I’ve read about this place is TRASH.
    90 days came and went and then 6 months came and went. It’s disappointing that this place is garbage because he really does need help with his issues. Any help is appreciated !

    • Hi Liz,

      I got out of the program on sept 5th of this year so I may know him. Honestly this program is not garbage. if the clients are doing well and following the rules of the program then they are allowed to contact their family after 90 days. Family contact is an earned privilege so if you haven’t heard from him yet then he might be getting in a little bit of trouble there. The same thing happened to me i couldn’t talk to my family for ten months, but everything they teach there is helpfull. It helped me and it helps countless of other people.

  18. As many of you have posted many times local break ins, found items disposed in the alley ways, picture taking and other somewhat inoffensive crimes. Petty crimes as many of us know them. My investigation is leading to tie things without even forcing any of the puzzle pieces together. They all fall into place.
    Few weeks ago I posted a article about “remote viewing” many of the neighbours suggested I needed therapy and made all kinds of funny remarks. That to show the level of ignorance this progressive neighbourhood has.
    I presented a gang of people using a mixure of techniques combined with prototype technology harassing many people including a close good friend of mine.

    Here is how the puzzle is looking so far:

    The remove viewers which you can find in google searches and meetup groups are all over. As a matter of fact local law enforcement uses them. These people with the help of psychics, mediums and some other type of people with “special” abilities go around harassing normal everyday people by using “Gang Stalking” techniques. Gang Stalking isn’t a new subject. Every country I have lived and visited has a form of gang stalking. Here in the US has been normally used by whistle blowers of any type in any large sector. The most commonly sector using such technique is Studios and Goverment. With the explosion of technology it’s become more popular and unfortunaly many time ignored. People are often time manipulated and taken a “crazy.” Enclosed you will find picutures of articles that can be found online, pictures of MeetUp groups also found online and an article in how UC Berkely tested in getting “volunteers” as they call them imaging directly from their brain. Many of the victims claim to have their mind read all the time. In addition, a rehabilitation program coincidently also located in the Bay area, “Project Jericho”
    This project has bad rep by the way they treat additions. They apparently follow an very unorthodox program in which includes: Hypnosis, complete isolation, threats and others.
    How does law enforcement get involved in all this or chooses not to get involved.
    In my investigation I found out the following:
    There are hebabilition programs offers to certain individuals that meet the minimum requirements for gang stalking. The selection is as follow: Bullies, people that have pathological traumas, self-absorbed, charming, have the ability to act as Chameleons. They have an urge to work for money and in common they have long sentences. These individuals are offered a second chance. They are minimally trained because if they are given too much training they can become a threat to their own illegal program. These people know how to open doors, car doors, hack computers and other electronics and even main frames. I enoutered one many name “Russel” that claimed to have hacked into the Social Security Administration in search of someone’s social security number. We all know this is possible as many cases have appeared on TV. These group of criminals normally were juvenal court criminals going into state or federal prisons and intercepted to work as “Gang Stalkers”

    Another part of my investigation covers psychics and their involvement. How many of you go to psychics to find about your future? It’s been since the begining of civilization that people visited “oracles” and such to get information about the future. Still is in practice. These people need someone personal of you and some don’t even need that. They claim that they can see into your life just by your voice and such…is that really the case or not? Well, here is where the petty crime takes place. (As a disclaimer) not every psychic is like that. I’m sure there is a good amount of them that have actual abilities to communicate. However the booming of psychic shops everywhere has become the new field. Could it be possible that is due to all this technology advancements?
    So many of these psychics have scouts they go break in into cars in the search of targets. If they see a nice home or someone that peeks their interest for any reason, they now became the new target. The criminals with their illegal skills enter the home, steal very personal items of the person and then the psychic has a spiritual connection with the target and in many times very hard to break. I conducted also a very thin research on psychics, but many of them claim to have two types of them. The ones that work for the light, which obey all the privacy laws of the physical and spiritual world and they ones that work in the dark, which basically engage in many less than Goddly acts. Those behaive “cult like”
    Many of you remember the masacres in San Diego and Texas of people that claim to be rescued by E.T. These people behaive the same way. Unfortunately they are protected by Law Enforcement Agents, local, State Federal.
    Now there is the illegal business: I recently found out that many of these 20’s age frame of mostly females, but a good amount of males are attending local community college. Occidental, Pasadena and Hollywood. They probably have a liberal arts major. These individuals also hold day jobs. My findings are leading me to thrift stores. How and why you might wonder…simple. Remember in few lines above I mentioned how Psychics need personal objects to create connections? Well what a best way to find strong personal items than a thrift store. Local people come in sell their items and they with their sensitivity gather information about the person, then follow them home and start the trial of obstacles in order to study the person. Now that’s not all. Some thrift stores are ran as Non-profit. How convenient many of those non-profits are also to help “rehabilitation centers” like Project Jericho. In addition these non-profits are being used as money laundering centers in which Goverment Agencies donate monies to subsidize and encourage the criminal behaiviour the gang stalkers have, in addition the resource access to goverment prototype technology being used on unaware targets that often times are being set up as “crazy”

    I will continue to report as I’m interviewing more victims of these very common controversial everyday crime.

