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SLAThe Basics

For more than 20 years, Sober Living America has been delivering top-rated addiction education programs and sober living services at four facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, Tampa, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. Though all are similarly managed under the SLA banner, they vary in size and and style. But what generally sets Sober Living America apart from many facilities is its career development program, in which SLA partners with businesses in the community to provide jobs for residents.  Since it was founded, Sober Living America has provided affordable housing and recovery services to more than 50,000 people.

Accommodations and Amenities

All SLA residences are co-ed, housing clients in gender-specific apartments. The Birmingham facility accommodates 49 residents in seven apartments. Atlanta SLA consists of 21 apartments that accommodate up to 84 residents. In Jacksonville, the complex has 20 units that house as many as 62 men and women. The Tampa facility has 10 units and can accommodate up to 61 residents, roughly six to an apartment. There are two bathrooms in each unit. The living areas are comfortable with two couches and cable TV. In all locations, amenities include Internet access and transportation is provided if needed. There’s also a swimming pool and playground on most of the properties.

Residents are expected to buy and prepare their own food, but SLA staff helps them qualify for food stamps or state benefits if they don’t have adequate resources.

Rules and Regulations

Residents are asked to commit to SLA for six months, though they may stay for as long as they feel is necessary to achieve lasting sobriety. Once a resident moves in, finding employment is a primary focus. Residents are required to look for work—job training is available— or to engage in volunteer service or attend school.

With a strong 12-step foundation, SLA offers on-site meetings, which residents are required to attend in addition to off-site meetings. For the first 30 days of residence they’re required to attend two meetings a day on the premises, after which they are required to attend between three and five meetings each week. Within the first 30 days of living in an SLA house, residents are required to be back on the premises by 6 pm and indoors by 10. Those in residence longer than 30 days have a curfew of midnight during the week and 1 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Staff members live on-site to assist residents and to administer random drug tests. If a resident tests positive on a drug test, he or she will be referred to detox and can then be re-admitted into the house.Any resident found to have drugs in their possession or to be using drugs is automatically expelled.  On smaller infractions—if someone gets into an argument with another resident or misses curfew, for example—the consequences are considerably more lenient—they’re required to complete a writing “assignment” about a step or a short paper on some aspect of the Big Book.


SLA facilities admit residents on the day they apply, without a waiting period. In a spirit of forgiveness, residents who leave before staff feels they are ready will be welcomed back, provided they demonstrate a renewed commitment to recovery.

SLA also provides in-house group or individual therapy, led by a CADC.

In Summary

For people of limited means living in Birmingham, Tampa, Jacksonville or Atlanta who are post-treatment and ready for the next phase in recovery, Sober Living America offers not only a safe living environment but also a dynamic work development program that includes career guidance, job readiness, on-the-job training, and job placement.

Sober Living America
1217-G Beacon Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35209

Sober Living America
2530 Peachwood Circle, Suite 2
Atlanta, GA 30345

Sober Living America
9047 San Jose Blvd, Suite 523
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Sober Living America
10610 N. 30th St., #42A
Tampa, FL 33612

Sober Living America Cost: $680 (30 days). Reach Sober Living America by phone at (205) 983-7647. Find Sober Living America on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and on their blog.

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  1. I’ve only been in the program for a few days but i’m really having a great experience.. The staff and knowledge they hold is really getting me through my addiction.

  2. This program changed my life.. I came in a broken and destroyed person but thanks to the staff, 12 steps and meetings I’m a changed man..

  3. My name is Dylan Sober living America changed my life i have been a resident here for almost 6 months i was on staff so i have been helped received help and had the opportunity to give it I am ready to get my certificate and i look forward to using the tools i picked up in this program in my everyday life. Ill be honest it sucked at first but i sucked at a person for so many years i had to accept everything wasn’t going to just be happy and glorious over night. Today i am single and ready to mingle thank you for letting me share.

  4. Michael Elliott on

    So Here I Am…
    When I awoke on my first day at SLA-Nashville, I felt like I was on the wrong side of the mirror, looking in on the world. It seemed as if everything I knew was born from a fantasyland that existed only in my head. Everything I thought i knew was useless here. Except for one thing, my overwhelming desire to overcome my addiction to drugs.
    Despite the fact that I was in a new place, in a strange land, and surrounded by people I did not know, I felt safe. No longer did I have to worry about where I was going to stay or what was waiting for me in the shadows of my future.
    The six months that followed have taught me about addiction, and how to “RESIST” the call from the shadows of my past.
    So, here I am, starting another chapter of my life. Armed with the knowledge of recovery and surrounded by people I can relate to. Now, withg both feet firmly planted on the ground, I can walk into this new world, a world that I could only imagine in my dreams.

  5. Lonita Jackson on

    i am glad that i came into the SLA program it was a struggle at first but it has got a lot better for me ive only been here for two weeks and when i first came i wanted to go home but sence ive grown to know people here and the kindness and love i love it here and love it here and if it is GODS will i hope to complete the program because i want to move forward in my recovery.

  6. Great place for recovery. They set you up with food stamps and housing. They will help you get on the right path to start a new new life.

  7. This program helped my brother out tremendously! He struggled with addiction for most of his adult life. This program helped him in his recovery and helped him get his life and family back. Very thankful for this program.

  8. When I arrived at Sober Living I was a broken soul. They accepted me with open arms just the way I was. Now I have a new outlook on life and a reason for living thanks to my new family at Sober Living. They saved my life.

  9. krystle slaton on

    before I came to sla I had zero self estem zero self confidence no work ethics and I felt it was me against the world all the time since I have been here I am starting to love myself my self esteem self confidence is slowly coming back and now I know that I am not alone.there are many ppl just like me.

  10. I’m so blessed to have found this place it’s one big family that has each other’s back that will help each and everyone out.. Every night and every morning when I hit my knees I thank god for putting me on this path best choice I’ve made..The staff is great here and if u ever need anything they’ll be there to help you the best they can and go out of there way thank you SLA Louisville Kentucky

  11. I think Sober Living America is a great place the staff is very wonderful and very caring they try to help everyone no matter The situation I had no money no job nothing but the clothes on my back I have grown in this place a lot and I feel better I feel like we are a great family here I would tell anyone about this place right now I do not have the desire to use my recovery is going great it has a lot to do with the staff

  12. I recently entered into the program wanting to turn my life around and I couldn’t ask for a better experience and place to do it at like SLA Clearwater. I live in the building where they have the office located at so im always around the leaders. and I can honestly say I have never met a more dedicated group of men than the men who run the program. it literally seems like theyre working 24/7 and couldn’t be more thankful for them and SLA Clearwater.

  13. awesome faith based program, I came here with the cloths on my back not even a toothbrush God led me here and I am truly blessed. Currently working with a sponsor getting a life. This a place that holds the residents accountable in a very loving way. sober living America, is truly a SOBER/CLEAN safe place to get my life on track, to be a productive member of society. The program has very effective and encouraging leadership from the office staff to the van driver. I thank God every day for opening this door when other doors closed.

  14. Thomas Wayne Davis on

    So, Sober Living America in Birmingham has saved my life. I was very grateful to be here the first night i got here. i was to work and in my own bed within 3 days. The first night i slept on a couch but was grateful to have it considering i came from sleeping in a tent By the tennessee river. I have a good job and have made many friends in the program. I honestly have no complaints other than i wish they had more than two vans considering there are around 40 residents here and only a 7 passenger van and a 15 passenger van at their disposal so transportation is a little frustrating. Other than that everything is great. I feel right at home and the staff here couldn’t be nicer or more helpful when it comes to peoples needs and helping them in their journey though recovery. God bless SLA.

  15. Donald McQueen on


    I came to SLA Birmingham a few months ago I completely didn’t know what to expect. I was fearful of coming to a new city away from friends and family.I soon found that the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I found new family in my roommates, sponsor, and my the fellowship in the rooms of AA,NA, and HA. SLA is a solid place of recovery and a wonderful place to start a new and beautiful sober life. I couldn’t be happier, thank you SLA Birmingham.

  16. Reading these comments how SLA has has helped others is joy, BUT what I know about Louisville, NOTHING good to say. I’m hoping God makes a way to get my son away from those appartments!!!!!

  17. sober living of america here in atlanta really saved me and shaped me into a man i can honestly look in the mirror and smile at today.if it wasnt for the team here and this amazing program i would still be in active addiction thank you. scott-roberts,JODY,chris,drew,colby,stan,rob,dylan,mr.lewis and jordan for everything and more importantly your support.its been an emotional and spiritual journey through working these steps and my sponsor,So once again GOD BLESS YOU ALL HERE AND THE PROGRAM THAT SAVED MY LIFE

  18. Extremely friendly and welcoming staff greeted me with a warm & welcoming smile. Sober Living America was my first experience with any type of rehabilitation or sober living environment and I am positive my decision could not have been improved in any way. I would refer SLA to anyone, anytime, anyplace without any hesitation. Thank you Sober Living America for a Sober Living Brandy.

  19. This program has helped me out a lot. They set you up with food stamps and clothing if needed. They set you up with solid full time work. Great program and great message. I have been clean now for 4 months and i can only thank God AA and SLA.

  20. This is a great program. It saved my life. Came in with no money and no place to stay. After 14 months sober I now have my life back.

  21. I came to Sober Living America/Nashville one year ago. I was so broken, lost and alone. My family and friends were tired of hearing I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. They wanted to see me take action. I didn’t recognize my life or the person I had allowed myself to become. I remember arriving at SLA and feeling a little sliver of hope…hope for a new life, hope for a sober life. Was it possible for me? I was someone who was a chronic relapser in the past. There is no way I could have known just how much God blessed my life by bringing me to SLA. I found a community that welcomed me and made me feel accepted. Brandy, Nathan and the staff of SLA held me accountable, took me to AA/NA meetings and helped me find a job. Most importantly, they believed in me and gave me the chance to start a new life. Today, I am blessed to be on staff as Guest Services at Sober Living America/Nashville and work with people just like me. I have a sponsor, I work the 12 steps of AA and my family is proud of me and actually want to spend time with me! I look forward to each day and know that whatever may happen…I don’t have to drink or drug.

    My name is Paula and I am a recovering Alcoholic/Addict, but I’m so much more than that. I’m a mother, a grandmother, a trusted friend and a child of God. Thank you Sober Living America!

    • Concern Mom in Nashville on

      Good for you my son is at the SLA in Louisville and it’s NOT GOOD, DRUGS A PERSON OD ON HERION!!!! I’m as a mother is VERY WORRIED AND UPSET!!!!!! He completed 3 month at Buffalo Valley, was doing GOOD in North Carolina, but want to be close to home, but not in Nashville. I’m glad for you and I pray you stay clean and sober. Best Wishes

  22. Natalie Davis on

    I have been with SLA for a year now. A Lot of people has their own outcome and opinons on Recovery. I can honestly say that this program has truly changed my life. I came in with no ideal of where life was headed next. I knew that there had to be a end of my repeated behavior. I wanted to live and be happy again. Coming here and learning a new way of life has honestly changed me. Today I’m happy and have hope and faith now. Being around recovering addicts and watching others lives change is amazing. I knew if they could do it, I could do it. By the grace of God i have become the person I am today. I am a Mother again. Today I’m able to help other newcomers and be a inspiration for them as well and that along brings me Joy! Now I can look forward to tomorrow and waking up knowing that I’m not gonna be perfect but I choose to be sober. It’s hard everyday wondeirng and hoping when the next thing I want and need to happen is gonna take place. But I have patience and know that it’s in Gods hands. Without this program and A.A. teaching me a better way of living I wouldn’t of made it this far. When I miss my family they are my family. We try to stick together and help one another. So with all this said I say this. Nashville Sober Living America is awesome and I love it! My life has been transformed. #wedorecover #havefaith #nashvillerocks

  23. SLA Louisville is helping me become a become a better person and is giving me the tools I need to cope with my addiction and deal with problems in life without running from my problems. SLA Louisville has a great family atmosphere and the staff is ALWAYS there for you when you need them, Even the director answers her phone 24 hours a day! I’m so happy I’m here and changing my life for the best. 

  24. Walter Blackshire on

    My experience here in Louisville  Kentucky is a wonderful experience to me…I was supposed to go to the SLA in Savannah GA…but something changed and I came to Louisville instead…my potential here is far more greater of a chance to being sober, staying sober, and to know finally what a real family really is…I love my SLA family and there have been many times where I wanted to quit, and all the torment that has plagued me at home since I’ve been here and endured while I’ve been here..but that ‘proverbial’ boot was put to my backside and I was told how this works…I would like that thank my SLA family, Ms Brittany for the job she has provided for me and everyone here, Micheal for being funny and make me smile or laugh when I need it and serious at the same time, Philip for driving us safely to and from jobs and all places needed in between, Jason aka ‘country’ for driving and being a big brother to all here and including this ugly mug that only a brother can love, and most of all MS Brooke, she is a wonderful person thru and thru, she has been an inspiration to me for what she has done not only to us as a family, but her tough love she has giving me for all right reasons…she’s the big sister I never had and I greatly appreciate it to where the only thing I can do is pay her back is in my sobriety and to be a big brother to her as well…I love all my SLA family cause after all, we are a family and for me, the only family I’ve known…as we say in our meetings ..It works if keep coming back…
           Forever grateful.. Walter Blackshire

  25. Hugh Campbell on

    I have been at The Canton Ga location 7 days. Love the staff and the way they try so hard to make us all here feel loved and cared about as individuals and a group.
    Looking forward to continuing my sobriety with Sober living America.

  26. My husband has been struggling with alcoholism for the last 20 years. He just couldnt put it down and support his family. In this program his life was changed. He found god and has a new sense of life and love. Thank you Sober Living America!!

  27. My son had been in multiple rehabs and I spent thousands of dollars to get him through them. He would get out and go right back to his old ways. When I put him through Sober Living America all that changed. He moved on to bigger and better things and he has been clean for 10 months now. Whatever they teach them it works. Highly Recommend.

  28. Clinton Roberts (CLINT) on

    I am a recovering cocaine and alcohol addict. I’ve been going to meetings and in the program for almost a week now. My experience so far is very good. The staff here go out of there way to make sure you are taken care of. Upon being welcomed, Jordan, Kevin, and Noah explained to me what the program was about and what all they do to help anyone through their addiction in the program. I’ve been sober for 15 days now, and haven’t had a single urge to use, even here at SLA. Before my last relapse I never went to many meetings before, nor considered rehab or treatment till recently. If it wasn’t for Jordan and his staff here, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today with a new job, and a new outlook on life to help me reach my goals in hope to stay clean and sober for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jordan, Noah, Kevin, Pete, and Reggie for all of your help and advice!!!!!!!!
    Clinton T Roberts

  29. Sober Living America has turned my life around. The staff is awesome, they care about my sobriety and help me through daily to stay clean. The program is amazing. The daily morning meetings are a great way to start my day off and give lots of inspiration. They have helped me find a job and start learning how to live as a productive member of society. My attitude has improved tremendously through this program. If I need help they are here all the time. If I call with a concern they don’t hesitate to answer and quickly address whatever the issue is. I can say that this program has given me an environment to help me stay clean. They’ve given me the tools to live life clean, and they’ve given me hope for a better life.

  30. Ronald Johnson on

    Sober Living America is a Amazing Place that cares about first and far most Your Mind, Body and Spirit which leads to your Recovery a life changing experience During my stay here Mr. Scott has assisted me in every area of my transformation He has truly been instrumental in helping me understand this disease..This is the best Recovery I have been in and I have been through at least 8 centers (KUDOS FOR) Sober Living of America…Thanks for saving my life!!!!!!!!!!

  31. If you have a family member struggling with addiction or you are yourself this is a great program. They provide you with work a roof over your head and great life skills. If you need to get your life straight this is definitely the place.

  32. This is a great program. It helped my son get clean and learn how to manage his responsibilities. It taught him life coping skills as well. Very thankful for this program.

  33. Quincy Bledsoe on

    Since i have been in SLA i have opening up and became more communicative. My house mates check on me to make sure that i’m OK. I have found a sponsor and i’m in the process of working the steps. I’m at the point where i’m happy to be sober and do not wish to go back to drinking.

  34. KC @ Columbia, SC on

    I am truly grateful for this program! Sober Living America has given me an opportunity to rebuild my newfound life without alcohol. The staff treats me as family and they are incredibly supportive. My faith has been restored and I am on my way to a better way of living! Thank you, Sober Living America!

  35. Ricky Sanders on

    Yes my name is Ricky Sanders i have been here bout 5 months and i can its been a good experience .Since i been here i have found out ,i had a sister and brother that i never knew.Living the best for each and every day.Rededicated my life to my god.i am clean and free and i want to thanks SLA for helping me get back on the right path.Doors are opening and blessings coming down and i know as long as i live a clean and righteous life ,success and significance will follow me all my days.Have a wonderful and Sober day,

  36. Jerry Sorani on

    I had a lot of people bend over backwards and do some overtime to help me get to SLA. From Sharon (Cammie Youmans) in Atlanta going above and beyond. To Robert, Matthew and John allowing me to come in and do an intake on a Sunday night when i know they had much better things they could have been doing. John has been with me every step of the way since i arrived. From helping me found a few clothing items to putting me on soda in his apartment since there aren’t any beds available yet, This is the first time in my life that i have truly surrendered to A.A and to GOD. God has shown up in full force and i know that he has placed me in the right location.


