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jericho-projectJericho Project Review

Created in 1995, Jericho Project is a state-licensed, year-long residential program in Brisbane, California, a suburb of San Francisco. The program specializes in treating chemically dependent criminal offenders, showing them howthrough therapy, community, life skills and recreationthey can live independent and healthy lives. The vast majority of its clients are court-ordered.

Accommodations and Food

Jericho Project’s facilities include several residences, the main house and a community center. Newly-admitted clients and staff members live in the main house, while other clients and case managers live in the other residences. The homes feature family-style interiors, with a TV in the living room and oversized dining rooms. Clients share bedrooms with one or two other people.

The community center is where most of the action occursthe space includes classrooms, offices, an extensive gym and exercise area and meeting rooms for staff. Clients can work out in the evenings, as physical fitness is an essential part of the program. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

For meals, everyone participates. Staff members stock the kitchens with the appropriate ingredients, pitching in to help guide the clients through recipes. The food is served and eaten as a group, promoting healthy conversation and bonding. Items such as coffee and sugar are permitted in the homes

Treatment and Staff

While many programs focus on individual therapy, Jericho Project’s year-long treatment process uses group counseling as the recovery tool. Through CBT and DBT therapy, counselors help change a client’s negative thoughts and behaviors. Group topics include life skills, relapse prevention, anger management, parenting, navigating the criminal justice system and trauma. Living in a group also teaches the clients about personal responsibility. This requires each member to maintain personal hygiene, keep up with household chores and respect the other members of the community.

Clients also have the opportunity to participate in vocational training and educational classes that helps prepare them for life after treatment. Class topics include an introduction to computers, English, remedial math and nutrition.

Family visits are not allowed but if a client is doing well after 90 days, they are permitted to call loved ones. While many programs offer a family night or family therapy, Jericho Project encourages clients to slowly heal family dynamics after their treatment is completed.

Jericho Project staff include a mix of LADCs, in addition to case managers.

In Summary

For severe addiction, a month or two of treatment is often not enough. With a 12-month program, Jericho Project allow clients to transform all aspects of their lives, teaching new ways of thinking and behaviors that lead to success.

Jericho Project Location

Jericho Project
470 Valley Dr
Brisbane, CA 94005

Jericho Project Cost

Call for cost. Reach Jericho Project by phone at (415) 656-1700.

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