    Many of you would think the reasons why this would happen here are many of the reasons:

    Intellectual property. Companies pay millions or billions of dollars in adverticement, product development and of course the increase of sales. What better way than getting in peoples heads, steal fresh ideas for new products, great ideas of advertisement and of course they sell your/our ideas back to us with no benefit to the original idea creator.
    Studios: How many new movies are coming out with the same theme? Inception, Maze runner, the hunger games, Jupiter acending, then on the more dark side, all those scary movies with possessions and such. Many of those have a real story line never disclosed and where did those movies come from? The victims claiming all kinds of paranormal activity.
    Advances in medicine: Telepathy and telekinesis can be proved now. Many of the victims claim to have experience such paranormal experiences.

    My previous report was deleted and I wasn’t even given the chance to modify it’s content. I have no idea if it was due to the information contained was absolutely truthful and the person that took the decision to remove it was forced to do it or not. I however was in communication and have been in communication and at no point the person stated I was breaking any rules. I’m waiting for them to get back to me to tell me where is that I broke such guidelines.

    • Tony:

      I would really like to speak to you personally. Im being a victim of gang stalking, and its getting way out of control. How can i get in touch with you and explain the things that im experiencing? My car has been broken into, storage, home, etc..this is going to cause someone to get hurt someday … I live in palm springs california and have alot of information to give you

  19. Everyone intereted in speaking with me. I’m a freelance investigation reporter. I have knowledge about human rights laws in several countries and I’ve followig few anomalies happening in the USA. Please check information on Gang Stalking to see if any of you fall into the following categories:
    Vivid dreams like you are in some kind of video game. You see people you have never met.
    You are being sabotaged in anything you atempt to do.
    You are being harassed or asked to do things you dont want to do.
    Your electronics seem to be hacked
    While in the program you suffered from black outs
    While you were in the program you were forced into doing odd things like but not limited to: watching images, clocks, hear loud sounds, forced into things you didn’t have any experience in, taken out of the city or state to work remotely, in-communicated, forbidden from sharing your treatment or even make friend connections, forced to eat foods, forced to take medications you knew you didn’t need, etc.

    I heard Jericho Project had hypnosis as part of their rehabilitation program, plus took patients out of state to work without concent from family members in addition many patients just disappeared or let out on the street without a proper check out and follow up procedure.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Tony Salgado

    • Tony, I my son Has been faulsely accused of some crimes.. he has no prior record. PPD Fabricated the whole story.. I have spent over 17k in Attorney costs.

      My sons attorney met with the head DA about the case trying to avoid premium.

      We met we talked she really did not let m speak too much.. she is proposing ” The Jericho Project.. ?.. My son had a stong support system many many friends a family the loves him ., A boss that has his job waiting got him … .. .. I am his mother and the alleged victim..! Help.. My son is caring,responsible, and just want to go back to work and get his life back .. he has been incarcerated since 6.6.16 .. any advice appreciated!!


  20. Stephen Young on

    Fellow Former Residents of The Jerkitho Housing Projects,
    Scroll down to WENDY DEETER on DECEMBER 14, 2015 1:58 PM and FILE A COMPLAINT,telling DHCS that most of the COMMENTS on this page are true and they need to revoke/not renew “Sir”s license.

    • 2001-2003 graduate on

      What you put in, Is what you get out.
      I was in Jp for 1 yr court mandated, was on parole and 4yrs joint suspension. I CHOSE TO REMAIN in JP for another 365 days in order to become a fully self sufficient man. During my stay, I witnessed hundreds of so called thugs/convicts try to BS their way through the program. Can’t happen!! Their BS shows its head around 60-120 days after entering JP. The program is set up for that reason. Conventional AOD programs 60-180 day programs, call this “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”.
      JP teaches dope fiends, losers, so called thugs/gang bangers, leeches, free loaders, mommy’s boys, men who have never washed their own FRICKEN underwear much less ever held down a job and/or ever supported their own family and kids!!
      If you’d rather go to a program where you go to “Check Your Feelings” meetings all day, smoke cigarettes, collect GA/Food Stamps, dress like wannabe thugs and “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” and run home and show off your “CHIPS” to whoever listens to your monumental journey!!
      Go ahead and continue leeching off your family with your bogus “promises”.

      Should you desire to become a man, self sufficient, and contribute to your family and community. Try something new? CHANGE IS A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW.

      Best advice I could give anybody thinking about going to JP?

      STAY AWAY FROM THE SHIT TALKING BOYS IN THE PROGRAM HIDING AMONG MEN. we called JP, they didn’t come begging us to enter their program.
      Chuck “Sir” told me once,” If you don’t like what you accomplish in 1 year than go back the glamours life you were living 30 days before being fucken arrested?

      my life was not full of glamour and 4 star meals. I made the decision to change my life that day. I didn’t go to my bedroom and cry to my roommates about the words “Sir” used to describe me. I don’t know how many of these complainants have ever been in the armed forces, prison gangs, biker gangs 1%’ers or just wannabe boys to men?

      Grow up…

      The guys I ran with in the program all worked hard for what we got! family visits, children reunification’s, paying bills, excellent physical condition, bought vehicles,youth mentorships, attended college, family respect, discharging parole/probation and much more….

      CONVENTIONAL AOD PROGRAMS – family supports you $$, put on Welfare to pay for your “recovery”, go to dances to hook up with females just as fragile as yourself, and take home a pocket full of “CHIPS”.

      JAILS/PRISONS – calling your family for $$(begging), threatening your wife/girlfriend about cheating on you,
      State(tax payers) providing meals, clothing for you and even washing your FRICKEN nasty underwear!!! WOW!!
      almost forgot, sending those lame ass cards home with a rose and talking about how things are going to be different baby!!! I PROMISE… JUST SEND ME $50. for some coffee and soups… FRICKEN JOKE!!