  37. Timothy Ergle on

    Since ive been at SLA, i have gotten a sponsor, and a job. also ive learned how to get through the rough days, while still being clean and sober, and speaking to my peers about whats bothering me. i have learned how to have fun again, and how to get back in to routine with things. overall my experience has been awesome, i have built a small network of good people. im grateful for SLA.

  38. Gena huffman on

    SLA is by far the best recovery program out there! Its has been designed to help an array of addicts and alcoholics get back on their feet and prepare them for a independent lifestyle where sobriety and healthy life choices becomes number one priority. They help the resident in every aspect of recovery, starting from the second they walk in the door. Everything from job placement, food assistance, NA/AA meetings, and everything in between that is crucial to the recovering addict/alcoholic is only a call away. The Staff here at SLA are also more then helpful, professional, and friendly to the newcomer who comes seeking recovery, guidance, and assistance. This Sober Living Recovery Program is Highly Recommended as it carries the essential qualities and tools that such a program needs to posses.

  39. When i came in to SLA, i was beat down and broken, thank god i was given another chance for a new beginning! Sober living America has taught me so much about my self, i enjoy going to all the AA/NA meetings, and watching myself and others grow in the program! thankful for my higher power for helping me as well! We are a place of second chances, experience, Strength and Hope!

  40. This place saved my friends life. No insurance needed. No money up front. Great program with a lot of genuine help to offer.

  41. Sober Living of America is a wonderful place to come and get clean and sober. The staff are awesome and the residents are friendly. The apartments are clean and comfortable to live in and make you feel as though you are right at home. I would recommend SLA to anyone and everyone trying to find a new way to live. This place has truly been nothing but a blessing to me and I would forever be grateful.

  42. Sharon Etheridge on

    I’ve been a resident of SLA for almost a week. this program is truly amazing. And if i was stop by a stranger on the street that was in desperate need of help that needed a recovery program id recommend them right here. It had to be the spirit of GOD in these people to help and take in a sick and suffering addict like me. Its something in my heart telling me these people really care about others and want to see us make it in life. Thank you sober living of america and may GOD continue to bless you all.

  43. SLA got me a job, food. and in AA(NA available too) the first week i got there. For me it has saved my life and set me up to better myself and ive only been here about two month . The staff is very involved and will help you out if you just ask. Thank yall for being there and a helping hand in my hard times.

  44. Frankie Holmes on

    Living in SLA Columbia has been an awesome and eye opening experience. The staff here is great and are always going above and beyond to help residents in their recovery. The Columbia campus has a tight knit network both within SLA and AA around the city. Working this program has helped me to learn to live life again clean and sober. I would recommend SLA to anyone struggling with addiction and alcoholism, who wants to live happy joyous and free.

  45. jeffrey burgess on

    This experience is new to me. its making me a better person so i can rebuild my relationship with my son. If it wasn’t for SLA i would be the person i am today. I have learn how to do the right thing and if you do the right thing good things come to you. i’m currently looking for a sponsor so i can start working the 12 steps. I love this place.
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  46. i came to SLA on September 24th 2018 and have had a great experience here at the Spartanburg location. im happy with the great fellowship here and couldnt ask for a better group.

  47. Christopher A Owens on

    My name is Christopher Owens, im at SLA Spartanburg ive been here sense September 19th, so far sense ive been here ive grown closer to NA and AA learning about my higher power and how to use that towards my sobriety and how to stay clean, the staff here has been nothing but supportive and helpful with and teaching me tools to use in my every day fight with staying clean, they have helped me find a job with Adidas and also getting me to meetings especially when ive needed them the most. They make me feel like family and let me feel apart of a brotherhood that is strong with sobriety which is exactly the place i need to be in my life right now Loui Edwards has been there for whenever ive needed him no matter what, Josh Lilly has been like a brother to me and has helped me with whatever problems ive been dealing with and has taken the time to sit with me and explain things to me when ive been lost and confused, i just am so grateful and thankful to be here apart of this is Spartanburg at SLA, i remember i was in Morris Village trying to figure out where i was going to go when i completed and i was so lost on where i was going for a sober living environment, and this opportunity popped up and i was so hesitant about it at first because it was so close to my familys home and my old stomping ground but i knew i needed to face my issues no matter or where i go so i came here on a limb and it has been one of the best decisions ive ever made for my sobriety to stay strong so with that being said, i would like to thank everyone here at SLA and just continue to do what ive been doing to stay clean, thanks for allowing me to share my review with whoever this may concern, thanks again.

    -Chris Owens.

  48. Robert Angel Leal on

    My name is Robert Angel Leal i have been sober 37 days today. SLA is a great program it really is helping me stay clean i will be here 30 days next saturday. I love this program it really is helping me. i wish we could help more people here in Spartanburg, SC.

  49. WE are Sparta.. I am a recovering heroin and alcohol addict. I have a little over a month clean now and it is all thanks to SLA and the rooms of AA. This program has given me hope and strength to to make this time the last time. The staff and other residents make this place feel like home and that I matter. I love all my roommates like they are my true blood brothers. THANK YOU SOBER LIVING AMERICA!!!!!!

  50. My name is Ivory Rice i am from spartanburg sc, been using since 1989 i am glad to be here and thank you for helping my life back together.

  51. My name is Matt Tanner,I was recemtly released from prison on the first. With no where to go I heard about SLA, it was a blessing because I didnt have anywhere to go or any food. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay off of drugs and find a new way of living.

  52. i would like to say this program is helping me stay clean its giving me my life back its found me a good job the staff is very helpful iam more than happy to be in sla cant wait to see what the furture brings samuel gantz

  53. My son has been an addict most of his teenage life. I have tried to help him in so many different ways. Rehabs, treatments boot camps. Nothing worked like this program. Whatever life tools they gave him in this program it stuck with him and has truly changed him. I am thankful every single day I found this program. Definitely would recommend to anyone struggling with addiction.

  54. My friend was given the chance to enter the program at Sober Living America. It has truly changed his life . He struggled with opiate addiction for 8 years. The program is based off of the principles of NA and AA. They encourage residents to get a sponsor and a network full of people with sobriety. He has since graduated the program and stuck with it. He still attends meetings on a regular basis and has stayed sober. He is a completely different person and I thank Sober Living America for that change.

  55. Douglas Tollett on

    I came to Sober Living America 5 months ago broken and addicted I was greeted with open arms, kindness ,patience and love. Over the last 5 months S.L.A has given me hope when I had none and helped me in my journey in sobriety by helping me to find a sponsor in the AA program helped me to find a job and become a productive member of they’re community.Not only am i sober i’m slowly regaining the trust of my family back and i’m learning to love myself and others.Words will never fully explain the gift of Sober Living America to my life and the gratitude i feel for the gift of my new life. Thank you S.L.A

  56. I am no stranger to AA, recovery or transitional/sober living. In the past, after getting some time sober I would always take back everything I had given over to my higher power and the program. I would do things my own way and always ended the same way…in a relapse. Sober Living America has given me the tools I need and plugged me into an amazing AA community here in Columbia, SC. It has shown me the way to put in the work for my recovery myself. For that I am extremely grateful.

  57. Sober Living America Columbia has been a great experience for me so far. Not only did they meet my needs coming in early on, they have shown me and given me tools to work a solid recovery program. They have set examples for myself and my peers through the way they work their own programs. I am beyond grateful to have found this program and set such a solid foundation for my recovery…I’m on my way.

  58. Jeramy, I am a grateful recovering addict at the Sparta campus in SC, before i got her i used from 15 to 39. Was using meth, it took everything from me quick and in a hurry, put me in prison for 18 months. I have overdosed 2 time in my life, lucky to even be here. i have wonderful house mates that are about recovery. this place gives you every opportunity to get it all together, to start anew. some of the things that i have gotten out of the program in my time here are: confidence; meaning i can walk around without being scared to use and pick up again. i do not have to live in fear of what i think the drug is going to do to me because they say that we never have to pick up again. relief i have found relief in this program, the weight that has been lifted of of my chest.. the unbearable weight that i carried for so many years. i can finally smile again without forcing it. everything is not perfect by any means you’re gong to have your ups and downs on the path to sobriety. but its how fast you can get up instead of wallowing in it like i did in the past. God and church has become a huge part in my walk to sobriety, never had a higher power before but today my higher power walks me through my day. i also have hope that i will never have to use again as long as i live the 12 steps stay in touch with my higher power and continue to use the network i have built here at sober living america. thanks to all the staff for getting me to where i need to be to win the day.

  59. I am Zach, i attend the Spartanburg Campus, this place is awesome. Have attended some of the best AA meetings here, my sponsor is 18 years clean and teaching me how to live everyday life again without drugs and alcohol. My road was really tough before i got here from being homeless, in prison, overdosed many times, shouldn’t even be alive. Sober Living America has given me the chance that i didn’t think that i deserved. have been clean for 4 months now and my life is changing for the better. i am getting family, and friends back that i thought were never going to be fixed. Without SLA I do not know where i would be today. Thanks to all the staff for your helping hands to get me where i always needed to be.

  60. Dylan Musgrove on

    My name is Dylan Musgove i am currently at the Sober Living America in Spartanburg SC. I have been here for about a month, I love it here. I am currently 2 months clean. I have made so many great friends through the program as well as met some great individuals at the outside meetings. I have never worked the NA/AA program or the 12 steps but i currently have a sponsor working the 12 steps and it has done so much in my life in this short period of time. The staff here is great, they have been a huge help with the program settling in to the new place. Also got me a job which I love i can’t remember the last time i worked a job that i enjoyed. I look forward to completing something for once in my life and this place is going to help me, this place has saved my life.

  61. My Dad has been an addict ever since my parents got divorced. I have been trying to get him into a rehab for the last 3 months. He has no health insurance and cant afford it. This place gave my dad hope and a new life. He has now been clean for 6 months and just graduated from the program. He is a new man and I want to thank all the great people at Sober Living America

  62. My brother had struggled with addiction for the past 10 years. It was hard to get him into a place without needing health insurance or money up front. If you are looking for a treatment program for anyone struggling with addiction this is the place.

  63. Jordan Holbrook on

    In my experience this program has several figures that can be extremely helpful to anyone trying to stay sober. With members that actually care and look after another, I would recommend it to anyone having trouble staying sober on there own.

  64. Sober Living of America has had a dramatic impact on my life and I have experienced positive results from my life as a resident here. My director Brooke Burke goes over and beyond her call of duty to make sure staff and residents feel comfortable and encourages us everyday in a way that makes us feel like we are needed and wanted back in society as upstanding citizens. The staff here in Louisville just cannot be praised enough as a whole. As a resident here I encourage anyone who has difficulty with life in general to check out Sober Living of America and give them a chance along with your personal willingness to allow the change to come into your life that you deserve!

  65. Great community. Great message and program. They have all the acommadations you need for a low price. This place has helped me a lot. Definitely would recommend it.

  66. Cornelius Walker on

    I came into this program with nothing. I had lost my relationships, spirit and most important I lost myself. This place changed my life. It got me back on my feet, gave me all the tools to stay sober and restored my relationships. I am so thankful for this program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.

  67. here is the similar website. check it:

    The staff at Pacifica Recovery understands the importance of a sober living environment during the transition from treatment back into the community.

    At Pacifica Recovery, we provide structured sober living accommodations in beautiful Palm Springs at the base of Mount San Jacinto. Our facility has 24 hour, on site staff to assist residents and supervise the premises. Each unit is a beautifully furnished two bedroom/two bath condominium that will house no more than 4 residents; single rooms are available. Full kitchens and in-unit laundry rooms are included in each unit. The property is located a short distance from shopping, dining, outdoor activities, and several recovery support meeting locations.

  68. Kenneth Woods on

    Sober Living America has been a life saver. When I came to Sober Living I was homeless, broke, and didn’t know which way to go. I was in a 30 day treatment center with no money for further treatment. I knew I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t get into a long term center. I found out about Sober Living, called them, and they accepted me with no problems. Since I’ve been here, I have been reintroduced to Alcoholics Anonymous, found a sponsor, and strengthened my relationship with God.

  69. Andrew Lorkiewicz on

    I am currently a resident here in Sober Living America. Unlike other rehabs, sober living gives you the support, accountability and direction you need to stay sober, going to AA meetings and other support groups every day while living a normal life, I connect and meet with my sponsor a few times a week. Sober Living also gives you the tools to get back on your feet again in the real world by supplying job opportunities. I plan on staying the full 6 months.

  70. Came to sober living America with no idea what my next step in my life would be. The great staff and friendly members of the community made me feel welcome and everything was going to be okay. . I attend AA and by the grace in God currently living a sober life.

  71. By the grace of God I arrived at SLA Columbia and wow ! They accepted me right in broke busted and disgusted. Immediately the recovery started because the director said he loved me and wow I needed to hear that so bad! Recovery is so available if you seek it – they provide me ways to meetings church to food banks got me back to work and showing me how to live again clean and sober. I recommend SLA Columbia to anyone seeking help with Addiction wether alcohol or drugs. I’m so grateful to be here !

  72. Clean apartment style living. Staff was very supportive, and helped me through many challenges I faced during my time there. I am now on a new better path and would not be where I am today without this program.

  73. Great program, friendly and helpful staff. I came into this program hopeless and with nothing. I now have a new lease on life and feel great.

  74. Donna Young on

    I’m in Greenville I have a month and ten days clean I came from a treatment center in NC and the people at sober living America have been real welcoming and I’m happy here I feel like I am going to give this all I got and I’m very thankful for the staff here.

  75. Donna Young on

    I’m in Greenville I’m a month and ten days clean and I came from a previous tratwment center. What I like about SLA is the people are so nice and welcoming I believe I’m going to try this with all I got because I’m comfortable and happy here and I’m going to give it all I got.

  76. Cristi Grubb on

    I’ve been in Greenville a short weak and when I came in sick and I thought everybody was full of shit when they said it would get better but each day has gotten easier and the staff is so supporting. I’m excited about my recovery and eager to see what the program has to offer.

  77. Sober Living America has truly changed my life. They gave me all the tools I needed to stay sober and live a healthy life. Great facilities, accommodations and staff. Great place to get and stay clean.

  78. SLA has been a blessing. The staff has been helpful, kind and supportive of my recovery. I have been at a few transitional/halfway houses and this by far is a superior program for me. I look forward to the positive things that are to come from being here.

  79. Jessica Adams on

    I arrived to the Greenville, SC campus of SLA on July 29, 2018. I came here from Georgia having had extensive experience with the 12 step programs prior to my latest relapse. I came in the door after detoxing in Augusta, GA, and was welcomed with open arms and immense communal love. I was already extremely excited to be plugged back into the recovery way of life. What I love about SLA is that it’s a sober living environment, designed to be a stepping stone from active addiction to living responsible, adult life as a recovering addict. Having had long-term rehabilitative treatment under my belt already, I was very suited to the way this program is designed. The staff here have gone out of their way assisting me with getting my identification documents replaced and gaining employment. Not only do I love everything SLA has to offer me, whether it be safe lodging or transportation to work and/or outside 12 step meetings, but I have grown to love all the staff and residents here as well. Thank God for places like this where people that WANT to recover CAN recover.

  80. I’ve been at SLA for 5 months and it has been a roller coaster ride. I’ve taken the good as well as the bad and I’m glad that this opportunity was presented to me. Just like in life everything doesn’t go your way and thats the same with SLA. I’ve been delt a hand of cards and now I have to take that hand and beat the dealer hands and my higher power over (God) always wins.

    SLA provides me with transportation to and from work, church and meetings. It has been a second chance for me to get right what I’ve sabotage.

    Through SLA I rebuild my relationship with God, found a great sponsor and I working the 12 steps of AA..

    I found a job that has turned into a career and I have a planned when I graduate on September 24, 2018….

    Keep coming back, it works if you work it so work it and live….

  81. Walter Ahrem on

    Sober Living America is an amazing program. I’ve seen this program work for so many people over the last two years that I’ve been in Greenville. I mean, of course, a person has to want this way of life, but the tools that SLA provides helps us all, along the way. It provides residents with information on the 12 steps of recovery and helps everyone learn to be accountable and responsible. A big thing is they provide jobs for all of their residents. I mean, how many recovery centers help find people work and give people the opportunity to build a life for themselves? One of the greatest things about this program is their NEVER GIVE UP ON ANYONE attitude. I’ve seen people mess up and the staff and other residents are always quick to bring them back and give them a second and maybe even a third opportunity to better their lives. The staff here is amazing. They work hard and do their best to make this the best possible environment for every single resident. They treat everyone as their equal unless they are put in a position to display their authority. I think more people need to be aware of this program because, like I said earlier, I’ve seen how much it has helped so many people I know. in closing, I’ve been through almost 30 rehabs, detoxes and recovery houses in the last sixteen years and this is the first place where I have felt comfortable and safe with an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for my recovery. **8-9-16**

  82. Nathan Falin on

    To say I came to Sober Living America with no clue would be an understatement! I came to Nashville in July 2016 from a 28 day program. I knew I wanted to change but did not know how, or if it was humanly possible. When I arrived Danielle and Mikel made me feel very welcomed. My Mother and Step Dad brought me in. We all sat in the office and they both answered my family’s questions and concerns. Since then not only have I completed the program but I have been given the opportunity to help others. It has broadened my perspective not only in life, but about God, myself, and my relationship with others. I am forever grateful for SLA and the things I have learned here will go with me in every area of my life! Today I know that I am the problem and if I do not realize that there would have never been a solution! Thank you Danielle, Mikel, Brandy, and every single guest here that has helped me in my journey! Love this place and love you all!! God Bless.

  83. Sober Living America is a great community to have yourself checked into if you are looking for a great rehabilitation program! The staff is awesome, supportive, understanding, and always there to help with any issue related to the program and community. They will go beyond what it takes to get you in the program so you can be on the road to recovery if you take it seriously. They do not allow any negativity, so if you looking for something other than positive recovery this is not the place for you. I gave only 4 stars because there is not a 4.99 star. No one is perfect. We are all a work in progress!!

  84. SLA is a good program. The level of togetherness makes it feel like a true community. The simple facts of them taking you to and from work and meetings speaks highly about their genuine interest in residents sobriety! Columbia

  85. Meghan seely on

    I feel that this is a good program and it actually works if you apply yourself. I’m learning how to stay sober day by day and have transportation to my meetings and work. I now have a good support system and mending loose ends with my family to build healthier relationships. Staff at SLA has been good to me and I’m very grateful.

  86. Sherry Lambs on

    This is my first time in a Sober house and I haven’t adjusted as well as I would like but it has calmed down a lot. I’m working and going to my meetings as guidelines suggest. I’m not thrilled about living in a apartment full of women but it’s slowly but surely having me come around.

  87. Jennifer Friday on

    The staff here is very knowledgeable and welcoming. Since I got here they have seemed to care about being very helpful and committed to being here in the beginning stages of my recovery. I am feeling very positive about this place and helping me reestablishing a sober life in society.

  88. Kolbe Seklecki on

    The leading staff are very energetic, charismatic, bodacious people that inspire me to live a sober life. I have learned to be honest with my past, and mainly myself. I am able to empathise with fellow addicts and alcoholics, allowing myself to realize that i am not alienated or alone- that this disease is more prevalent than i ever imagined. I have hope for the future.

  89. Billy Blackburn on

    This is a really good program. I came here and got to work within three days with full time employment. All the staff has helped me in any matter that has come up. I have the opportunity to attend much needed meetings. I maintain a positive attitude in my recovery because of them. Any assistance i have needed has been provided. All around it is a great program. I recommend it to anyone who is starting a new way of life.

  90. Charlie Mercer on

    This program changed my life for the better in many different way, I was once very suicidal, not really able to care to much about life being put through so much by my family , so the end result of all of that kinda put my mind in such distress to the point of using drugs to cope with life but the program of SLA was able to help put my life back on track ,Thanks SLA

  91. Kelly Clayton on

    Sober living america for me, has help me to get my life on back on track, i dont have every thing i want but i do have every thing i need and thats more important to me today.

  92. William D., A Grateful Father on

    I am the father of a 25 year old son, David, who became addicted to drugs while attending college. He dropped out of school his sophomore year, and the situation seemed hopeless. He had overdosed several times on heroin, and I was sure that I would one day soon have to bury my only child. The hospitals would help him get the drugs out of his system, and he would be sincere in his commitment to stop using, but he would always go straight back to using drugs.

    After my son’s last trip to the hospital, my wife and I prayed for an answer and were determined to find our son a long term solution. We researched the options available and decided that Sober Living America (SLA) may be the answer. When my son got discharged from his last hospital detox, we picked him up and took him directly to a SLA Campus.

    We were met at the office by a caring staff, who allayed many of our worries, and took our son in and treated him like a brother. The staff not only made sure his needs were met, but required that he live a disciplined lifestyle. This entailed employment, keeping his home clean, and attending daily AA/NA meetings both on and off campus.

    In a months time, David began to look like our son again. He looked healthy, had friends, and was working. Five months later, our prayers were answered, and our son graduated the SLA program. He was free of his drug addiction, had an AA sponsor, and had a great network of support in both Alcoholic’s Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. He was working a good job and was enrolled in school again.

    Thank you to everyone in the entire SLA community. This includes: the administration that made the admission process easy; the on Campus Staff that re-instilled our son’s self-esteem; and the other residents that treated him like a brother and shared in his success.

    My wife and I are deeply grateful for the help Sober Living America provided in saving our son’s life.

    Our prayers were answered.

  93. Jessica Odom on

    I have been a resident at Sober living America for over a year now. The tools that SLA has provided me has saved my life more than once even as a resident. I came in last August broken down to I thought was my rock bottom. In December if 2017 as a resident I made a huge mistake and allowed my addiction to take over my life and my life almost came to an end. The entire time I was out and allowing my addiction to take over me my director and guest services of the city I was in at the time called or texted me almost every day asking if I was okay. I know if it wasn’t for them doing this I would have continued to stay out and would more than likely not be here today. Sober living America has 2 amazing programs where you can start work about 5 days after you arrive and also an amazing program called the Pinnacle program. In the Pinnacle program you receive counseling from a certified drug and alcohol Counselor and you attend 4 meetings a day(do the math.. 120 meetings in 30 days) and you get to concentrate on yourself. After almost a year of being at Sober Living America I decided to take advantage of the Pinnacle program and this has been the most absolute best decision I have ever made. I have been working and learning knew things about myself everyday and with the help from the counselor (and my 12 step sponsor) I am getting down to the reasons of why I used during and alcohol. I will always have my disease of addiction but with the help of Sober living America and the 12 steps of Alcoholics anonymous I am able to stay clean and have true recovery one day at a time. There are not enough words I wcould say or express my gratitude towards Sober Living America but I will do so by living this life.. the life I was always able to have but had to make the first step to get.

    Thank you

  94. Larry Lemons on

    This place is AWESOME! They took me straight out of detox with no money. They pretty much rebuild your life for you. They give you a decent paying job. The program is pretty structured with four opportunities for a meeting a day. The staff is very involved and feel like family.

  95. Brian DeChristopher on

    Great program. There is plenty of help to get yourself back together. They help you with employment and provide transportation to and from. The apartments are clean and spacious. The staff there are very helpful and understanding. There is a couple of vans that take the residents to meeting everyday. They go out of their way to help. There is a lot of great recovery and the environment is uber conducive to sobriety.

    Overall, SLA is an awesome place to get clean and develope a sober support network. Would recommend them to anyone.

  96. Joey Warren on

    I really like the new staff that has showed up over the last 2 weeks. Danielle and Ian has really turned this place around and is looking alot better!

  97. Candis Lynch on

    i really like this program i am now 30 days and two weeks clean and i give sober living credit we have a awesome director ian and guest services danielle they make sure all our needs are met.i plan on completing the program.I appreciate sober living.The transportation people are awesome.We all team up and help each other.

  98. Gary Beeler on

    Sober Living America in Columbia has impacted my life in several ways. Since I’ve been here I’ve been working a program that works because the community and support I have around me. The meetings and encouragement of a sponsor and the sober network that is available for here I have been able to grow in my program and learn how to live one day at a time and it gives me The tools to live life on life’s terms. It works if you work it.

  99. Kayleigh Yates on

    Sober Living America Columbia, South Carolina has been the foundation of my new journey in recovery. With guidance from an encouraging staff and community, I’ve been allowed to create a solid network and have resources to obtain ways of adapting back in to a way of living and form healthy relationships. Not only has the support given me strength and courage it’s has allowed me to have faith that I can live just for today and keep it simple. By working with my community and the staff and obtaining a sponsor I’m able to deal with life of life’s terms. Sober Living America is changing my life and I have hope today. I’m truly thankful for a new opportunity and all the support I continuously get each day.

  100. Sober living america was a god sent! I came to SLA after being addicted to synthetic marijuana and meth for 5 years. when i arrived at SLA I had lost who i was among many many other things. During my time here at SLA I have gained so much! SLA has given me a oppurtunity to become a new person in life through there 12 step fellowship ministries, vworking with sponsors. SLA having staff members who really cared and loved on me even when I didnt know how to love on mysef. I will be forever thankful for SLA and the 12 step fellowship!

  101. Justin Melvin on

    I’ve been a staff member in a resident for SLA for quite some time now, before coming to SLA I was addicted to methamphetamines. This company and the residence are truely a godsend. I honestly believe that if I would have not come here I would be dead, I owe this company my life, my gratitude, and absolutely all the service work that I could possibly provide for them and for the residents.

  102. William Autry on

    I think that it is a good program for those that want to change, you have to want too change.Your recovery has to come first.And stay Focus on yourself not others and before you know it the change will happen. When I first came to the program they provided me with a way to get to meetings encourage me to get a sponsor encourage me to look in the good of things gay male plug up with some very important areas in my gave me a place to live even though I got to share it with a whole bunch of other men sometimes I get a little crazy but it is what it is.

  103. Wendi Elliott on

    Since my stay at SLA, Sober Living America, have been treated with respect, dignity and given the confidence that I had not received in other programs. I personally have been struggling with alcohol addiction for the past several years. SLA has provided me with the confidence, support and transportation to continue my recovery. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking sobriety, safety and a positive living atmosphere.

  104. Upon coming to Sober Living America I did’nt know what to expect but was very welcomed and felt right at home. The staff was supportive of my needs and very helpful. Living with other people struggling with the same problems of addiction has helped me stay sober. Going to the meetings every day and obtaining a sponsor which they encourage, has helped me tremendously with wanting to stay clean. Sober Living America staff members has been there for me no matter the hour of the day. This has truly been the right step in my recovery. Thanks SLA!!

  105. Chris Hugo Martinez on

    This place is an awesome facility for recovery! Teaches you how to deal with the daily struggle of addiction. Great accommodations, clean place. Everyone here is very friendly and they truly care about the guests and their recovery. They are willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of someone else. Couldn’t be more satisfied with this facility.

  106. Christy Duvall on

    Thank you Sober Living America for ALL you do!! You guys saved my daughters Life and I am forever thankful! She lives her job at Birmingham SLA and has become an independent, grown woman since I dropped her off there several months ago. You guys are doing AMAZING work and again, thank you! 🙂

  107. When I came to SLA in May, I was struggling with my addiction to Methamphetamine. Even though I had a little clean time when I arrived, I was struggling with the cravings. Sober Living America gave me the knowledge that I needed to maintain my sobriety. They introduced me to AA/NA, got me working the 12 steps, and introduced me to my sponser. The community in Newnan GA has been an awesome place for me and my recovery. Thanks to the SLA my relationship with my kids and my family has gone from non existent to great!!! I will always be greatful to SLA for that.

  108. SLA has truly been a blessing and a life saver. They took me in with absolutely nothing except for the clothes on my back. They helped provide me food, recovery skills, life skills, a job/career, transportation anywhere I needed to go. Today, I have Life! I have something to look forward to. I have a sponsor and a network to stay sober. I have been sober since 1/15/2017. Thank you SLA for everything you all have done :))

  109. So far everything has been amazing they took me in, and we’re willing to help with the balance due till I could find a job. I ended up finding an amazing job with great pay, and amazing overtime! This program has been nothing but good to me! The director here is an amazing guy, and as far as the rest of the community here is great my roommates have helped me with items I didn’t have coming in. They have feed me every night till I can get on my feet. It’s almost like one big family here everyone looks out for each other, and is there for each other when needed! This is an amazing place to come to recover that’s if you are serious about it!

  110. Danielle Garner on

    Coming to Sober Living America is the best decision I have made in a long time. During my active addiction I was broken. I stole from anyone who I came into contact with just to get more drugs. I betrayed everyone whoever trusted me. I lost my husband and my child because I constantly relapsed. After everything caught up with me I was sent to prison for 8 months. I did not know who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. I am learning how to live again and that is because of sober living america. They have provided me with contact to members of AA and NA. I have obtained a sponsor and I am working the 12 steps. I have a job that I absolutely love, and I am rebuilding my life. Sober living america trusts me and have gave me a chance to stand on my own two feet, and for that I will be forever grateful. Since coming here I have also reconnected with my husband and my child. SLA gives me the ability to work on my recovery, work at a job, be a mother and a wife, and make life long friends along the way.

  111. Coming into a program of recovery was the biggest step I made for my life. I was beat down, broken, and lost all hope for myself in succeeding in life. Calling the 866 number that got me a phone interview for Sober Living America was the hardest, but also most effective call I made for myself in a long time. They were so helpful and sweet, and tried their hardest to get me into a city that I would feel comfortable going to. When it was all said and done, i just told them to send me somewhere, and I would make it there somehow. I was approved for the program, and a couple days later I was well on my way to the best adventure of my life thus far. I got to the Greenville location, and the staff were so good to me. Set me up with the food bank, because i had very little money to eat on, and got me some clothes from their own closet! Who does that? These people did. They were the best guy and gals i could have wanted to meet. Being from another state, I was scared, lost and confused. I didnt know what to do. They took care of me though, that’s for sure! They also got me a job, working at a place that i had no experience in, but have been working there and enjoying the part of hard working that comes with this place to. If you dont know pain, youll never know happiness!! Its been 5 months sense i got sober, and came into Sober Living America. They helped to achieve so many goals i had laid out for myself, and more! I owe so much to this organization, but really, they dont want anything in return. Just for me to try and stay sober, just for today. They help me stay sober, and get me to meetings, work, and the doctor when i need to go. Sober living America has provided me with more tools than i could have imagined getting. I can not thank the staff and people here enough for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime! Thank you Sober Living America, You guys ROCK!

  112. Concerned Mom on

    My daughter has been a resident at the Nashville location and since she arrived there has been so much drama that it is unbelievable! I understand that most people that arrive at SLA are a wreck when they arrive, but this place does not make for a very easy transition. The director, Brandy is a recovering addict and was recently promoted to regional manager, she does not know how to manage a small community much less become a regional manager because she has close friends in the program and is constantly taking their word over the residents, she also feeds into the gossip and drama and doesn’t take all sides information into account. She jumps to conclusions and automatically makes decisions based on her emotions. I spoke with her on the phone in the past and she reassured me that she would contact me if my daughter started to regress but she did not follow through when she discharged my daughter for 5 days because she stated that my daughter was gossiping. She also stated my daughter was in a relationship with someone that I should be aware of. She then asked if I knew any details about the man my daughter was dating and proceeded to “inform” me of the details that she learned through gossip. I know the gossip is untrue and it is not against the rules for residents to have a relationship after their first 30 days. Brandy proceeded to state that she took a secret survey about anyone causing issues or gossiping and all of the residents were included then she stated that my daughter was the cause. I asked her to confirm how many people she surveyed and she stated 25, there is 55 in the program so why did she not allow everyone to be a part of that survey? She denied a few people that came to the meeting entry and said they did not need to be there (because they are familiar with my daughter and know the truth). My daughter was not able to even defend herself and was not a part of the secret meeting as well. Many times during my phone conversation with Brandy she did not answer my questions, tried at times to avoid answering and I caught her trying to change her story at times. They discharged my daughter with NO PLACE TO GO. I live in another State on a very strapped budget due to health issues. Why would you discharge a recovering addict with no family in the area, no place to go and no money or food to help her though the week, Brandy even told the person driving the van that they were allowed to take my daughter to a hotel that I purchased but was not allowed to take her to the store to purchase food. They house 4 to 7 people in each apartment and charge each resident $190 per week for the apartment, utilities and if you’re lucky a ride to and from work or Walmart one day a week to purchase their own food, their receipt shows that it is a donation. They have full control over the residents pay cards and will deduct any amount that they say the the resident owes, along with not allowing the resident to contact their work to inquire about hours worked or amount they were paid, they have to go through the director to find out that information as they do not give them access to their pay stubs (sounds like a scam to me). Brandy tries to control how many hours my daughter works and has told her to call in sick to work on occasion (this is the therapists job not the director) she also wanted my daughter to quit her job and work for SLA rent free and $100 per week, when my daughter declined Brandy seemed as though she was upset that she declined the position (my daughter makes more at her job than was offered). Many times when the resident purchases things and takes it back to the apartment the others will steal things and when reported Brandy will only do something if it is not her friends. Gossip is a childish thing but in my daughter case Brandy’s friends were the ones that started the gossip and she blamed my daughter for everything which in turn caused my daughter to be released. Brandy also blamed my daughter stating that she knew information about another resident being sexually assaulted but the lady involved did not tell my daughter that she had been assaulted she stated to my daughter that she had met up with the man and felt that she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend but never telling my daughter that she had been assaulted. They order their drug tests online and many will come back with false positives which in turn get may discharged for the wrong results, they also treat the residents like prisoners not allowing them to make decisions and if they get too close to any friends they are counseled that they should not allow others to persuade them. The residents are required to write the good reviews, and most are afraid of speaking up for fear of being discharged. The staff know that things are not run correctly but do not want to lose their jobs. One has even stated that Brandy’s husband is buying gabapentin from the residents, if this is the case then they need to be investigated. Just a quick note, my daughter has passed all drug and alcohol tests given to her and goes to the majority of required meetings unless she is sick or at work and she has a paper in which she has someone to sign. Brandy stated that she does not have any documentation just her “word”. I will be sending this information along with more information that I have not included on this website to the Tennessee Attorney General’s office, the BBB and even contemplating contacting the IRS and State of Tennessee to do an internal audit to see if there are any misuse of resident’s funds. Brandy stated that I was threatening her by making that above statement, so I say that is not a threat unless you have something to hide. SLA is a good concept but having ex addicts that are easily influenced to run the place is like having the inmates run the prison, it won’t work unless you have complete success, training and qualification through school and State. You need trained and qualified people to run these places for the residents to have a chance for recovery.

  113. Chistopher M Carter on

    This place does have the resources and tools to help you get on your feet. I’ve come along way from when I got here. You just have to want it bad enough.