      That really sounds like some one I want to grow up to be like!!

      Anyways, this is enough negativity to last me awhile.



  21. I spent about 30 days at Jericho back in 2012, here is a little of what I experienced/observed….

    – stole $300 out of my wallet when they confiscated my belongings.
    – had badly out of shape people put through 60 minute workouts that had some of the guys damn near dead.
    – Damon was the guy basically running the show for Chuck at that time, and he loved to talk about how great the place is and what it did for him…….too bad I heard he is back in jail now.
    – Chuck (who is called “sir”) is the biggest scumbag I have ever seen, I personally witnessed this guy throw people out of the program at night with no money or way to get home, and his reasons for doing this were as petty as it gets. One time he tossed a young kid out, but made him take his sweatshirt off first, because it was the program’s shirt. Chuck is an egomaniac and pile of dog shit, period.
    – They feed you OUTDATED food…..that’s right, food that has expired.
    – Can’t read a bible even if you wanted to, and they will not let you keep a journal (gee I wonder why).
    – This place DOES NOT CARE about you or your recovery….they want criminals with a lot of jail time hanging over their head so they have leverage over them, and use them to lace their pocketbooks.

    There is a lot that I am forgetting, but I just wanted to get out one message……if you are serious about recovery…..DO NOT GO THERE.

    PS………..hey Chuck, how is your family? DO they talk to you?

    …..didn’t think so.

    • I have personally winessed chuck “terminate” guys that are skilled in construction or one of Jericho’s other industries when they are close to completion. He then tells their probation or parole officer they can stay in the program but they have start their time over. All so he can make more money off them.

    • Tom Foolery on

      You are very correct Todd. It’s clear that you have spent time at Jericho. Everything you have said is true. Every single line…….including Damon is back in Prison (Right where Chuck wanted him) and Chuck has no contact with any of his family. He has three sons and four grandchildren that he has nothing to do with, by his choice, and one that he’s never even met. He’s a waste of air. Despicable really.

      • You’re not 100% correct. Chuck’s children will have nothing to do with him and he has two grandchildren he’s never met.

      • Yes, I did spend time there in 2012. I can guarantee anybody 100% that their #1 priority is to get people there who have a lot of time hanging over their head….that way Jericho can treat them any way they want, knowing that the person can either take it, or do the time. In other words….trapping someone. I was not kidding when I said they robbed the money from my wallet….it was $300, and that was all I had. When I asked about it after they handed the wallet back to me…..I was told “we don’t know anything about it”. Their “rehabilitation therapy” consists of sitting in a big circle every evening and witnessing “sir” or Damon chew out those who they think did something wrong. One evening, a young guy was booted out simply because others were complaining about his attitude. This kid was very young, and genuinely wanted help. “sir” made this kid do set after set of push-ups, chewed him out, and then booted him to the streets at 9pm….without ANYTHING except a pair of pants and t-shirt. This was simply a case of one guy complaining about him, and others joining in……which resulted in the termination. The kid didn’t deserve it, and I am still disgusted with what I witnessed. Jericho is a joke, and so is Chuck.

        • Let me add a little something else about my own experience there, concerning what happened after I left……
          So, after I arrived back to my home town, I went down to the courthouse to tell the judge what had occurred at Jericho, and ask what I now needed to do for the remaining time I had. I expected to be detained and put in jail immediately. Instead……the judge never even looked up, it was as if the judge expected people to be at Jericho for a short time, and then get the boot. He simply told me to find another program, such as the Salvation Army. It took a few weeks but that is where I ended up. While at the S.A., there was a young man who actually WANTED to go to Jericho, as he thought he needed a place like that for more discipline. I begged him not to do it, and that he would regret the decision. Well, he didn’t listen, and left the S.A. to go to Jericho. Three weeks later I received a letter from him, he told me he was booted the first week he was there, and he wished he would have taken my advice. The guy sent the letter from jail. OK so to be fair, this was a few years back, and maybe Jericho is better now……but I highly doubt it. Please folks……..if you genuinely want rehabilitation, do not go there. However, if you have years hanging over your head, and are willing to be treated like a slave for a year or two…..maybe consider it. Personally I have nothing to gain by writing this…….I just want others to know what they are in for. Good luck.

        • Hi Todd,
          Apparently my kid left the program a day before his 30 days were up which is strange to me…he hasn’t called or anything and knows no one down that way has there been any disappearances from the jericho project?

          • Hi Mehan,

            I am sorry that I didn’t see your post sooner, I hope you have been in contact with your kid. To answer your question….yes, there were a few people that simply just up and left the program without telling anyone. One guy did tell me and a few others that he was going to try to get to the Santa Cruz hills somehow……and he simply took off on foot. Sometimes people would rather take their chances trying to avoid the law, then stay at Jericho. I hope everything is ok with your kid.

          • Lisa Caraveo Montez on

            Is there any way to find out if my nephew is ok he just went there on June 24, all these issues have me really concerned about him…my nephew served all his time and he had no more to serve so if he wanted to leave could he??