  114. Chris Browder on

    Hi, my name is Chris and my drug of choice was heroin. I have never known bondage, like I did then. This drug had my body and soul. I wanted desperately to get off of it. Even though I was slowly killing myself, I assumed that, this was the only way out of the abyss I had created. I always heard it would end in one of three ways, jails, institutions, or death. My will was broken and I made some poor choices which led to me being incarcerated for a short time. Upon getting out and realizing that I had been given a second chance, I decided that I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I didn’t have a job and had no money. I was spiritually bankrupt. My brother kept telling me to go to AA and that somebody would help me. I gave in and went to my first AA meeting in years. I met someone and we talked after the meeting. I was asked to come back the next day. So I did, and the day after that, and the day after that. During this time I was getting to know the people in the group. I became hungry for the power of this program and desperately wanted what they had. By this time I had made a friend, and he gave me the number of one of his friends, and that friend gave me the number of one of his friends. I called and talked, and called and talked to people until Wes Coffee mentioned to me about moving into a long term recovery program. I was more than willing. I called SLA and talked to Cassie. That was a Friday
    I was welcomed to stay here, no money down, and come as you are. Monday afternoon I was moving into an apartment at SLA, Columbia, SC. The staff welcomed me and immediately did a needs assessment. They took me to the food bank the very next day and found me a job soon there after. While I may have had 5 months “clean” time before coming here, I was not working on the problem. Alcohol and drugs were but a symptom. The problem was me. SLA took provided me with transportation to and from meetings. There I found other people with the same problems I have had. I found a sponsor and began working the 12 steps. Finally I have found some peace in my life.
    If not for SLA, I would have ended up right where I left off. Because of them, I am now in a place where I am surrounded by recovery. My life is has been transformed and I owe it to the staff, AA, my sponsor, and the staff of SLA.
    My name is Chris, and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic/addict.

  115. Paul Oglesby on

    This program is absolutely amazing. They gave me a chance and believed in me when nobody else did. The staff is friendly and actually treated me like I mattered. I am an ex Army soldier who was completely broken in every way, addicted to just about everything, angry, bitter, and confused. I suffered through some of the most tragic circumstances that a person could endure, but SLA, with the incredible staff, the wisdom and guidance of the leadership, and the willingness they led me to, I am almost two years clean and sober. I am so very grateful to the men and women of this program for every kind word, every minute of their day that they spent with me, and every tool they have given me. I am an addict, My name is Paul, and SLA saved my life.

  116. David Humphries on

    Sober living AmericaJax is amazing and the staff is wonderful. I love my roommate. this place has helped me get my family and life back, and I owe my life to it. But my roommate is the best!!!!

  117. Adam Gray on

    SoberLivingAmerica has saved my life!!! Wonderful group of staff members who truly wants to help others achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Love everything these people stand for.

  118. Paul on July 5th 2018
    SLA Charlotte, NC is a blessing. This program is absolutely amazing. They gave me a chance and believed in me when nobody else did. The staff is friendly and actually treated me like I mattered. I am an ex Army soldier who was completely broken in every way, addicted to just about everything, angry, bitter, and confused. I suffered through some of the most tragic circumstances that a person could endure, but SLA, with the incredible staff, the wisdom and guidance of the leadership, and the willingness they led me to, I am almost two years clean and sober. I am so very grateful to the men and women of this program for every kind word, every minute of their day that they spent with me, and every tool they have given me. I am an addict, My name is Paul, and SLA saved my life.

  119. Last year I have been in and out of SLA. But SLA is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I found peace and serenity in here and was able to surround myself with a good group of guys to help push me to find myself through the steps and grow in my recovery and grow in my foundation. Im very thankful for SLA and everything that they have done for me. Especially Berkley Hayes, he is the most influential and helpful person in the SLA staff and he has helped me to learn to believe in myself and to do the right thing and the next right thing.

  120. Dylan Beall on

    Today i woke up better than just a little better i tell myself there is always room for improvement. This program so far has motivated me to aknowledge myself more. My life is what i make it and my self talk in the past was negative considering the path that i chose to make. Today i think positive and that positivity grows and lingers on to the next day. This program is designed to help me and im taking suggestions and the appropriate steps to make my life managable. I think the job situation could be better im currently looking for a new job beacuse i chose the job assigned to me just wasnt going to cut it. Ive never worked anywhere before and i wish i had worked all the years so i could at least compare the previous job i quit to something other than it. The job i had here overwhelmed me it unleashed an army of anxiety on me i felt defenseless. One thing about the job i will say is that even though i did fail at it it made everything else that this program offers achievable in my mind. I will complete this program i really like it here everyone is nice this is what i need and i want it.

  121. my name is richard wayne wheeler, i came into this program broken as a man. and spiritually bankrupt. i’m a minister and really had no connection with my higher power. but getting a sponsor and meetings has shown me the way, it wasn’t easy to do a 360 sixty., but i listened and learned thruj sober living that it can be done. cooking cleaning, meetings fellowshipping with other winners, helped open doors. everything Sean, josh and john promised, they delivered big time. where i was unhirable, didn’t want to work or couldn’t, i’m at the plastic plant promoted to machine operator, in two weeks imagine that a job people go to school for, tell me this program doesn’t work, you’ll probably get a argument. this program called sober living has changed my life for the betterment of humankind because i was always a taker now im a giver, id recommend it to anyone serious about recovery, its work. because we all know that freedom isn’t free. there’s work but the rewards are priceless. awesome!!!!! baby.

  122. Eric Ingram on

    My name is Eric and I came to SLA addicted to heroin and synthetic marijuana. I used whatever I could get my hands on. I finally got to my breaking and called SLA from home in Albany, GA. I talked to a person at the call center and there choice sounded familiar. It turned out to be a childhood friend of mine who also suffered from addiction issues but had since found a new way of life and was actually working for Sober Living America. This was very encouraging to me because I know that she used the way I used and if this had worked for her it might just work for me. I came to the Lawrenceville location and tried to make a change. I did not take full advantage of all of their services offered and I relapsed. I have since tried again fully accepting myself as an addict for the first time and have found a level of sobriety and peace I never thought possible. The fight is not over though. I have the day that I am living in to stay sober. But with the help of SLA and a God of my understanding I hope to stay sober for the rest of my life one day at a time.

  123. Sean Kirkpatrick on

    Let me start by saying that coming off the streets with absolutely no money and zero hope on what to do. I Had just finished a detox and found my self at an all out loss looking from place to place to take me in. I did not want to stay in my home town and a close friend recommended a place called Sober Living America. I gave this place a call and they did a phone interview with me and gave me not one location that I could go to immediately but multiple of my choice of which had open availability I chose Jacksonville Florida. On my first day on arriving I noticed that every person I came in contact was beyond helpful and friendly. After just 3 days they had me a job. A job in which I am now moving up in and is paying for 4 years of school for me. This alone is an opportunity I have never had and I owe much thanks to the leaders of this program and fellowship that I have now built. I owe so much to the people here for helping me and bringing me in. I give much thanks and blessings to the director of this location who’s name is Rene, and has been at most extremely professional in how she handles the day to day task in running this program. Not only is she a leader, but a friend. This program has truly given me hope back and a reason to keep moving forward for myself!

  124. Jonathan Reep on

    SLA is a great place to recover from addiction.. They provide you with a place to stay, a job, and help you get plugged in to the 12 steps. I was in a bad spot before coming to SLA.. I have been to other recovery places and they seemed to be all about money.. SLA on the other hand focuses on recovery first.. They provide you with everything you need to recover..

  125. Paul Oglesby
    just now-Edit
    I came to Sober Living America a very broken man. Newly divorced, addicted to everything which was bad for me, lost and hopeless. SLA gave me direction, guidance, and a chance to start over. With the help of the staff as well as the other guests i found my way to a recovery program which has changed my life. I never felt like I didn’t belong or like I was different in any way. They helped me gain a sponsor through AA meetings and led me to a relationship with Christ, and that will forever be “who I am”. The living environment is pleasant and I was always surrounded by men living clean and sober lives. From the leadership to the guests, I was amazed by my experience. Thank you Sober Living America!!!!

  126. 2
    2 reviews
    a month ago-
    All I can honestly say is that if you have a desire to place your life back in order, Sober Living America has an amazing and knowledgeable staff that takes the time to get to know you and assist you in all the steps in order to do so. The program teaches you to plug into the 12 steps of recovery as well as provide you real world application when it comes to recovery. While at their sober living facilities which are nicer than what i ever could have expected, they assisted me with employment and transportation and gave me an amazing head start back into my life. I have mad a brand new start in all aspects from my way of thinking, relationship with God, as a father and business professional, there is no discrimination when it comes to the disease of addiction, and staff showed no discrimination or judgement towards my recovery and were helpful all along the way. Thank you Sober Living America

  127. Jennifer Walters on

    I’m truly grateful for the second chance at life and the opportunity to make something of my life that Sober Living Jacksonville has given me. I had reached a point in my life where I had nothing or nobody to turn to and it was either get sober or continue living my demoralizing existence. Sober Living Jacksonville has given me the tools to be able to live life on life’s terms and I am able to build a foundation for a life worth living. I’ve been to several treatment centers in the past but something about the community at this place is special and none like any other place I’ve ever been to. Through help of the amazing director and other incredible staff I am able to piece what was my life back to a place I never thought possible. I owe my life to this place. Thank you Sober Living Jacksonville!

  128. Jane Doe Nashville, TN on

    Everything this Program promises to offer is a hoax. There is no licensed therapist or counselor on site, no job training or readiness , and none of the amenities that are promised. Be prepared to accept questioning the authority as your” addict behavior ” and authority is usually another addict with very little clean time. All fees are upfront and billed as a donation. It is not faith based I agree with the comment above 100 percent. If you are looking for a flop house or a program for parole or probation requirements or conditions to be fulfilled and you are not ready to get clean and live sober then I recommend Sober Living America. Otherwise if you are ready to get clean and recover then please continue to look elsewhere. Sober Living America is a hoax and will continue to monopolize on the suffering of others.

    • Jane Doe Nashville, TN on

      The apartments are unlocked no keys are provided everyone who has been there and left is aware that they may come and go in the apartments and never get noticed. It is going to take a female getting killed before keys are provided to the clients. Ground Level apartments open for any individual to come and go as they please.

      • I would like to add that most of the positive comments left on this website are the ” writing assignments required when and if you break a rule , curfew etc. and are usually the client is coerced into publishing for lesser consequences.

    • Lori Williams on

      When I came to SLA Atlanta Women I was busted and disgusted. I was so pitiful. Thankfully the staff there has been so helpful. This program works if you work it! Thank you Cassy! Your the best!!

  129. I came to Sober Living America broken and desperate. I was picked up by staff inspired and given a new life with a new way of thinking. I am now rebuilding relationship, making new relationships and actually LIVING!

  130. Matt Smeenk
    Sober Living America is an excellent program for anyone looking to take the first step in recovery. They offer all of the tools necessary to work a program and stay sober. Great people and amenities

  131. Craig Saunders on

    SLA helped me save my life…it was exactly what i needed.which was an atmosphere of recovery where like minded people were always there to help if i asked for it. I used drugs and alcohol since the 5th grade and after over 20years of struggling with substance abuse coming to SLA and following their program i have been employed at the same company for going on two years which SLA help me get. My family and friends have seen a complete 180 and so have I. This place worked for me because i was willing to follow the simple program they have created which is go to meetings, go to work, get a sponsor, learn simple life skills, and work a program of honesty. This place is for the broken, the tired, the willing, the hopeless, the addict, the alcoholic, the sick, and the suffering. This place has absolutly saved my life.

  132. I am a current resident at the Nashville, TN location. I had been in active addiction for about a year after relapsing. My life was terrible. I was either going to jail or going to take my own life before coming here. I didn’t know how to live without drugs. When I got here, I was willing to do whatever I needed to get clean. Is this place perfect? No. But they provided a home, a job(where I have just been hired on permanently,) rides to work, rides to meetings, and even more than that, they are teaching basic life skills. I’ve never been on my own before and I am learning how to do that. I’m learning that recovery has to come first. There is a great staff here. Again, no place is going to be perfect, but I wouldn’t trade being here for anything.

  133. SLA has been an answer to our prayers! Our daughter had completed a detox program and needed a place where she could get more meetings and direction and SLA in Greenville was exactly what she needed. She is doing great! We live the facilities and the staff!!

  134. Robert Hughes on

    I arrived at the Clearwater Sober Living America about 6 weeks ago, broken, unemployed and not knowing where my life was headed. I didn’t even know how I was going to feed myself. Since then, my life has turned 180 degrees for the better. Hear at Clearwater the staff is plugged into our program of recovery and is always there to help with ALL my needs. I am truly blessed to be here and look forward to my future in sobriety and continued progress in a positive well adjusted life in general. Thank you SLA!

  135. Derek Davis on

    In my 30 years of on going active addiction. I have been to four other treatment centers. All past visits to different treatment centers were educational but they were not really what I needed in my personal recovery. I left my home town of Florida with out knowing a thing about Sober Living America. Had not seen a website or reviews of the place. Just showed up broke financially and mentally and spiritually. To my surprise I was welcomed with a friendly staff. They made me feel welcomed and wanted. This place gave me a safe environment to live in and gave me the tools needed in a 12 step program and spirituality to succeed. The facilities were good and staff to get me back employed with a job and to meetings. I think Sober Living is a good fit for anyone willing to take charge in there recovery. You find work, recovery and a fun atmosphere to get sober in. I would recommend it to those who are ready for a life change in the right direction.

  136. I was up to my old tricks. Once again I was on the verge of losing everything that I had worked for. Everything that meant anything to me. Once again I was scattering the remnants of the house of cards I had been so diligently working on like a child scattering his favorite toys across his room. I could not stop using. I tried to do it for everyone else except for me. My mother, my wife, my friends. I wanted to change desperately, I just didn’t have the wherewithal to achieve such a seemingly daunting task without direction. So, I reached out to Sober Living of America one night with tears in my eyes and reckless abandon in my heart. I spoke with a gentleman named Jordan who was the complete opposite of everyone I had spoken with at any other treatment center or facility. He was empathetic and was in recovery himself and not only seemed to genuinely care about my situation, but was very knowledgeable as well. I immediately felt like it could work. I packed my things and moved to the Atlanta facility that Friday. At first I was afraid. I was afraid of the unknown. I was afraid of being out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of myself. The staff were more than accommodating. They were knowledgeable, honest and genuinely seemed happy. This was a foreign concept to me. Happiness without chemicals? There must be something to this. So, I applied myself. I followed the coaching of the knowledgeable staff and got myself a sponsor, a home group, a network and delved head first into the Big Book. It wasn’t easy at first. I had to learn to rewire my brain. I had to learn to let go of my crutches and stand on my own again. After a couple of months I transferred to the Lawrenceville facility to be closer to my family. I was nervous at first thinking that I wouldn’t have thee same kind of support or that the staff wouldn’t be as empathetic or diligent as the previous facilities, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. The director here made me instantly feel welcomed and cared about and the brotherhood here is unmatched. Everyone is working towards the same goal; to be the best versions of ourselves. It works if you work it. It’s not easy changing your non working behaviors, but the staff and residents will treat you as family if you are working to better yourself. I didn’t just get taught how to get my stuff, my family or my life back. I was taught HOW to live. This is an easy 5 stars for me.

  137. Hunter C. on

    Before coming to Sober Living America I was not a person that i would be happy to look at in the mirror. Being in this program has given me a new found pride and love for myself without the use of mind altering substances. SLA has given me the tools that i need to succeed and be a functioning (sober) member of my community. I know that i would either be dead or incarcerated at this point in my life. I am very grateful for this program. I have tried other programs and none of them have been able to help me the way that SLA has worked for me.

    • Reinald Vallejo in Greer SC on

      The majority, if not all of the positive reviews on here seem like fakes. I have been to multiple sober living halfway houses similar to this one, and they all treat the residents like crap. It’s also a clear sign that you are a fake when you only have positive things to say and act like the program is perfect as if God Himself runs it. There is more that I could write on this, but it’s obvious to me that these people are probably lowlifes just like the other 99.9999999% of halfway houses out there.

      AA is also a scam and has been disproved as an effective means of “recovery”. The only way to “recovery” is to stay away from the very people who in these “recovery” programs, to get a new set friends and acquaintances who don’t drink and drug, and to grow up and take responsibility. That’s it.

  138. Joseph Karpovitch on

    Hi. My name is Joe and I have been an alcoholic for most of my life. I am only 38 and and have lost the ability to be a functioning alcoholic, which is still a bad thing. I hit rock bottom last yr. Lost my Beach condo and Porsche, family, girlfriend of my dreams due to my illness ( rock Bottom). One day i had nothing and went to detox in Charleston where I am from. after a week i was sober enough to read about sober living places in S.C. I got a bus ticket and came to Greenville. i started at another halfway house before learning about. S.L.A . It sounded way better to me than where i was staying working myself to the bone and only getting 2 hrs of sleep a night and not being able to catch up on bills to pay for it., Needless to say i was not focused on sobriety. i was just a dry drunk. so I called S.L.A. and i was in the program that day. I went to the Greenville area and was placed in a very nice condo with other guys. I had no money, food, well.. self worth. They helped me get a great Job, helped me with food and most of all MEETINGS 4 times a day. I was doing great but my demons got the best of me and i went out one night and relapsed. Back to square one. I came back to open arms and no judgement. Well all was back on with support you really never get at other programs. everyone rallied behind me. Well… I thought i was able to take on the world. i earned a weekend pass and I did it again. So i was discharged and i went out drinking again for a month. I was back at rock bottom. I had nothing left again. No family, friends, help. I called back to S.L.A and begged to come back. I’m a changed guy I said. I wont mess up I promise. After a few days. I was aloud to come back and moved to the Spartanburg location. I really did change since I’ve been back. Not at first but with the support of this community something finally snapped. God put this crew of staff in front of me. I really dug down and finally started getting it. I’m almost 30 days sober as i right this and I’ve never in my life been able to say that before. Its important to find time to do meetings and work the program and not work, work, work. I’ve read some reviews on here that are negative about the program. well… I say to you and them. It was the choice of the person to relapse. I cant blame anyone but myself. Yes the staff are all recovered addicts. I found that to be a plus. They understand the disease we have and the up hill battle we fight. I have been to expensive rehabs and sat across from some counselor with a degree who couldn’t even relate to me. These people in the staff have been there done that and won and are turning around and helping others. No one is perfect in this life but with the support of S.L.A and the A.A./ N.A. meetings and church. This place really gives you the tools to turn your life around. But at the end of the day. You really need to want a new and better life for yourself. It took me yrs to figure it out and I was able to finally focus on my true path and i owe it all to the Staff at S.L.A who never gave up on me. i truly owe them My life. You can reach me at my Email for any questions. i would be happy to answer them.