          • I am also interested in the young man Mehan speaks about….I am his aunt. His name is Justin. Have any of you seen him or did you know him and the circumstances in which he left? He was there 30 days and left (I believe around the beginning of June). Is that right Mehan? We were just wondering about the circumstances since he has not even phone his mother since he left. And we hope he is okay. Any information would be great. Thanks

    • This is great, why don’t some of y’all go to yelp and leave reviews their so instead of the 3.5 jerichashit has it will go down to .5 like it should or zero

    • No it’s definitely not a rehab. Chuck has gotten to the point where he doesn’t even refer to Jericho as a rehab. His exact words are “Jericho is a get out of jail free card. It’s simple math if your looking at ten years you can come to Jericho and do one or two but while your here we are going to profit off you. That’s the deal”. He says that to the inner staff all the time. He only pushes the rehab angle to the state so he can keep the licenses that he abuses.

  22. – here is a guy (casparian), a graduate of Jericho, the former director of Jericho until Sept. 2014, a licensed California contractor and RME for Jericho Project construction, a home owner in Concord, reconnects with his family and yet…throws it all away and re-offends. Why, as Chuck Etchison, President and founder of Jericho says: “its not the drugs, its the person’s character and integrity that fails them.”

    I wholeheartedly agree, but with one caveat. Caspariain spent like 5 years at Jericho and was Etchisons right hand man, learning everything from Etchison; yet after all that he learned, all he attained, he is right back being a dirt bag and asking for assistance from the place that supported him being a dirt bag for that 5 year period.

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • doug bartell on

      He never changed his whole life. He just found a way to exploit the Prison Industry
      for millions of dollars. Karma for this POS would be life without parole

  23. I find it ironic or call it karma that the former Director of Jericho Project, Damon Casparian was arrested on January 19, 2016 and is sitting in Alameda County jail in Dublin on check forgery and drug charges.

  24. is all this true?? can someone give me the real story on jerricho?? my bf is looking at 2 years in prison or one year at the jerricho project…..after reading commments prison dosent sound so bad. please give me all info possible so i can inform him and his lawyer so they can make right decision.

  25. Program changed my life…
    No contact for 1 or 2 years no letters no phone calls
    It gives you time to do something for your self and the last thing I wanted to hear while I was trying to change my life is how much my love ones missed me or how this persons sick…. that can make some one leave the program… the program helped me… I’m happy where I’ve become in my life…. jericho alumni
    I don’t need faith I’m proof

    • You’re obviously a current staff member who was given the choice to write this or hit the streets. How about the young kid who’s little brother was murdered and Chuck decided it would be best they didn’t tell him. Chuck can say its about a person’s recovery but its not, its all about his convenience. That kid talked about changing his life to be a better role model for his little brother the entire time he was at the program. He left the program went home and found out his brother was dead. He didn’t go to the funeral and the rest of his family was already months ahead of him in grieving process. Do you think that kid relapsed? Do you think Chuck cares?

    • Denis – You say that “program changed my life” and “no contact for 1 or 2 years no letters no phone calls”. Hmmm……you really must think that anyone who reads your post has no brains. Let me explain how we know you are full of b.s. IF YOU really did graduate from Jericho, and wanted to tell everyone how it was such a life – saver for you……..WHY would you say “1 or 2″ years? IF you were genuinely speaking about your OWN experience, you would say how long YOU were there? Tell me which sounds better if someone was speaking on their experience, either…….”The program changed my life, I had no contact for 1 year, no letters no phone calls”……..or…….”The program changed my life, I had no contact for 1 OR 2 years, no letters no phone calls”. You completely discredited yourself with that statement………good try though.

      • I made a mistake on my previous post………After the sentence ‘IF you were genuinely speaking about your OWN experience, you would say how long YOU were there”…there is supposed to be a period…..not a question mark.

  26. Anyone recently out of Jericho Project on this site ? I am just trying to find out where my son is and how he is doing. Jericho won’t give me any information at all.

  27. My son is in Rio Consumnes Correction Center, in his letters he has mentioned this program. After readying all the comments, this is the last place he will go to. Sounds more like punishment, mental, physical instead of rehab. Any of you folks are leary about this, check out Delancey Street in San Francisco. This program has been around a lot longer than jerico and has had a lot of success. (my son isn’t a bad person, just couldn’t stay off the booze)

      • I was there when Jericho charged the parents of some young man 6K to do one year in the program. This guy didn’t have any legal issues…..just an opiate problem. Jericho told the parents about all the “help” this kid would receive, and sold them on the BS. I left before he did, but by the time I checked out, the kid had been there 3 weeks, and was making his plans to depart. “No cost” only applies to the folks who are dealing with legal problems, which does make up 99% of the clients. However, Jericho will charge top dollar for someone who simply needs help with addiction. I guess being their slave and making them money just isn’t enough. Scumbag operation to the core.

    THE father of my baby that is only 3 months is in jail now but has a realse date of FEB 24 2015. he has told his lawyer he wants to go to this program for the full 12 months because he wants to change his life? is it a good idea he goes here for 12 full months or just get out of jail feb 24th 2015? thank you

    • Ken you are correct they changed it recently and with good behavior you are allowed a 5 min call once a month . The website says family Visits are approved on a individual basis, however when I asked if I would see him He said he likley would not see me until his year was up.

  29. Elena, there are exceptions to every rule but I will say my first question would be if your comment is legit or from a current Jericho staff member trying to show a positive. It is something that would be encouraged. I myself was at Jericho for years and seen very few exceptions to the Jericho call structure. Possibly 3 out of 100 men could make a call, and then that would be if they needed to get family to pay and felt a call from the client would help to further that process. Its possible they have changed this rule but I doubt it as it is believed clients tend to leave after speaking with family. And less clients equal less labor force. Less labor force equals a lower quality of life for S–!!

  30. My husband is at this program. After the 90 days he was able to call me. He has been calling once a month for the last few months, he was even able to call our daughter on her birthday. Sure it would be nice if we got family visits, if he was able to come home over the holidays, attend church with us and it would be so helpful if he was able to keep some of the money he makes from working. But if that was the case it would be a perfect program and that is just not realistic because what program is perfect? he has told me he is doing well working out, working 8hrs, teaching a welding class, and that they do group meetings. I am aware its not meant to be a walk in the park for them, I am assuming most guys who got sent here wanted to go here to avoid prison time. obviously they committed a crime and need to pay for the consequences. I would much rather have him be j.p been productive with his time, than in a state prison wasting tax dlls calling me collect non stop. As his wife my main concern after reading the comments is that he will be terminated before his year is up for eating sweets or something insignificant like that.

  31. if all this is true come next month I will be getting my husband out of there. I knew something was not right about this place for the get go I had an Erie feeling. if I don’t have any contact with him by the end of this month which will be his 90 days I will make sure this program is seen for its truth. I won’t let my husband be mistreated and I won’t let this place get away with the b.s.

    • All true RMF. And as for the good review above, written by Michael. He is no longer at Jericho. He was “terminated”. He isn’t talking negative yet, its because he is still in brainwashed mode. After years at Jericho he was kicked out and with nothing, including a way to get back home. His allegiance to Jericho can only be attributed to brainwashing. I myself have seen sir berate him for nothing, then even though Michael was loyal, the termination came!!! Just like it does to everyone.

    • The complaint alleges that Mr. Cross was “sentenced” by the “Manteca Superior Court” to a “court appointed” drug treatment program called the Jericho Project in Brisbane, California. (ECF No. 1 at 3.) While attending the drug treatment program, Mr. Cross “was choked out by the program director, Chuck Etchison on or about 7/31 or 8/1 2014.” (Id.) Mr. Cross further alleges that the Daly City police chief will have “supporting document[s] for this claim.” (Id.) In addition to naming Mr. Etchison as a defendant, Mr. Cross names Jericho Project Inc. as a defendant “for employing Mr. Etchison.” Id. Mr. Cross also names “Manteca Superior Court” as a defendant for “sentencing [him] to a program where [he] was physically assaulted and later ignoring written proof of this assault and further sentencing [him] to four yrs. state prison as part of the same case.” Id.

  32. The thing about the conditions and problems with Jericho that you are reading here over and over again is that the participants in the program, for the majority, have to be here or risk being returned to prison or jail if they leave and or complain. I, when at Jericho, participated in the “tours” that were given to judges, DA’s, probation. Mock up educational and vocational classes were presented as the normal day in/ day out schedule at Jericho, just for the tour participants benefit. Letters from current clients of Jericho are required, to show to and potential client (probation, DA’s, judges) that Jericho is the place to be. If not, you will be terminated or discplined to such a degree, you will self terminate.

    Everything written in these posts are truthful and factual. Nothing will change unless family members complain.

  33. my younger brother is here, after reading the reviews, my main question is how to get him out, of this program with out having him back in jail?

    • You need to talk to his probation or parole officer. Explain to them your concern and ask to have him placed somewhere else. Explain to them that Jericho is not even licensed and that there is not any actual rehabilitation going on there.

  34. If anyone has an answer for me please send it asap… do they or do they not allow mail… to the brisbane facility if so what do they allow and dont allow and how soon can I write after someone has been enrolled. Also if need be do you know if salvation army would be allowed to remove someone from that program and placr them into a salvation army program. Please answer me because after reading the reviews I am scared for my fiancee.

    • They will say you can write and visit after 90 days. Not true. There is no contact the entire stay. The only way to possibly get them out is through their probation/parole officer. If they leave on their own they have the risk of jail/prison time.

  35. The only thing I know first hand is that this Jericho place dumped some young man on the corner last night, With no money, no belongings just the shirt on his back. I’m sure they have some sort of excuse for doing this , but short of some sort of violence, this is absurd. Your dealing with drug addicts am I wrong ?
    Does Jericho expect drug addicts to not make mistakes like the rest of us human beings, and therefore kick them to the curb.
    After reading these posts, I’d question how legal much of this is. This program appears to be “ALL” about the money using these addicts labor to line their pockets, I’m pissed, I don’t even know this guy and I’m buying him food a train ticket home and a room for the night. Why? because he his a human being not a piece of trash Jericho. Someone needs to look into this place. I’m not pissed that I helped this guy, I’m pissed Jericho didn’t.

  36. Jericho is nothing more than a bait and switch operation designed to take advantage of the men that are there for help. Chuck aka Sir is nothing more than a uneducated, narcissistic, con man. He controls these young men with tactics he learned from 25+ years in prison as a member of the Aryan brotherhood. He had all his tattoos removed except for the ones that associate him with the aryan brotherhood. Why would a reformed man do that? Because he thinks it strikes fear in the clients, especially the African and Hispanic men. Great guy right? Wrong he’s a DIRTBAG!!! Actually dirtbag is a understatement this is a man who has beat women in his past and refers to all women as “dirtlegs” or his favorite term “dizzy broads”. It’s 100% true he does not have a relationship with any member of his family. That’s because his family won’t have anything to do with him. He has done such things as beat his wife when she tried to stop him from stealing the food stamps from her purse, which he did and his toddler and infant children went another day without eating. But he was high on heroine and that’s all that mattered to him. He even once beat his own mother and stole her TV to sell for you guessed it heroine. I guess you could say that’s in his past but its really not. He may not do heroine but he’s the same person everything is a lie and scam with him. Every word he says is chosen carefully. Every move he makes is calculated. Just like he is back on the prison yard. Enough about ” Sir” hahaha that’s a joke anyone would call him that unless forced to lets talk Jericho his one and only love in life, well other than heroine. Jericho is a house of horrors created by a mad man. He doesn’t pay his employees, he promises and leads than on until they force the issue or he’s used them for all they’re worth he then “terminates” them. At that point the lies and allegations begin, its always the same story. They were stealing, they were lazy, they weren’t doing their job. And then kicker he heard that they were back on street’s using. Why is it that everyone who works there and I’m going back 20 years and hundreds of employees is a liar and a thief? Because Chuck has to discredit them and he can’t even make up different stories so its one lie fits all with him. I could go on all day so in closing don’t go to JP if you have another choice if you have to good put on a good fake face and get ready to play the game of a mad man.