  139. Bryan Shealy on

    Sober Living America has truly saved and changed my life. I initially came to SLA thinking i would just stay a couple months ( I was still fighting and tried to get out of it) but a couple months rolled around and i decided i wanted to stay because i was actually shown that i had a problem and needed structure that SLA provides. now ive been with SLA for over a year and am finally loving my life again. i would most likely be dead by now with the way i was going. my advice to any future resident/client is to stick it out and wait for the miracle to happen. my advice to the addict’s loved ones is stay strong and dont give in to our addict behaviors and make us stay to complete the program.
    The people actually care about your sobriety and show you theres a better way to live

  140. William Knight on

    Hello, My name is William Knight. I have been trying to get sober since 2000. I have been in and out of rehabs most of my adult life. When I found Sober Living America things started to change. They encouraged me to get a sponsor and get active in a home group. I had attended meetings for a long time but had never done much more than that. Doing these things, in addition to working the job they helped provide me has given me an opportunity to have sense of purpose once again. I now have a life that has eluded me for the past 18 years. Their emphasis on sponsorship and a home group have proved crucial in my early sobriety.

  141. Addiction is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.
    Rehab isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a day spa.
    Sober Living America saved my daughter’s life…plain and simple.
    The clients have to work, go to meetings, maintain a schedule and be committed to living a sober lifestyle. For some…this is the first ‘dose’ of real life they’ve had in years.
    This is not a place that you’ll be coddled, that’s for sure; but SLA gives them the sober life skills they need to survive once they’re discharged. Before my daughter was admitted to SLA, I would lay awake nights wondering if she was alive. I’d go for months without hearing from her. Now she calls and texts me TOO MUCH because she’s proud of her accomplishments and proud of the people she lives with and the people that she is helping every day. I’ll forever be grateful to Sober Living America.

  142. Daniel Scott Flournoy on

    I came to sober living America in March, and since then my whole perception of rehabs has changed. Most that I have been to have not been about recovery, had very little support systems set in place, and recovery was optional just so long as you paid your fees.
    The Marietta staff has a support system set in place that makes it hard to fail. The meetings we go to are some of the best I have ever seen, and the guest back each other up 100% of the time. From past rehabs, it was only about the money. I never received any help, but now I found out that being sober is worth the effort, and it can make a dramatic change in your life.
    The impact that Marietta SLA has had on my life is something that I can almost not put in words, and the skills and tools they have given me I will be able to use the rest of my life. I am very grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful program.

  143. Madeline Hinkle on

    I am a current resident at Sober Living America in Atlanta and I truly owe my life to this facility. Not only did they help get me released from jail, they have kept me on a path that is not only helping me to survive – but to thrive. I am genuinely happy and healthy, my relationship with my family has drastically improved, and the friends I’m making here are built on a sober foundation and they are true relationships I’ve never known.
    I’m so thankful for SLA and the life I’m leading now. I know that anyone that wants to change their life can be successful here

  144. After years of dealing with our son’s addiction problems, we made the decision to send him to SLA. He had already been to rehab several different times but always seemed to relapse no matter what we did. We almost lost him to the addiction and were desperate for help. We heard about SLA and were willing to try again to help him get his life back and save his life. No parent wants to lose a child for ay reason especially not to drugs. SLA has been the best thing for him as it has changed his life. He is doing great, is happy and working which we thought we would never see again. We are so thankful to SLA for helping him get sober, stay sober, and want a better life with God being put first in his life. We prayed many times and said many prayers for this to happen in his life. It gives a peace of mind to a parent that is so needed to see their child living life to the fullest. We are so grateful every day for SLA.

  145. MY son has been at SLA since October 2017 and it has changed his life. We tried 4 different rehab facilities in the past starting in Sept 2010 with no success. I understand that the addict has to want to change their life in order for any rehab facility to make a difference, but the I can attest to the fact that SLA has saved my son’s life. I have no doubt that he would have died at some point from an overdose if he had not found SLA. It has been the right combination for him.

  146. A little over a year ago, I was mentally planning my sister’s funeral. I was trying to prepare how I would tell our Mom, Rene’s two daughters and everyone else that I finally got the call. Rene was dead.

    As hard as that call would have been, I actually lost my sister a long time ago. I would go months and on a few occasions over a year without seeing or talking to her. You see, my sister, Rene, is a drug addict. Once the addiction got a hold of her, she was gone.

    Rene has our Dad’s build – tall and skinny. Healthy Rene, weighed at most 130 at her heaviest through her life. When Rene became addicted to pills, we watched her weight drop to around 87 pounds at one time. Rene was in and out of rehab. but always went right back to the pills.

    Time after time gets old. I was done. Then I get a call that Rene some how ended up in Macon, in the hospital. She has no recollection of how she got there, where her car was, if she brought any personal belongings – she remembered nothing. Outside of being shocked, I was relived thinking that she had hit rock bottom and this time, she would get the help she needed and stick with it.

    Well, rock bottom is a little deeper than I thought. After getting Rene back to Atlanta, she may have entered another rehab. facility, I can’t remember anymore, it was so many times. My next call was from Rene that she was at a homeless shelter for women in Atlanta. She stayed at the shelter at night and during the cold days, she was put outside to fend for herself. Rock bottom, nope – deeper.

    After more of the same, we finally got Rene to go to a shelter that she could stay at indefinitely, three meals a day, and free of charge. The perfect place for someone with nothing.

    This place had rules. A drug addict does not like rules. Rene was adamant that she was not going to stay there, and she would find a place to go. At this point, I had lost all hope again.

    Somehow Rene found Sober Living America (SLA). I had never heard of it, I was mad at her and did not care what she found or where she was going. In fact, I refused to drive her to SLA. I think her daughter took her.

    A little over a year ago, I was mentally planning my sister’s funeral. . . . Remember that line from above???

    Oh, how things change!!! I do not know how or why nor do I care. Rene has been clean and sober for over a year. Rene has had to do the work and beat the demon herself, but SLA was the push that she needed. Rene is happy, she looks amazing, she has made great friends. She is now working with SLA and loves it.

    SLA has become a family to Rene. It has given her a chance that no other place has given. I would recommend SLA to anyone because I have seen the changes that it has made in Rene’s life.

    Before posting this, I read some of the reviews. I hate that some people did not have a great experience. Maybe it was SLA, maybe the person or maybe a little of both. What I do know is that for the first time in over 15+ years, no rehab. facility, support groups, etc. has worked. SLA worked and continues to do so. I am so proud of Rene and so thankful for SLA.


  147. I have had an absolutely wonderful experience with Sober Living America. They took me in without any money at all, which for most addicts like myself is crucial because I had no money and no more support from my family at that time. When I got to SLA, they took me to get food stamps, which I need very badly. They then took me to find employment, and they helped make it such an easy process. I started going to meetings and found a sponsor as well as a home group. I started working the steps like SLA and my sponsor highly recommended. I have now been sober over 7 months. I have repaired relationships with my kids and my family. I love my life today. SLA gave me the opportunity that no one else would! Thanks Sober Living America for my sobriety and my new life today!!

  148. I came to the Charlotte location when i had absolutely nothing, i was homeless, jobless, and most of all very sick. When i arrived the staff was very friendly and tried to accommodate me as best they could. They took me to get food, or even offered some of their own food and they never let me go hungry. They showed me the first few steps and took me to meetings where i finally got a sponsor. I did not think it was possible to get out of the hole i had dug myself into but with the community and the staff behind me i started to refill that hole i had dug myself into. I went from having nothing and being suicidal, to having enough hope to help the newcomer as they come through the same doors i did. Sober Living America has provided me all the tools i need, and they showed me the hope i never saw before.

  149. William Burtz on

    I came to SLA on March, 20, 2018. I was very sick, and thought that I had no hope or future left ahead of me. since my intake my life has changed for the better. The staff has went out of the way to make my transition easy, fun, and informative. I could not have asked for a better program than Marietta
    I did not know what to expect , but whatever it was, it was not this. The help I have received has been life changing. I was broken and depressed, I just felt disgusted with myself. Now I have been given the skills I need to succeed in life, and be a better person.
    The goals that I have set in place for myself are all coming together, and all the bad things in my life are slowly fading away. I look forward to all the things that SLA will bring into my future.
    Thank you for this chance at a new life.

  150. Dominik Singleton on

    I have been at SLA for 7 months, I started at the ATL location & my experiences here have been life altering!! When I 1st called it was from jail & I felt as if I was doomed but then I received an acceptance letter to present to the courts & was able to get a plea deal & go to SLA. Once entering Boone Williams was my director & he really showed me what recovery was about & there was HOPE!! For the 1st 3 days I attended 4 meetings a day & really got me plugged in with sobriety, when I topped it off I met my sponsor. Not long after, maybe a month I was presented the opportunity to provide service work as a staff member, aka: Driver, this also enabled me to retain my sobriety. Working with others & giving back daily has helped my daily walk in recovery. I now reside at the Lawrenceville location under 1 of the greatest people I’ve at SLA, Rene Morrow, where she exemplifies sobriety & recovery daily, and also the leadership she obtains. I am enjoying my position here now as head driver. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff I’ve worked for in ATL or Lawrenceville but I must say Rene’ has had an impression on me, she helps others & me every day !! I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for SLA, I thank God for all of you!! Thank you!!

  151. Rene' Morrow on

    As I sit here & try to take in the past year my head TRULEY swims………….It was 1 yr ago today that I arrived at SLA, who would of thunk it, LOL!! I came in at our ATL campus with a lil over 2 months clean & I say that due to I can’t say I was kicking & screaming when I arrived however, I was still physically sick, I believe due to all the years on Xanax. What I can say is from the 1st week here I KNEW I wanted recovery, for the 1st time in many years. Boone Williams was my Director when I came in & his G/F & Guest Svc Desiree Nash soon saw that I wanted more & was willing to do ANYTHING to stay clean, therefore, it was not long that I was a driver for them. I absolutely loved working for them & the residents, I learned so much from ALL of them & still do EVERYDAY. Long to short of this story, I drove for apprx 8 mo, then Boone & Dez went on to Marietta & Travis Merck came back to ATL & quickly moved me into Work Development, which I enjoyed so much & thank him for that, so I did that for a lil while & one day when our boss, Berkley Jeems Hayes came in & took me to lunch & said that they wanted to give me a shot at Director over ATL, I was in shock but so excited, this was my goal & wanted it very much, I worked with Terry & Travis & learned so much. A few months later I transferred to the Lville location & where I reside today. I tried to give a brief synopsis of the past yr. Of course I owe so much to my family (Brenda Taylor, Ashton Shoemaker, Brandon Shoemaker & Jami Tutton, Tracie Wingate, Shanie Minis) Alan Amy Parker) to name a few, but I can NOT tell you what SLA has meant to me, it’s been a life preserver when I thought it was OVER!! I was shown from the beginning a new way of life, meetings, getting a sponsor & people that truly cared & helped me in every way!! Everyday I thank God for showing me this place & I thank not only the wonderful people I work with but our residents, they help me in my recovery each & every day!! Thanks for a great year, I love you all!!!

  152. Living with family and friends the struggle with addiction has taught me a lot. Over the years sober living America has opened up my eyes to different chapters and New Beginnings for these folks that means so much to me. I will always be grateful for any rehabilitation program that is able to assist those that struggle in any way shape or form. Keep up the good work SLA. When I say my prayers at night I say my prayers for all those who suffer. Give life and light to all!!!

  153. Cameron Tyson on

    Sober Living America saved my life, if i hadn’t decided to come here on my own accord i would still be out living the street life or worse. the residents and staff at both locations I’ve been to are have very welcoming and helpful, if you’re serious about helping yourself this is the place to be!

  154. Jonathan jordan on

    I am a current resident of sober living America located in Columbia South Carolina. I arrived here December 9th 2017 my first original choice was the Florida area but no bed space was open this website that I’m utilizing now was actually the jump start that made me want to come to sober living. Upon arrival I did my intake process and was taken to my apartment I was taking to the food bank the following day and to the food stamp office and to get clothes as well as taking to app up for a job, by the 11th of December I was working Transportation was provided to my job and back before. I started the job I attended four meetings a day which I thought was great because I didn’t have idle time to get into any trouble. I am so thankful for sober living America because when all else failed they gave me the opportunity, the second chance to come into their program. They gave me a place to stay got me a job put me with supportive people to further myself and the alcohol and drug free life.this is a great program for people who are serious about recovery you get exactly what you put in out of this program if you come here and you are serious about sobriety and want to make a difference and you put forth the effort and do all the requirements of the program you can start over and have a really good life I have so much love and respect for my director who runs the program in Columbia South Carolina he bends over backwards to accommodate everybody’s needs he truly has an understanding of where we have been what we are and where we are trying to go and his knowledge of twelve steps and sobriety it’s unmistaken I think in order for something to be successful you have to have a great leader which we have I am getting to meet all kinds of people from different walks of life races and cultures but we all share one similar thing and that’s addiction and it’s good to hear other people stories and to have a support system in house when people who are like-minded will go through the the same life struggles this is a 6-month program but I have decided to stay a little bit longer to make sure I have this thing down pack sober living isn’t just a business about recovery it’s a place to come and call home and its also a family the program teches you to deal with different people how to be self sufficient and how to cope and deal with things thats use to make us run to our choice of addiction sla is my family and i owe my life to them

    • AA member in recovery on

      As of today we have barely had the 830 house meeting and when we do they treat it as a joke. We haven’t been to the lunchbox meeting @12 o clock in 2 days and we were 20 minutes late to last nights meeting at 8 o clock.
      A resident had to purchase a TV for the apartment and there is no cable or internet provided .
      I feel this program has potential if only the staff will get their priorities straight.

  155. Sober living America has a kind and loving staff that really care about each individuals recovery on personal level. They are willing to go the extra mile for people with limited means and resources. Would highly recommend for the addict or alcoholic that’s out there still sick and suffering. There motto I’d no money no problem, not many places like that out there!

  156. Mindee Harmon on

    Upon coming to SLA Canton I was lost. I had no structure or security. I’ve currently been established here now for 40 days and have developed consistency and dependable resources to supply my life with the security that I was lacking to become a successful person in my new community. I’ve gained reliable employment to regain my financial state. I’m supplied transportation to meetings everyday by a delightful and dependable staff. the staff is supportive in all my personal issues, negative or positive. My affordable apartment is newly remodeled and the neighborhood is welcoming. I love the fact that I chose Canton, GA as my stepping stone to achieve recovery and a new life.

  157. Douglas McDowell on

    Sober Living America in Jacksonville has saved my life! I graduated the program last month but have chosen to stay in the program so that I can have the opportunity to continue my growth. The staff is extremely helpful and the meetings have taught me about my disease. I have a whole new life!!!! Thank God for SLA!

  158. Sober Living America has completely changed my life. Before I came here I was completely broken. I have had some recovery in the past but I wasn’t doing it the proper way so I was just staying dry from Alcohol and Drugs. The tooks that Sober Living America has taught me has finally shown me how to finally learn and understand that I do have a disease of addiction and alcoholism but I am able to treat them both using the 12 steps of AA/NA as well as having a sponsor and working with others. I would recommend Sober Living America to anyone that is having trouble in their lives with Alcohol and Drugs. You just have to be honest, open minded and willing to make a change in your life.

  159. James Wilson on

    To anybody that is looking for a better way of living life that is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction i strongly recommend Sober Living America . i joined the program a little over 6 month ago & not only feel better physically but mentally ! I feel like i have a purpose in life & wake up everyday with the mindset that anythings possible . I wouldn’t trade my best day high for my worst day sober .

  160. Mason MaRae on

    My name is Mason McRae, i am currently back at the Spartanburg SC location of Sober Living America. over the past 6 years i have been to several of the SLA locations, doing very well in the first couple weeks then falling short to my decease resulting in the ‘Inevitable’ relapse that in the back of my mind knew would come, simply due to the people i was around and the places i choose to spend my time (entirely my fault). The Spartanburg location is by far the best choice i could of made as far as coming back to SLA and choosing to better improve my life & my recovery. Its not just the location that is more in the ‘country’ versus some of the bigger cities, it is also the other residents but the amazing staff here and how they actually show there genuine care and concern for there residents along with their personal recovery. Everything thus far in this SLA location has been amazing and by far my personal favorite choice location as far as being in SLA goes. overall the people are great, the staff is fantastic, the director Joshua Posey does a fantastic job of overseeing everyone concerns, the apartments are nice; clean and well maintained, and the jobs we are initially put on thru the connections between staffing agencies and the SLA program are very good jobs that pay well and dont over work you that just about anyone can maintain to do on a normal schedule basis. to wrap it up, i honestly have no real major complaints with this entire process here.