  37. This place is crazy, don’t go there unless you have to its seriously nuts. Please trust me on this I have gone through the program, I made it a year but had to do things that I regret to this day!

    Fear, intimidation and violence go on at that place every day. Its very, very scary to think about.

    • What was it Thomas that you had to do that you regretted every day? I know many people who have successfully completed the program and none of the non sense you guys are saying ever came up. Sounds like people who didn’t have enough heart to do anything with themselves are the ones making ridiculous comments. You guys should find something better to do than make up a bunch of lies about a program trying to help people.

      • Peter is chucks bitch. You think all these people are lying? Pull your pants up Peter and be a real man instead of chucks little whore

      • Peter……..

        Without question you either ARE Chuck…..or in someway tied to him/Jericho. The “non sense” you say we are saying, is 100% true. If this place was legit, and the program was what it advertised…then I would be it’s biggest supporter. However, what goes on there is criminal in my eyes…….and they DO NOT care about the clients in any way. Jericho cares about one thing…….money. Chuck found a way to take advantage of convicted criminals, period. Hey who gives a shit….these people are just lowlife addicts anyways right?! That is how Jericho views it. They do give a good front though…..your first day there the other clients will give you food and tell you how great the place is (as they are instructed to)….but the next day you find out the reality of the place. Do you think it is acceptable to take a 51 year old man who is horribly out of shape….and force him through a 60 minute non-stop circuit training session? The guy was unable to stand up, and gasping for air by the end of it. Of course, the next few days he was so sore he could barely move….but they didn’t give a shit. The guy left three days later as he feared for his health. This bs was not about “rehabilitation”, it was about beating a person down. If you insist on telling these people how legit and good Jericho is….then I will insist to tell them the truth about the place.

    • My fiancee just went there at the beg of november…and I am terrified for him and for his safety. If I were to go there would they physically hurt him because if it? Is there any way that another rehab like salvation army could go in and pull him out? I dont know what to do im so scared ive been crying for three days.

      • You should be frightened. The Jericho site in Redding is less than 250 feet from a meth house. The resident has been arrested numerous times for possession of a controlled substance, hypodermic needle, and various other meth related charges. Just down the street is a residence that has a meth lab that blows up on a regular basis. The neighborhood is rife with meth related crimes. Dont bother calling law enforcement. They already know.

  38. Also, I agree with Albert. Anyone who knows Sir knows that Michael’s post came straight from the horses mouth. That’s problem with being a narcissist, he believes that he is so much smarter than the average person when in reality, he is SO below average.

  39. Jericho is a crock. “Sir” is a crock. He is a narcissist who believes that everyone owes him something. Although Jericho used to be the ideal place for rehabilitation, it has sadly become a “get rich off of the system” establishment for “Sir” a.k.a. Chuck Etchison. He intimidates, belittles and punishes the men in his facility for so much as looking at him wrong and he gets away with it because they NEED him. If they don’t comply to his narcissistic demands, they are out (and usually back behind bars within a few days). Jericho used to be a place where men could go to better themselves through counseling, learning new trades, earning money and how to live as a responsible citizen when they graduate. Now, if they don’t already have a skill when they apply for the program, they are not accepted. “Sir” uses them and the skills they already have and puts them to work at various companies around the bay area. He then pockets the profits. The clients see none of it. Once they are “used up” and he no longer needs their skills, he finds some reason to terminate them. Thrown out like the dirt bags that he believes they are.

    He also has a vendetta against women and families. He believes that all women are evil and only ruin things for men. I have personally seen many employees come and go and most of them were either fired when they entered into a personal relationship and or started families or they were made so miserable that they left on their own. He has been married once or twice and from what I’ve heard he has several children and grandchildren that he has never met and also has no relationship with his kids.

    Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you people.

    • No kidding…the reply is so scripted its laughable. Program is not 12 step based but a push/pull model based on T. Gorski. The problem is that Gorski is based on AA 12 step process, the third step is when you apply CENAPs or “Integrate knowledge of chemical addiction into a biopsychosocial model based on AA 12 step principles.” There is no push/pull modality in Gorski.

      Push/Pull model is business related to Logistics and Supply management. PULL the goods (i.e clients) that fit their (i.e. Jerichos) needs. PUSH those “goods” to the customer (i.e. construction contracts, vocational contracts, etc.)

      As its been said, Jericho is “smoke and mirrors” My question to you Michael: In the 3.5 years at Jericho, were you ever scared that you were going to be terminated for no reason and/or see clients mistreated? If you can’t answer truthfully, then you have no credibility.

      What are going to do if you are terminated and/or the doors close tomorrow? You have no exit strategy because they don’t want you to. After 3.5 years and all you have is a Crossfit level 1 certification. You can’t even train people until you are a level 4.

      Glad you’re sober Crespo, but at what cost?

  40. I came to Jericho at the age of 22 and I was a documented gang member and alcoholic/addict. I never came with the intention of changing my life but rather with the intent of beating my lengthy suspended prison sentence. Really quickly I found out that Jericho was the real deal and a no non sense type of place. IF a person is interested in changing their lives and thus far has not been successful there is no better training ground to do so. It’s crazy how many men that come through the doors never really have the intention of doing anything different and continue the same pattern they’ve grown accustomed to in not holding themselves accountable and blaming the program for their own shortcomings. I had a rough time at first at Jericho because I had to ACTUALLY change, everything about myself that was dishonest, and illegitimate from my poor attitude to holding others accountable for their action. I had to unlearn a set of backwards morals that were adopted as a child and replace them with things like honesty, independence, self-sufficiency, and social responsibility. The men that wrote the negative reviews of this place can’t deny the fact that this place has helped thousands to stay out of jail and pursue a more meaningful existence. Since the time that iv’e been in the program Jericho now offers an accredited Charter School the 5 Keys that has partnered with us to help our men obtain their high school diploma or G.E.D. We have a state of the art gym that offers everything from basic cardio to power-lifting, strength and conditioning, and mixed martial arts classes. We offer full vocational training in every aspect of ranching (Our primary treatment facility is a 1,200 acre ranch in Redding, CA where we raise our own pastured hogs and grass fed cattle) We also offer vocational training in all aspects of construction and warehousing. Our men have the opportunity to interact with fortune 500 professionals at our vocational training site thus furthering social skill development. We are not 12 step but more of an evidence based therapy program that uses the Gorski CENAPS model that stresses the push/pull model. The consequences push our clients away from criminal behavior but it is our job to pull them towards a positive and productive life in society through a repertoire of educational, social, physical and vocational training opportunities, The “MEN” that wrote the reviews that speak negatively about Jericho never took advantage of all Jericho has to offer. I today am a Level 1 CrossFit trainer, have competed in amateur fitness events and plan on opening my own gym one day. I don`t speak to anyone in my past, My Mother and father are proud and I am able to be there for every major event in their lives as well as my sister’s nieces and nephews. I haven’t used in 3 1/2 years and don’t have the thought. I am undergoing tattoo removal and have renounced all gang affiliation. Jericho will match your effort, but if you don’t want to give forth any effort, call it what it is and grow up and take accountability for your own shortcomings, like a man.

    • A lot of back and forth. Simple solution, call the Board of Directors of Jericho. Its public information. Paul Andrews 602.648.7373 cell: 650.888.8960, If the program is bogus and not returning calls, start with above and if that doesn’t help write or call Department of Healthcare Services Complaints: 877.685.8333, fax: 916.445.5084 Ask what the program is legally allowed to operate as, and what facilities they have licensed and for how many clients. Good Luck

      • Its obvious you don’t understand how things really work at Jericho. Your suggestions are great in theory, and that is how things are supposed to work, but just like most things in today’s world its in theory only. It is not how things work in the real world of jericho. When you call the places you recommend they can only say what they know. You would have to live the day to day life at Jericho to understand what we are meaning.

        • If I am reading you right, then this place is a scam and is true. Sorry to hear it was that bad. Seems though that licensing is licensing. If they are operating a ranch and an apartment complex without oversight, you’d think something could be done? Just out of curiosity, I am going to make some calls tomorrow and see where it gets me. Thanks-

        • Hey, one last thing. What are the client totals at Jericho, rough estimate? I just pulled up their licensing and it shows 24 max and thats for someplace in Daly City on Del Prado Dr.

    • I was read your comments after all that negativity. My son is entering Monday and I am curious if I can mail books from barnes and noble. Any other comments would be greatly appreciated as well.

      • Its really not a bad program. Like all programs its not perfect and have some issues they need to fix, but over all I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a positive change in their loves ones lives. I think the people who come on here and write a bad review just could not handle the pressure wimped out it and don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. After 90 days you do get calls and writing is allowed it just takes for ever to get, you can send them cloths , shoes etc, as far as book I think you can but they stay busy so they probably wont have much time to read.

    • Michael….

      Ha Ha!!! So who exactly MADE you write that scripted, fake, and completely misleading bunch of garbage? Perhaps Chuck himself? I would even believe that Chuck himself wrote that, but NO WAY would a client who has been through the program write that b.s.

      I noticed you used the word “we” quite often. This means that currently you were in the program at the time this was written, OR this was written by an employee of the place. EITHER WAY……this was 100% NOT a sincere opinion from a client who successfully went through the program. Good try though……even though it is so painfully obvious it was scripted word for word lol.

      Folks, DO NOT fall for that insincere review…….it is just not accurate in any way.