    -Mason Mcrae

  161. I walked into SLA around 18 months ago, and havent looked back. This program saved my life. I was a hopeless, insecure, and spiritually bankrupt meth addict, whom lived in a victim mentality ALL the time. I was shown love, endearment, gratitude, and so many other qualities that had lacked from my surrondings for 5 years. I always thought drugs were the problem.. here i learned something even better, A SOLUTION. I am so grateful for this program and the people who are now my family. I recommend this to anyone WILLING to take the suggestions and follow simple guidelines in order to recover.

  162. Since coming to SLA Greenville my life has taken a drastic change. I’ve seen that being sober and clean is possible. These guys make sure you have the necessary tools to work the steps and to grow as person. I just really cant stress enough that SLA Greenville saved my life. Thanks to the staff David, Mike, and Josh

  163. I am a resident at the Greenville campus, and have been since June. I am very thankful to the program, as well as the other residents and staff for helping me in my recovery. I will say this for the program; it works as well or as poorly as the resident wishes it to work. It provides the tools and necessary first steps for those new or coming back into recovery; it is entirely up to the resident whether or not they utilize those tools. Addiction is an insidious disease, and for those wishing to lead a different kind of life, this is an excellent program. I have seen many people come and fail, but those that are serious about their recovery have everything that they need to succeed.

  164. I really can’t say enough about how much this program has helped me completely turn my life around. When I came to SLA (the Lawrenceville Campus) I had no money, I had lost my job and and my home. I had truly reached rock bottom and felt like I had nowhere to go. My situation felt truly hopeless because even though I had the desire to get sober I knew i could not do it on my own, but I had no money and no insurance to get into any of the programs I reached out to, that is until I heard about SLA. When I got here they welcomed me with open arms, my housemates immediately offered me food since I had none and told me they would continue to do so until I got on my feet. With the help of the staff I got a job within a week and they helped me develop a network of people inside and outside the program to help me with my recovery. I now have been able to start repairing my relation ships with my family I am finally being able getting my life back together. I would strongly recommend that anyone that is wanting to get sober come to SLA and try a new way of life and see all the amazing things that can happen from there.
    -Michael S

  165. Geraldine Duncan on

    We are the proud parents of a son who is an addict. For approximately 25 years, we could not think that, much less say it. However, don’t misunderstand, we have always and will always be proud that he is our son, but the devastation of his addiction took a toll on his life, our lives, and our family’s life. It never was about material losses or financial losses, although that did happen. It was always about waiting on “the call”…the one that would tell us to come and identify his body. We thank God and Sober Living America for saving his life and sparing us the impossible…burying him !! We can’t emphasize this enough. He has been 5 years “clean”, gainfully employed, rebuilt his relationship with the Lord, and we have our son back. It would not have been possible if not for Sober Living America. We cannot stress enough the wonderful work that this organization does to help people claim their lives back and become productive citizens and become the husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters that we all know they want to be and can be. If you have been affected by addiction or know anyone who has, do not hesitate to contact Sober Living America. They really care about your loved one and will go the distance with them.

  166. i am currently living with sober living of america. i have gone thru my entire life searching for the answers. it wasnt until i arrived at sober living of america did i find the answer i have been searching for. thank god for SLA. i am a resident in lawrencville GA. i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. michael duncan is the director here, and has shown me a new way of life. he leads by example and will do anything he can to help his residents. michael has gave me the tools i needed to make it. i owe him my life

  167. chance vernue rogers on

    sober living of america has saved my life. i have been addicted to heroin for 6 years and have been through rehab after rehab. it wasen’t until i came to sober living America did io finally find the answer i have been searching for. I will forever be in debt to this wonderful place for saving my life. I have learned many life skills since i have been here. including what i think would be a must and thats gratitude. sober living America has shown me a new way of life that i will carry forward for the rest of my life. i have learned here that life on lifes terms is sometimes difficult, but now i have been given the tools necessary to succeed. my life will be forever changed. my foundation is now rock solid. instead of the sand i have lived on for years. GOD BLESS SOBER LIVING AMERICA

  168. SLA Greenville has turned my life around. This program is great. Thank you all for your support and guidance. You gave me my life back and I will always be thankful for that. Big shout out to the staff. Without SLA my family relationships would be in shambles. Thank you!!

  169. I feel it necessary to vent this out because it is getting out of hand. Atlanta Sober Living America does not follow their own guidelines.
    Staff members live on-site to assist residents and to administer random drug tests. Except of course if the drugs are being used by staff, then it is overlooked. If a resident tests positive on a drug test, he or she will be referred to detox and can then be re-admitted into the house. If a staff member or Director or Guest Services are using opioid or non opioid enhancements that is alright because they are above the rules. Any resident found to have drugs in their possession or to be using drugs is automatically expelled. However, the consequences are different for the staff. There is a lack of solid and dependable leadership. We have been lied to and strung along. They sure are happy to take your money and describe how you have top of the line amenities but it isn’t true. When you call anyone in any position of SLA they do not answer the phone. I was able to have employment after tons of shutdowns and switching. After that I love my job. I didn’t quit I stuck it out. She worked hard to give us a chance at employment If I had a problem it was handled immediately. Even though Desarea is nice she has done stuff for others she wouldn’t do for everyone you want to play but you are untouchable. You do that nasty stuff and then others get nailed but you don’t?People talk about what goes on but nobody will do anything to change it because people in key positions are guilty themselves. I had some issues that required paying child support and paid what I could (the minimum) my director ordered me to go out and get another money order for another amount because he told me he couldn’t accept just my weekly program fees. It was pouring out badly too. They will drive through hell to get you to get a money order but if you have no food it is a different story. I have child support you know? They don’t work with you. His girlfriend who works in the office spends most of her time nodding off in our meetings. I guess you can over look that since they cant get in trouble. But we know why!!! I think these people care but not enough. I have heard of people nodding off. The residents here don’t realize some of these drugs aren’t testable BUT THE STAFF knows THEY KNOW IT ALL. That is why they do it, that is just messed up. How can you run any meeting when you are not following your program? I cant do anything to be considered VOP status so I go along but this has to stop.
    I am human and capable of falling just a hard as the next guy or girl, but I don’t. Something happened the last few days so I am now putting it out here. If nothing else I am no longer part of the silent majority.
    There was another time where none of us got picked up and nobody would answer our calls from the job site. The only woman who answered for us was Stacey and finally when the old man finally picked us up, his attitude was less than happy and there was no hiding it. I have done meth and heroine and I fight everyday to stay clean and straight. It makes me mad that the staff has their favorites and turn their head when they know dirty sh*t is happening. I have seen those same staff people do that dirty sh*t and then complain about how sick they are lol. Well boy stop playing with that stuff get right. If the other people like me were using and nodding off we would be tested for sure. I don’t know the bald guy who comes and the director keeps us guys away from the office when the upper people come. I don’t think anyone would believe what I had to say. I think the tall dude with the baseball hat doesn’t do much. Half the time he is in his Pj’s. and slippers. We have a few new drivers and they are not nodding off but one or two still do.
    Please don’t let me go into the conditions of these buildings. Atlanta clearly has serious building code issues. The description of the facility is quite different in the website. It clearly says “There are two bathrooms in each unit. The living areas are comfortable with two couches and cable TV. In all locations, amenities include Internet access and transportation is provided if needed.” That is a complete joke.
    As residents you have NO cable or WiFi. The floors are weak and mold is grossly growing in every apartment. Most of us are severely sick with sinus infections and major breathing issues. Some of us are mandated here as part of probation. We pay solid money for cable and Tv it is not available. I wouldn’t want to mess up anything I have going by complaining to anyone. We shouldn’t have bed bugs and dirty furniture and broken stuff. I am hoping this will serve its purpose. The access to the amenities are not accessible to us. It makes it difficult to pursue online school classes or anything.
    I have a long way to go till I am finished with my certificate, and I will make it because of me, not these kratom using narcissistic posers. I find it hard to believe that it goes unnoticed and ignored. Not to mention the sex that goes on with some Staff members and the females. There were rumors of other situations but if I don’t see it myself I wont tell it .They think we don’t know but we see more than we tell. One of the guys even had sex in the stairwell which is moldy and the stairs smell of mildew and its just horrible. I heard this place was worse before this but if you ask me it is disgusting now I cant imagine what it used to be like. I want to get through and leave and continue my recovery. I hope this helps others after me, but I doubt it.
    It has taken me several times to get the courage to write this message. I am from the streets and I know how I roll. This is needed to say hope it is read. I read some of the previous messages here, I don’t think mine will matter.

  170. So first let me start by saying I have been to two SLA locations. As with all things it is what you make of it. As addicts we put an extreme amount of effort into drinking or using drugs. There are a large number of flaws with SLA, but there are also an extreme amount of positives with the program as well. I will start with the flaws and end with the positives. I believe that this post should end with the Positive attributes of the organization because they far outweigh the negatives. The Nashville location just went through an expansion and I believe that it was extremely and utterly poorly planned. Before something is expended I think that it should be planned out to a tee and managed as such. The vehicles here are in extremely poor condition with only one large white van and two small minivans one of which is now broke down. Before they expanded the program they should have purchased another vehicle to accommodate all of the new perspective residence they knew would soon be attending the program. Furnishings should have been acquired before residents were moved into the apartments. Issues with broken appliances we’re never followed up on. They sprayed for bugs one time in the new apartment complex and have not done so since. They do not always make sure you have proper Linens or bedding before a new Resident is put into an apartment. There is some bit of false advertising on the website. They claim to offer job training and career building skills. But that could not be further from the truth. They also claim to take you to do activities on the weekends. This is something that is not done either. They provide no assistance in furthering your education as claimed, neither for enrolling in college or GED classes. They have people with under 30 days of clean time working as drivers and people with under six months of clean time working in other positions. That is not to say that they do not perform their jobs adequately. It is to say however that having people in authoritative positions with such a small amount of clean time under their belt does not instill a lot of faith in the leadership. The rules are not applied evenly to all the residents. Some rules seem like they are not applicable to some, that is to say favoritism is shown. It is my belief that the current leadership could perform their jobs more adequately if they were properly supplied. That is to say if they had the vehicles they needed for transportation to work and meetings. Vehicles that ran properly. If they were given the ability to get proper furnishings and cleaning supplies for the apartments. They use a reloadable money card for fuel and other needs that seems to be inadequately funded as there has been a number of situations where they were not able to supply gas for the vehicles to attend outside meeting or to take the residents to do activities or make trips to the grocery store. Now for the positives. All of the staff are extremely caring and concerned with your well-being and Recovery. There is a small amount of drug use and drinking. But this is something that is weeded out to the best of their ability. This is a rehab and when dealing with alcoholics and addicts if we get it in the mindset that they were going to drink or use drugs then we are going to find a way to make it happen. The staff does an excellent job of handling these types of situations and eliminating it from affecting the other residents. A lot of people come into the program with a negative attitude but because of the love and care from the staff and other residents it is usually short-lived. As far as work development is concerned they do an excellent job with finding all the residents the best jobs they can to fit their background. That is to say if a person has a felony they may not be able to get certain type of job, obviously. But they will find you the best paying job they can and work with you to find a different job if needed. I have seen comments from people on here saying that all they care about is the money. With all businesses either for-profit or not-for-profit there is overhead. And I have seen in previous reviews that they don’t let you get more than a week behind this could not be further from the truth. They are genuinely concerned with your recovery and are understanding to the fact that it could be two or even three weeks before you get paid and they will work with you if you have a small paycheck and need to buy food or other personal hygiene objects I.e, making a smaller payment. For the most part there is an extreme sense of community and fellowship here. As with all group environments there is a small amount of drama but this is outweighed by the genuine care and commitment of the staff and residents. At the Nashville SLA there are two apartment complexes and they are far from tenements. They are not Luxury Apartments but they are far from slums or ghetto. They are situated in a good area less than 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. The AA and NA meetings they have chosen for us to attend our exemplary as well as the church that we attend on Sundays. It is a non denominational Church that is more of a motivational sermon than it is a preaching of the Gospel. The Nashville SLA location is currently under a new director and she is slowly but surely and most definitely making it a better program. That’s not to say that it was a bad program before her. It has just expanded and with that expansion comes a lot of adaptation and changes. Now, let me say this. I am not a staff member of SLA and I am in no way shape or form trying to fabricate anything about SLA Nashville or Tampa either good or bad. I am just stating the facts as I see them. I can guarantee you this, because I have been to a number of rehabs and sober living environments. There are far worse programs out there and there are better programsas wrll. But, unless you have insurance and money to go along with that insurance this is hands down probably one of the best sober living environments for a person that does not have the monetary capability of paying for a luxurious rehab or sober living home. If you are an addict and reading this. I want to say this, it’s about what you put into it and what you make of it. People will always find a reason to complain and when people break the rules at SLA and get kicked out. Instead of holding themselves accountable they will sometimes turn bitter and blame everybody else but themselves. As addicts if we put just a quarter of the effort into our recovery as we did to feeding our addiction we will achieve sobriety. To the family members or loved ones of a person that has a drug or alcohol problem. Understanding the nature of the disease can be hard to grasp. Understanding is a whole lot easier said than done. But if you are looking for a Clean, safe, affordable and a truly caring environment to send them, Sober Living America is that place. Whether you are an addict or alcoholic or a loved one of an addict or alcoholic. I can tell you this. I know that as long as I’m working the program that is to say the 12 steps, attending meetings and obeying the simple rules like cleaning up after yourself, making your bed and not using alcohol or drugs. Sober living America provides an environment with good structure and developmental skills for fighting this disease of addiction. A safe and comfortable environment to sleep at night. A decent job a loving and caring staff and a community of residence that for the most part are all trying to achieve the same goal. In summation, you always have to realize that nothing is perfect and you always have to outweigh the good from the bad and as I have stated before it’s what you make of it and how much you put into it. If you truly wish to beat the disease of addiction and are truly committed to changing your life sober living America is the place that will give you the tools, Fellowship and support that you need.

  171. This place is great! The Atlanta campus may not be the newest facility, but this place is clean and the staff truly cares about you. They took me in from detox where i had no where to go and the slightest bit of will to live. People bash recovery programs all the time thinking they have found and easier softer way. If they have then bless them, but more then likely they haven’t. BLESS EM

    Thank God for places like Sober Living America if not i probably wouldn’t be here today and for just that i reason i am forever grateful

  172. Vicki Nichols on

    I have been with Sober Living America since May 2016 and it has saved my life and reconnected me with my family. I started out in the in-house program in Atlanta where I received counseling and then changed over after 30 days to the start up program where I began working. I had hit rock bottom due to my drug addiction and sober living america has taught me how to live life in recovery. I am now a mother, sister and friend to many. My daughter is back in my life and I see her every weekend. Thank you Sober Living America for saving my life and helping me rebuild my relationships.

  173. My son has been at the location in Greenville for just over a month. I want to say thank you to Berkley Hayes and the staff for giving me my son back. We went to church together on a visitation day and my son proclaimed his love for Jesus Christ. For years, I have cried over my son in all the wrong ways. Sunday, I cried WITH my son as we shared in the glory of Christ. What a blessing. From Brandon being a staunch atheist two months ago to now getting baptized in two weeks is more than a mother could ever ask for. His Grandmother has always told me that the Lord would bring him back and thanks to SLA, He has.

  174. My son has been at the location in Greenville for just over a month. I want to say thank you to Berkley Hayes and the staff for giving me my son back. We went to church together on a visitation day and my son proclaimed his love for Jesus Christ. For years, I have cried over my son in all the wrong ways. Sunday, I cried WITH my son as we shared in the glory of Christ. What a blessing. From Brandon being a staunch atheist two months ago to now getting baptized in two weeks is more than a mother could ever ask for. His Grandmother has always told me that the Lord would bring him back and thanks to SLA, He has.

  175. Michael Akers on

    I came into Sober Living America in March of this year. Outside of my family, I have never encountered such support that I have recieved here. The General Manager of the program, Christy Nemeth is like a second mother to me. She has never ever ever given up on me and continues to believe in me. I am by no means a saint and often question if I deserve such a woman in my life. I try and extend the same warmth and love to other residents that she shows me on a daily basis. If I wasnt in this program, the odds arent terrible that I wouldnt be on this Earth. I have also had the blessing of being under the tutelage of two great directors..Randy Craft and Berkley Hayes. When I came into the program, I thought I knew everything, AA/NA was a joke and firmly believed no one could tell me anything I didnt already know..twice. A lot of negative reviews it seems come from people that expected recovery to be easy. Randy was what I needed. He shot it to me straight and was very firm. Admittedly, I got in my feels a lot in the beginning but I came to realize that his firm but fair brand was what I needed. I didn’t need to be coddled anymore and I needed to be shown HOW to recover. HOW to work the steps. HOW to trust another man. HOW to be an adult. HOW a man treats his family. Randy along with my sponsor helped guide me into this new way of life. Mr. Berkley Hayes is a man full of unconditional love. He is one of the most loving, kind hearted and caring men I have met in my life. He truly cares about his residents more than himself. He spent money out of his own pocket to make sure Greenville had a Thanksgiving…and had one as a family. Thank you to Berkley, Natalie, Teddy and Mike for that. After we ate, I cried in my apartment. I felt like a human again. Again, part of something. SLA is my family..I have made bonds here that I will have for the rest of my life. One thing I love about Greenville is that we HAVE FUN. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to have sober fun. I am laughing all day with the Greenville crew. I can’t praise God enough for leading me to Charlotte and Greenville. Writing a review is the LEAST I could do for SLA after what they have done for me. With all this being said, the ONLY reason that I have experienced this love is because I got serious about recovery and worked my steps. A year ago, if I would have read this review, I would have never thought it was myself who wrote it. Thank you to Christy, Randy and Berk for helping to give my sons their father back, my Mother her son back and helping this son find his Father

  176. My name is Bretton Richardson and I am grateful recovering crack monster. I am truly enjoying my recovery at Sober Living America (Tampa). The staff here are very caring and very understanding and very strict but that’s just what i need. I welcome all the structure. SLA is providing me with all the tools I need to live responsible and happy. I am also so very peaceful and I understand for the first time the nature of addiction, my disease. I would highly recommend SLA to anyone who is serious on recovery.

  177. MikeATLFellow on

    I was a 5 year in & out-er of AA & recovery in general. Multiple rehabs. The wheels came off (meth!) here in Atlanta & I entered Sober Living America.

    It gave me a home & a safe place to launch my recovery through work with a sponsor; the 12 steps, the big book, the fellowship of AA and a new relationship with my Higher Power.

    I think any sober living can be a ‘hard place in the sense that I came in wanting everyone to be better than I was. Better recovered, better success, better at life. And I did find these people. There were also other guests who had harder struggles than I. & It took me a minute to truly understand the grace behind this.

    Which was, I was called into service to others in my community. & that made all the difference for my sobriety. This took me out of self.

    Which is where my disease loves to live.

  178. Brandy Martinez on

    I came to SLA in March of 2014. Today I volunteer to SLA on a daily basis. SLA gave me so much, so today I give back. I walked in these doors with nothing, and I by far mean only materialisticly nothing. I mean broken, undignified, used up, with absolutely no hope. Today, well, today is a pretty awesome day. I love, I am loved, I have a family, a home, and a whole slew of men and women that I call family, that I can pick up my phone and call and there is nothing they wouldnt do for me. Today I am so blessed. Its been a long hard road. Nothing worth having comes easy…however SLA gave me the tools to get recovery, recreation, and peace of mind. I believe in this program. Is it perfect? No….. Does it recreate and restore? Yes….100%.

  179. I came to Sober Living America broken, unsure, and at the end of my rope. My family was at the point of cutting me out of their lives completely and ready to take full custody of daughter. I was about to be sent back to prison by the courts and I had lost everyone I loved. Now, I’m sober, happy, have a great relationship with my family, get to see my daughter every weekend, and live a fulfilling life. I’m happily engaged to the love of my life and look forward to an amazing future. This program saved my life….better yet it gave me a life. The staff and residents have so much love for each other and you always see a smiling face. I came to Sober Living America with many expectations of what a program should be and my expectations were exceeded. I would recommend this program to any addict out there and am currently in the process of getting my sister into the Birmingham location!!

  180. I was a resident in Atlanta for six months in Sober Living America. Let me begin by saying that no one should be dismayed by any negative reviews, this program saved my life. I can’t speak to other peoples experiences, only my own, but when I came into SLA I was homeless and desperately addicted to heroin. I came in to SLA with NO MONEY and was immediately treated with understanding and respect. Anyone who has been homeless can atone to how being treated like a human once again felt. My spirit was refilled in that first week as I got plugged in to recovery. They let me take it slow the first week as I obviously wasn’t FEELING like a human as I got the toxins out of my body. While homeless I never thought I would be able to attain the things SLA helped me earned in the first two weeks. I was plugged into recovery, I was given a job as well as a safe place to live. I came in spiritually bankrupt while lacking the tools to be an trusted member of society. As I write this review, I am looking at my children watch cartoons, sober and full of life. SLA gave me a opportunity to earn my life back and I encourage anyone who can identify with my story to give them a shot.

  181. Before coming to Sober Living America, I had giving up on myself. I had isolated myself from family, friends, and even my own children. I hated myself and what I had became. I had given up, but God had not. It hurt to breath and there was not enough drugs and alcohol to ease the pain. I finally made a decision to go to detox, again. I had been to 9 detox centers in the past 10 years. I knew that this was my last chance to get it right. In detox, i was told about Sober Living of America. A few days later, I was on the bus to Charlotte, NC.
    When I arrived I was scared to death. But I soon was welcomed into the community of wonderful people, just like me, sick and wanting and needing help. I recently transferred to Greenville,SC. I found here exactly what I found in Charlotte, amazing people. I have been blessed in so many ways by this experience. I am learning to be a productive citizen in society. I am now in contact with my family, friends, and my 3 handsome baby boys. I will forever be amazingly grateful for the staff, community, and the new family.

  182. When I came to S.L.A., I had 3 outfits including what I was wearing. A couple sleeves of ramen, my hygiene and 25 dollars. I was picked up from the greyhound and greeted by smiling faces. Alexis and April. When we pulled up on the actual campus we had a brief intake process and was welcomed home. I started workin after 3 days at a day labor spot. Not a real fancy job, but a tool nonetheless. I was able to pay my program fees and still afford my cigarettes and food. They also helped me get benefits for food too. We had 4 scheduled meetings a day. And you can always find someone goin to different meetings if you get bored with the 4. Truth is SLA gives us rope, and we can either climb the rope or hang from it. The staff at SLA are people… Addicts just like us who make mistakes. I wasn’t shamed and looked down on when I came back from my relapse. I was hugged and loved on and reminded that I’m worth it. We all been through the same kinda hell, we just took different paths. So whoever is reading this wondering if it’s the right move. Call them, they will help and if you’re serious this is where you need to be. God bless.

    P.S. I left on my own for sick family.
    They call and check on me to make sure Im safe. Christy Nemith helped save my life. If that aint love I don’t know what is. These people were strangers that became a family.

  183. Clean and Sober on

    I came to the SLA Greenville almost a month ago. So far everything has been amazing they took me in, and we’re willing to help with the balance due till I could find a job. I ended up finding an amazing job with great pay, and amazing overtime! This program has been nothing but good to me! The director here is an amazing guy he does his best to accommodate everybody’s needs, and is very serious about his job here. As far as the rest of the community here is great my roomates have helped me with items I didn’t have comming in and have feed me every night till I can get on my feet. It’s almost like one big family here everyone looks out for each other, and is there for each other when needed! This is an amazing place to come to recover that’s if you are serious about it!

  184. Being a resident of sober living America it’s proving to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made, in the beginning I didn’t like the way I was loved on, however I now know that it was the best thing for me!! I was pushed to get a sponsor to work the 12 steps and to have Fellowship with the community… they got me a job and has told me how to stand on my own along with other life skills!! I started off at the Atlanta location, and later own transferred to Greenville so that I would be near my family!! I highly recommend this program for anyone serious about wanting to get and stay sober and live a great life!!!

  185. I was a resident in Atlanta for six months in Sober Living America. Let me begin by saying that no one should be dismayed by any negative reviews, this program saved my life. I can’t speak to other peoples experiences, only my own, but when I came into SLA I was homeless and desperately addicted to heroin. I came in to SLA with NO MONEY and was immediately treated with understanding and respect. Anyone who has been homeless can atone to how being treated like a human once again felt. My spirit was refilled in that first week as I got plugged in to recovery. They let me take it slow the first week as I obviously wasn’t FEELING like a human as I got the toxins out of my body. While homeless I never thought I would be able to attain the things SLA helped me earned in the first two weeks. I was plugged into recovery, I was given a job as well as a safe place to live. I came in spiritually bankrupt while lacking the tools to be an trusted member of society. As I write this review, I am looking at my children watch cartoons, sober and full of life. SLA gave me a opportunity to earn my life back and I encourage anyone who can identify with my story to give them a shot.

  186. I find it rather troublesome that this has become a dumping ground. The staff at SLA does the VERY best they can. I know that I personally have given them a run for their money. I used and got discharged for 5 days. Christy told me to let her know I was okay everyday while I was on discharge and that if I needed anything to give her a call. Not only did she come and bring me a couple burgers she also took me to a meeting. She let me know that regardless of where I was that she cared. I couldn’t find a ride back and called her. She sent a uber to pick me up. I have known this lady a total of 17 days and she has an extended more compassion then some friends I have known all my life. This place is truly changing my life

  187. If you considering going there, dont let the beautiful house and pool fool you, this is a straight cash money operation. It is run by money hungry people who care less about anyone’s recovery. They will lie to you and make sweet promises in order to lock you in to this messed up program. They directors are activily using and selling drugs to new comers unless your a female than they will get you high in order to sleep with you.They did it me. I was used and dumped like trash. They took advantage of my situation and my family. The manger of the place knew the director was using and sold me drugs, she threw me out and he is still running the place. It is so sad and disturbing . I already filed a complaint with to NAR and GARR and showed them texts and pictures of what is really going on. They are not apart of NARR for a reason and are not following protocol with state regulations. The apartment complexes they rent dont even no we stay there or that among us are felons. I wonder what if the one in Charlotte does background checks to each SLA resident before hand. That would be a no…illegal? I am going to do everything in my power to ave a new comer from what happened to me . No one deserves what Sober Living America is doing to people. They are even paying there directors and staff under the table which is illegal. I thought honesty was part of the program SLA, maybe you should practice this.I am not mad at the fact i was thrown out but what SLA is doing is morally wrong and its not fair to the families that trust places like this. This place will be reported and stopped.

  188. Sober living America Charlotte truly was a god sent blessing to me. When I found this place I had no clue what addiction was the only thing I knew was that I needed and wanted help and was ready to do whatever it took to get my life back. This place and it’s staff showed me that I wasn’t worthless and that I could do things that I never thought was possible. The director Randy craft was not only a director but a friend and cared about each and everyone of his residents. He taught me how to hold my head high and to be proud of what I overcome with the help and structure of this program. I am proud to say I just recently graduated the 6 month program at sober living America Charlotte. And I will forever and always be grateful for the all the love and knowledge I learned at this place. I don’t think you can find a place that has more unity, love,and recovery than this place has. I am blessed to have received the recovery I got here. All the experience strength and hope I received here truly changed my life.

  189. I’ve been apart of Sober Living America for almost 2 years. My life today has no comparison on what it used to be like. SLA helped me stand on my own two feet and to learn the actual meaning of accountability and responsibility. Today I live at the Jacksonville location- I work a program which includes AA/NA meetings, a sponsor, 12 steps, and fellowship. Without SLA, I would’ve never done this. Thank you.

  190. I have been apart of SLA sense February 2016, first as a resident and then as staff. SLA saved and changed my life and was there when no one else was. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the staff and people like Christy and Berkley. Like anything in life, it works if you work it. Everything that was promised to me coming through the door happened. I now have a career that I absolutely love and couldn’t imagine doing anything different. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone.

    • what a joke, this guy has now been fired
      he was supplying drugs/alcohol in order to have sex with the girls in the program
      thank god someone saw fit to fire him

        • Hi Michael. How did you get into this place. Did you have to pay. My son is in Ga and I’m trying to get him to go into sober living. He s at a state run rehab now in Griffin Ga. we paid for his first rehab that was very expensive, and can t pay for more. He relapsed a month after he was out because I feel he tried to confront too many things. He feels he doesn’t t need sober living just AA and counselor but he doesn’t t have a job or money or anything at this point he is also telling me sober living usually isn’t good places to be. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions.? Happy you are doing well.

  191. I find the negative comments to be that of an angry discharged resident. I found this place for my daughter. She was a stranger to me the day I dropped her off. Slowly and with a few trying times in between them and now- I see life in my child’s eyes. A new set of hopes and dreams and the same things I have told her for years coming back to me in these little recovery cliches she gets. I can guarantee you that these folks care. I was at my wits end and ready to give up. Today I have hope

  192. In my amazement this place is still open. They bring you in with promises of hope and joy. Sober living America tells you area loved one and a family member but the truth is this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. They are ruthless and money hungry. The management goes around saying they only want to help but only if the poor residents can scrap up money to pay within the first week. ”Come on in” They say, come on to work at a minimum wage job and with that first check they pocket it.Don’t believe have you read the Tampa Bay Times? Have you looked into to the residents eyes, most are still getting high there. The ones that try are forced to leave without a second thought because they can’t pay. The was that are high and selling dope there can stay as long as they have the money too. They go around preaching recovery to colleges hoping that the owner has can raise enough funds to purchase another airplane or another house. It’s a sickness at Sober Living America. A place that are run by the heartless and newly recovering. My cousin had more recovery than the director. It wasn’t until i did my research did i find the sad and disturbing truth. They have a Gofundme account now luring in the ones that have know idea where the money really is going and its not into the residents.This place should not even bare the name ”NON PROFIT”. Sober living America brings in over $25,000 a week. They gram 8 people to a bedroom paying $175.00 a week per apartment and they have the nerve to say ”NON PROFIT”. The Atlanta campus is infested with drugs and sex. You trust this place with a loved one only to have them get out worse then they were. You walk in with one addiction you come out with a few more and a STD. This place is a place of nightmares and lost hope. People not trying to help and love but thicken their wallets at the cost of lives. How can you save lives Sober Living America , if your only destroying them.

    Attached to this is a new article on this Hell Whole. I urge you to read it and I urge you to listen to what I am telling you. My cousin OD at this place and they were more concerned about his money order then him.After I post the Directors of this place will send out mass post about how good sla is. You may notice that all the negative post are counteracted by positive from the staff. I beg you to listen to me and understand that this is not a place for recovery but a slave trade.

    “Come join us in recovery!” ¶ So urged the Web ads for Peachford House, a halfway house program in Clearwater that promised to help people addicted to drugs and alcohol. ¶ Peachford would put them up in nice apartments, find them work and support their recovery with 12-step meetings. ¶ It would turn around their lives. ¶ Instead, residents say, Peachford employees stole their money, had sex with clients and turned a blind eye to drugs and drinking as all semblance of “sober living” dissolved late last year. The only jobs most residents got were dead-end day labor. Two alcoholics say they were put to work selling beer at Raymond James Stadium.

    Finally, a few days after Christmas, eviction notices went up. Peachford had been cramming six people to an apartment, charging each $135 a week for rent and “program fees,” but hadn’t paid the apartment complex in months.

    “All Peachford did was provide an over-priced roof over my head,” said Anthony DiGregorio, one of 40 people who found themselves on their own when the Clearwater program shut down in January. “It did absolutely nothing to make me a better life.”

    Peachford’s parent organization — Sober Living America — continues to run halfway houses in Tampa and Jacksonville. As the Tampa Bay Times reported Sunday, hundreds of halfway houses have sprung up in Florida in the past 10 years but there is almost no regulation of a business that purports to help people but in many cases exploits them and leaves them worse off.

    “In America, the choice shouldn’t be living under a bridge or being a slave,” said Christine Allamanno, a legal aid lawyer in Pinellas County.

    Peachford was started by James deVarennes, a 55-year-old Georgia man who heads the nonprofit Peachford Ministries.

    In 2005, deVarennes incorporated a for-profit company — Peachford House Clearwater — and started a recovery program in the MacArthur Park apartments, off U.S. 19. Among the first clients was DiGregorio.

    At first the program seemed good, he said. Though most of the jobs were day labor, requiring clients to be up at 3 a.m., Peachford allowed them to keep their paychecks. It provided meals. It supported clients’ recovery by requiring them to attend Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

    DiGregorio, addicted to painkillers, acknowledges he wasn’t ready for recovery then. He left the program, spent eight months in state prison for grand theft, then returned to Peachford a year ago.

    Things were far different. Clients had to get their own food. They had to sign power-of-attorney forms authorizing Peachford to take their paychecks.

    “I thought that was crazy,” DiGregorio said. ” I never had to sign anything like that before.”

    He was surprised, too, that one of the male directors was having sex with female clients.

    And unlike his first time at Peachford, DiGregorio found virtually no emphasis on recovery.

    “The AA meetings were run by the senior (person) in the apartment, who could have been there two weeks,” he said. “It was supposed to be in the AA format but mostly it was people complaining about Peachford and how they didn’t have any money.”

    Clients were paying Peachford $172.50 a week — $135 for “program fees,” which were supposed to cover rent and support group meetings, and $7.50 a day for van rides to the labor pool. But DiGregorio said he and others discovered that not all of their payments were being credited to their accounts.

    Complaints that employees were stealing from clients brought deVarennes, Peachford’s founder, down from Atlanta in October 2011.

    DeVarennes blamed the clients.

    “He said we should never have given (the program director) money, we trusted a drug addict with our money,” DiGregorio said.

    DeVarennes fired a director. He was replaced a few days later by the van driver, a man who watched gay pornography in the office and offered male residents “money to have sex,” DiGregorio said.

    Yet Peachford continued to draw clients.

    A mental hospital in Pasco County referred 31-year-old Briana Newman to Peachford in November. Within two weeks, she was named “intake coordinator,” charged with soliciting referrals from detox centers and hospitals that needed some place to send patients after they were discharged.

    Once Newman got a discharge planner on the phone, she followed a script that started like this:

    Ask this person, ‘Have you heard of Peachford Communities?’

    If the answer is NO, go into the pitch.

    The pitch touted Peachford’s “sober clean living, its employment assistance and the most attractive come-on: “Clients without funds are welcomed.”

    The pitch brought people from as far away as Maine.

    “I took on a lot of guilt for sending people here who didn’t know what they were getting into,” Newman said.

    Mass eviction

    Three days after Christmas last year, clients were told they had to be out by New Year’s Eve.