  42. As a former ($6,000.00 entry fee) client and staff member, I can attest that the other comments that have been stated are true. What the program outlines in their brochure is false. This is a fear based program. It is what you call a “grifter” operation, nothing more. The apartment complex at 420 Norfolk in Pacifica is used for housing clients and is not licensed and or inspected to operate as such. Please see the article online at Mercury News dated February 28, 2012 where Chuck Etchison lies to the community and city about its intended use. Also, it doesn’t mention the ranch at 14000 Cub Trail in Redding, CA. where clients were taken to remodel and run the ranch (again not licensed or inspected) and left without supervision for months at a time. Look, I understand for some this a get out of jail free (albight temporary) card. Etchison, who must be addressed as “Sir” is an ex- felon egomaniac, who preys on individuals in trouble with the law and uses these individuals to run the many “cottage businesses” they have, as well as contracts. Jericho/Etchison is paid very well and receives the tax benefits as a 501 non-profit business. One person stated if you so much as look at Etchison wrong you can be terminated- thats true. Many of us witnessed Etchison physically hit clients. Make them run with 45-90 lb weights for over an hour, and then terminate them. If you’re lucky, you will get $20.00 and a drop off at BART. Sometimes, just an exit out the front door on Valley Dr. with no belongings. Clients who stay on to become paid staff members witness first hand the behind the scenes operations. The Nick Caluya, Damon Casparian show was a real interesting thing to watch…again, ex cons at their best- to line their pockets. Jericho indicates a high percentage rate of success for their clients not to reoffend. That is untrue. If you are tough, shut your mouth, do what you are told, for whatever your commitment is. You will do fine. You will not learn any real work related skills here and forget about references or certifications for future employment. Jericho will not accomodate you “Jericho is nothing more but a huge labor pool for Etchison to pull workers from.”

  43. Agree with John. All he says it true except I think he was to nice in his wording. I spent time there as a client and a staff member. John is correct when he says you can be terminated for something as simple as eating cheesecake, also for something as simple as looking at “sir” when he is in the wrong mood. You’ll get no explanation. Just a van ride to bart and 20.00 if you are lucky. I’ve seen guys kicked out and sent walking with no money what so ever. Smoking is not allowed. Not on a break, not at the center, not at home and not at work. You can get terminated for this. Family contact is never allowed. No 12 step. No legitimate counselors. No individual therapy unless you are in trouble and getting yelled at. If you do not get terminated then you are benched for days and cannot speak to anybody. I you do speak with someone you may get terminated. No AA/NA. No LADC.

  44. Just to clarify a few things. I have just finished the Jericho Project program. There some things that are inaccurate with this description.

    In the houses there are no TVs and independent television watching is not allowed. They do allow community level TV watching limited to sports events only. Coffee is allowed but sugar is not. In fact no sweet food is allowed at all. Clients begin in one of the two houses but transition to an apartment complex located in Pacifica. There are 12 people maximum in the houses and 6 people maximum in the apartments. The apartments are 2 bedroom and contain one four man room and a two man room. In each apartment and house there is a house manager and co-manager who participate in helping others grasp and live the philosophy of the program.

    Another misstatement is there are 12 step recovery options in this program. They are not a 12 step affiliate and dont allow clients to participate in any AA or NA meetings.

    All staff in the program have completed the program themselves and are not necessarily LADC or LDAC certified. The program is self sufficient and all clients must go to work sites and put in a full 8 hour day minimum. Clients do not get paid for their work which includes construction, warehousing, merchandise coordinating, and party event setups.

    The program is semi-fear based behavioral modification. It is very effective if the clients are open to the treatment and are able to turn a blind eye to the fact they work full time for a year with no payment and may get discharged at any given time for something minor as eating cheesecake. Many clients have very large suspended sentences and the program uses this as a main form of motivation to get clients to participate with enthusiasm.

    As others have commented, there is no outside contact regardless of what staff there tells people. They do not give out mail, pictures, or even relay messages. There have even been times where family members have died and the program felt is was in the best interest of the client to not know until completion.

    Upon graduation the program gives nothing other than a bus ticket to their home county. Clients are allowed to call the day before completion and hope they get in touch with someone. If not they are sent home on the bus with no phone or means to get anywhere but the bus station. They are working on providing longer term alumni housing and job opportunities but this is in the beginning stages and alumni still remain in the program with the same structure as all other clients.

    • Hi…Just found this site and it has me wondering what life is really like inside Jericho. My son just went in for the one year program on July 31 seems like a lot of negative info is printed here. I would like to know the attitude of the guys who are sent there is like. Do they all seem more on the positive side or does everyone hate it there. Does one year there seem like ten years.

  45. My son has been in Jericho for 11 months. Absolutely no contact we were told after ninth days we can hear from him. But that was a lie still no contact and they will not respond to our phone calls and they return all letters and packages unopened. Check out reviews on yelp. Through yelp we spoke to someone that finished the program and knew our son and said he was doing very well. That’s all we needed to hear.
    Mark 714-697-7015

  46. I have a brother that’s in there and he has been in there 2 in half months. now and he has to stay in therefor 6 months i was told by jericho project that my brother can call and write to me after his 90 days are up and one of my brother girlfriend mom has a son that’s in there and told her the same thing that they told me and she hasn’t heard from her son or a letter from her son and her son hasn’t got her letters either and i have called to check on my brother and twice and i haven’t heard anything from them and if i can’t talk to my brother or get a letter from my brother after his 90 days are up then jericho project should tell people that has love ones and family members in there they should tell them that they can’t talk to them after there 90 days are up and tell people that and why if that’s what they are doing not letting any one talk to there love ones and family members if that’s true then it’s wrong

  47. I have the same problem. Have you got a hold of your husband? I call an they say my fiancée is doing well. 90 days has been up an still haven’t heard from him. I would love you hear some thing to.

  48. From reading the reviews it sure sounds great. I have a husband there whom I have not had contact with in months and I don’t understand why they don’t incorporate family in the recovery process. If anyone has a loved one or graduated from the program please reach out to me.

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