    Peachford was supposed to pay MacArthur Park $1,000 a month per apartment. By putting six people in a unit and charging each $540 a month, Peachford was collecting as much as $3,240 per apartment yet hadn’t made its own rent payments in months.

    With no place to go, many clients relapsed.

    “People were just getting loaded,” said Jeffry Oliver, a recovering alcoholic who had been at Peachford less than three months. “There was a lot of prescription drug abuse, oxycodone, and people were just running around drunkenly.”

    DiGregorio, trying to stay clean, worked long hours at a St. Petersburg sludge incinerator.

    “When I got back to Peachford, they wanted those checks,” he said. In late December, he left the program and moved in with a friend.

    Other clients landed in homeless shelters or shabby motels. Some went to other halfway house programs, including This House II in Clearwater. It was run by Mark Samson, a former Peachford manager accused of stealing from clients.

    Samson denied wrongdoing. “The only thing I’m guilty of is trying to give people there a better life.”

    Allamanno, of the nonprofit Gulfcoast Legal Services, worked with Clearwater detectives to get prosecutors to take action against Peachford. Luring clients to Clearwater with false promises, requiring them to sign over their paychecks — it smacked to Allamanno of human trafficking, but no charges were brought.

    DeVarennes, Peachford’s founder, did not respond to requests for comment for this story. In a Sept. 5, 2012, letter to Allamanno, he blamed the collapse of Peachford Clearwater on the soured economy and a lender’s decision to call in a $550,000 business loan.

    “For over six years, we faithfully served almost 5,000 families in the Pinellas/Hillsborough area with no means to pay,” deVarennes wrote. “Unfortunately, when the economy hit bottom, we were unable to afford to keep these self-supporting facilities in operation.”

    In his letter, deVarennes said he and his wife had recently lost their $450,000 suburban Atlanta home to foreclosure. They still have a $350,000 gulf-front condo in Panama City Beach, records show.

    DeVarennes’ nonprofit ministry, now called Sober Living America, is soliciting donations on its website for programs to help “homeless and destitute” men in Tampa, Jacksonville and Atlanta.

    In Tampa, the program is called How House: Growth in Recovery, and operates out of several apartments in Ashford Place, a run-down complex near the University of South Florida. On a recent day, a man opened the office door, then quickly slammed it when a reporter asked to speak with him.

    Outside a few clients milled around the parking lot. They described a familiar-sounding “program:” Seven men crowded into a three-bedroom apartment. Up at 3 a.m. to catch a ride to the labor pool. How House taking their paychecks, leaving them with little or no money to eventually move out on their own.

    The only difference? The program fees. They’re now up to $145 a week.

    Times staff writer Lane DeGregory contributed to this story. Susan Taylor Martin can be contacted at [email protected].

    ABC news investigation

    Tune in tonight to WFTS for ABC Action News at 11 p.m. to see more on this joint investigation into halfway houses.

    Addicts say recovery program stole their money 11/18/12 [Last modified: Monday, November 19, 2012 10:41am]
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  193. The Charlotte location is a joke . Randy is sleeping with a resident and the last director was kicked out for this. I can almost bet he is using just like his boss lady christy. She comes in and takes him off property to meet when she is in town and he comes back loaded. Randy even has this girl sleeping in his apartment with him. No supposed mingling of men and women. Yea right!

    • Sober Living America saved my life. The staff is in recovery also and they really know what it’s like to be at a low point. I have been at the Atlanta location for 4 months and I am now working in my field. I did work through their placement at first and it allowed me just what they told me – time to focus on recovery instead of making money. My balance got really high and all that was ever said to me was- don’t worry you are working a program the money will come when God sees fit. Cristy will tell you that you didn’t come to SLA to come up you came to grow up. Money is a tool. I didn’t like everything in the beginning but today this place is my home and the staff and residents are my family. I was shooting heroin everyday – today I’m praying everyday. It’s a process and what I have learned here I know will enable me to continue on productively once I leave. It’s not rehab- it’s Sober Living. And if I take anything with me from this place it’s that I have to insert the pause and using is just not an option. No matter what.

  194. The Atlanta Campus is top notch as far as the sense of community and family. The apartments are older with no frills but they do do their best to keep them up and make you feel wanted and part of a family. The lady Christy gives it to you in real life terms and she educates you about being an addict and how you have to work the steps. I didn’t have anything when I got here but today I have hope.

  195. I am currently a resident of SLA Cumming, GA and I am the senior guy in our apartment. Since I have been a resident here I have regained several positive things in my life… Not only has my sobriety and recovery program improved, I was given a job starting the first week. Since then over the past few months I have been promoted twice, gotten a raise, and I have been able to bring in 3 other residents into my company. The director here has been extremely helpful in regards to life, sobriety, recovery, and I have been able to not only get to work consistently…but I have been able to put myself into a position to buy a car and probably purchase a home once I have successfully completed this SLA program VIA Cumming, GA. The Director Justin here has been nothing but helpful, diligent in his duties to SLA, extremely flexible with me and other residents when it comes to paying dues, making meetings and getting me to work, shopping, etc… I had a week where I was in the hospital and they were able to work with me on my payments by spreading them out over the next few weeks.
    Recovery is what we make it… I believe that SLA is a solid program if the person here is willing to change their lives for the better. If you come here and do not want to follow a simple, very flexible program, then you will not succeed… similar to all of the failures previous to someone coming to SLA… if you are here at SLA, then most likely you have failed in sobriety up to this point. If you are willing to do a few very simple things that are asked of you… then you have the ability to succeed via SLA. I would recommend SLA without hesitation to anyone that has a true motivation to stay sober, clean, and change their life. The negative reviews I have read thus far seem to be of those that are not willing to keep an open mind, follow instruction, and most likely are not sober or clean.
    This program works. Put some effort and willingness into it and you will succeed. I have seen people become employable, sober, clean, get their children back, family back, lives back and continue to be productive members of society because of SLA and the staff, employees, and resources of SLA…
    If you have any questions my name is Nick Brown, I would be happy to speak with you…

  196. Lilly Banaszak on

    I am currently at the Greenville SC SLA.It has showed me a new way to live.Sabrina and Kenny are my director and co director of this facility. They are the 2 people in my life right now that I can call my family when I need guidance or just someone to vent to no matter what the situation or time of day or night they are always available for me they go above and beyond just director’s.They are living and breathing this new way of life and have helped me to understand in a way I never thought was possible.I love them like they are my true family.I have been clean and sober over 90 days free from all drugs and alcohol.Learning how to live a clean and sober life is like nothing I have ever imagined.Thank you SLA.

  197. I’ve been with SLA for almost a year now. If it wasn’t for this facility and the staff I have no idea what my life would be like right now. I am truly grateful to be a part of a community with like minded individuals who want a clean and sober future.

  198. jerry mcminimeny on

    i have been working with sober living now for a little over 4 years and that is the same amount of time i have sober.they offer the structure and help to get clean and stay clean if one wants it.being around people here that want it or even dont want it has help me with my sobriety more then words can say.i would highly recommend sober living to anyone who wants a new life.

  199. Jessica Eardley on

    I have been in Sober Living America Birmingham for twenty-three days now and this program and the staff here have completely turned my life around and done so much good for me in so many different ways. The staff and the residents here have turned into my family and support system giving me the tools and strength to become a better person. Our new director is the backbone to our community and pushes each one of us to become a better member of society. Not only do they provide us with jobs and meetings. But support also. Its a wonderful place to become stable in your sobriety and learn to be a responsible person again. In my 23 days here may life has turned completely around again. First time in my life I feel strong and independent again. I am finally on the road to being stable with a job and providing for myself. I am proud of what I have become here at SLA Birmingham. I couldn’t have done it without this program and the 12 steps. I came into the program broken and alone. Now I am strong and have a family again. Thanks again SLA Birmingham.

  200. I have been at SLA (Birmingham) for about two weeks, before that I was in Augusta, GA. homeless and not safe. At SLA i have a bed to sleep in and a place to shower, also they have helped me with obtaining food stamps and getting a job. I get to go to all the meetings I want because, they provide transportation. The director(micheal) is very helpful and welcomed me with open arms. Anytime of day or night he is always there for me no matter what the situation is. All in all SLA is a great place to recover and become a productive and self supporting member of society. I personally would recommend SLA to any addict who wants recovery.

  201. Berkley Hayes on

    After 20+ years of being held in the bondage of addiction, I finally decided, that enough was enough, I was simply tired and worn out! I made the call to SLA, and was greeted by a friendly positive voice, a voice of reassurance, which at that time was Meaghan Walsh, we completed the initial phone interview and I was quickly approved….I was shocked, because I had put it in my mind, that I was going to be rejected!!! I boarded a van, thru Groomes Transportation in Warner Robins, GA and began my journey to Atlanta….upon arriving at the airport, I was scared, and didn’t know what to do, so I called Meaghan, and she walked me through to the Marta station, and stayed on the phone with me until I finally arrived at Sober Living America, Atlanta!! I stepped off of Marta, and was greeted by a reception of 4 people, and walked to do my intake paperwork. I was there again greeted by two freindly staff members, Mikel and Danielle….The guildlines were explained to me and I was allowed to ask questions, and felt comfortable, in the fact, that I had arrived and maybe, just maybe everything would be ok….
    When I arrived, I was 42yo, broken down and lost….my first week I didn’t work, I only attended meetings, four a day, and shared with others my story, while absorbing all I could learn from others! The work development team, got me placed in a job, which was unlike nothing I had ever done, but quickly I was humbled….I was encouraged daily, by residents and staff alike, I was made to feel loved and wanted…..Through hard work and honesty, Christi Nemeth, saw a spark in me, that I never knew existed, and hired me as Guest Services….it was at that point my life truly began to turn around….I was task with things that I couldn’t imagine doing, and for once, I was forced to find the solution, rather than focus on the problem….after six months of being on staff, and having proved how the 12 steps and a lot of love so freely given worked, I was promoted to be the director of Lawrenceville, the new campus that was opening!! I am able to work with 30+ men daily, securing them employment, that they are able to keep and take with them upon completion, help to guide them with the help of their sponsor, (which is required), and help them grow into a better loving relationship with Jesus Christ!
    I can truely say that it was the grace shown by my Lord and the love shown to me by Christi and Alexis (the director of ATL), as well as the fine people of AA, that today, I am a happy, joyous recovering addict, that once prayed for death!! I am absolutely in love with Sober Living America, and the the new life that was so freely given to me!!
    I strongly encourage anyone, that if your struggling with addiction, or know of someone that is, that you take the brave and deserving step to call us, and allow us to guild you or oyur loved one into a new way of living!!
    God bless!!

  202. mollie saxon on

    S.L.A. Birmingham AL. saved my life! They welcomed me with open arms and gave me a safe place to live. Gave me a job and showed me love and support. With meetings and new family I am loving my life sober! Thank you so much for all you do

  203. Even though I have just arrived sober living america has; given me a bed to sleep in which I would have otherwise not had, helped me obtain food stamps, taken me not only to a staffing agency but offer to drive me around on there on time, the staff (hunter and mike) have been welcoming and have gone above and beyond to help me with any problems and questions I have had. I feel that I am in a very safe place for the first time since I can remember so if you are in need of help please call one of the sober living locations it will be the best decision you have ever made.

  204. Sean Cummings on

    I am in sla Charlotte its is and has given the the structure and tool to get recovery and better myself. I have seen some people come in and wasn’t working on shit they just wanted a break a place to lay their head or whatever the case maybe. This is a program that will work if YOU work it someone else can dd it for u they give u the guidance and the tool to work it it’s ur choice uf u want it so im still here 100 days clean and i will continue to be here until I feel like im ready!

  205. I am a recent graduate from the Sober Living Lawrenceville campus in Georgia. I decided to come to Sober Living because I knew I was not ready or capable to face the battle of addiction on my own. I had hit rock bottom and honestly saw no way out or no way to change my situation on my own. I found Sober Living America and decided to give it a shot, because nothing else i was doing in my life had been working. My step dad dropped me off on a Monday afternoon and I had no idea what to expect. Im not going to lie and say i wasn’t just a little bit nervous or questioning what i was getting myself into. As soon as I met the Director, Berkely, I was at ease and knew I made the right choice. Berkely truly cares and loves every single one of his residence. Being a recovering addict himself with a substantial amount of clean time, Berkely is able to relate as well as offer advice to all off us residence no matter the age, race, or drug of choice. He is also just a very fun person to be around and makes it known he is there 24/7 if you simply need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. The Lawrenceville location is the only location that is an all male campus. When i first heard this of course i was upset but quickly realized and saw that not having the added distraction of females made it much easier to focus on my recovery. Sober Living goes above and beyond to help you find a job as well as provide transportation to and from work. I was working a full time job 2 days after getting to the program. They take you to really great NA/AA meetings daily and help you find a sponsor so you can start working the 12 steps in your recovery. Between work and meetings it is a very structured day. Not to say you dont have down time, but the greatest thing I was told when I got to the program was, “we give you just enough rope to hang yourself.” This program is supposed to be used as a stepping stone to getting your life back on track and getting back into the real world to live a productive normal life. As with anything you will get out as much as you put in. If you are serious about recovery and are willing to put forth the effort, Sober Living of America is hands down the best place to go to straighten your life up.
    And another thing… I took the time to read every single comment left before me and was left hysterically laughing at how absurd they were. I dont believe that the people who had something negative to say were actually ever residence at Sober Living, but if they were i can guarantee they were not ready to get sober nor did they give it a valid shot.

  206. Justin Mullins on

    I have been to about 8 different programs in my life but after coming to sober living America I have never experienced so much love and acctepance anywhere this program has taught to value my life and integrity as well as value the life of others around me which I something I have never done not cared about before. I consider a blessing and merely God’s grace for allowing me to be involved with Sober Living America. I was completely broken and thought I could never succeed in life. After going through this program being plugged into a 12 step recovery process and building a relationship with Christ I have become a completely different person through out all of it and will continue to grow and I can’t help but give thanks and gratitude to sober living America. I strongly encourage anyone who is truly in need of a program to try this one it really does work. God Bless everyone.

  207. I was in sober living America at the Atlanta facility and I can’t express how much it has helped me grow as in a person a mother and a friend I’ve learned so much from this program . I also never thought there could be hope for me but I was going to have sober living America be my last try the 830 meanings definitely had a impact on me Miss Christy was the one who held the meetings at night and she taught me that I am one and 12 . I was in the in-house program and I love my counselor her name was Jamila and it was like she knew where I was coming from in that I’m not alone after the in-house program I started with my start up program and did six months and from my family my friends and my child that was probably the best thing that I could have ever done and I couldn’t be more happier in life now !

  208. Adam Laskaris on

    Sober Living America picked me up from the Greyhound station and brought me home. When I was ready they had a job for me where they would take me everyday and pick me up when I was finished. My first 3 months I was able to attend 90 meetings in 90 days, got the sponsor that is with me now, and worked the 12 steps. The people that are there that want to change their lives for the better do, and the people that do not, do not. The staff is loving and friendly, and bent over backwards to help me. Thank you SLA for helping me change my life, and to those on the fence about coming here, lace up your boots and do this for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

  209. Sober living Birmingham is awesome we are taught structure hard work and learn how to use the 12 steps in a way to help us with maintaining as sober life and our director MIKE DUNCAN IS GREAT he really makes sure that we stay on top of our game and at our best at all times.. Thanks to S.L.A I got my life back.

  210. Randy Craft on

    Sober Living America rocks !!!!!!! They took a man that had no future that was headed straight to prison with no chance to see daylight for 10 years and provided a new way of life that had never been offered in my life. Now don’t get me wrong non of this was easy. I had my own ideas of what I wanted to do and I sure tried, but with love and alot of patience SLA provided what I needed and eventually wanted with no doubts at all. Now I’ve been in the program for 8 months and I am still only a fraction of the man my higher power desires me to be but I’m 1000 times more than the man I was. Everyday I wake up and I look in the mirror I have to take a second look cause I am amazed at who I’ve become and where my life has changed. SLA is everything good that ANYONE should desire. Recovery is not hard at all , it’s very simple if you ask me and very few people fail as long as they are willing to change , now that’s where it becomes hard for most. You have to surrender and have a complete overhaul you CANNOT hold on to the past and your old thinking, you have to completely let go and change everything . When u finally realize that and accept that one simple step the rest of your life will unfold as your higher power has designed. Nothing at all is hard. So what you can’t go back to the old friends the old hangouts . What are u really missing there anyway ? Complete misery in my case. Sober Living America gave me hope they taught me I’m really a good person and then allowed me to live a life that brings joy and hope to myself and others. I owe SLA my life cause without Christy , Jim , Berkley , and a host of others I would not even be able to type this review . Thank you so much for seeing in me what I never could myself . I love this place this program and all the fellow all-stars I touch daily. And the best part is I graduated 2 months ago and yet I’m still here learning everyday and I’m good with that . I do know that the day I finally defeat my addiction is when I’m laid to rest with the “BIG BOOK” on my chest. Until that day comes I will continue to live day by day moment by moment second by second if needed . I’m thankful for this program and so thankful for my higher power that pulled me thru the trenches and allowed me to armour up with recovery to fight instead of run. I love you guys .

  211. I was a 32 yr. old heroin addict headed for death when I decided to go into treatment. I went to a 6 day detox, and a 28 day rehab. Upon returning to my Nashville, my counselor gave a number to SLA. I was supposed to go to a different sober living facility, however they couldn’t take me that day, but SLA did! I remember walking the apartment for the first time feeling alone and afraid. I decided to stay, and by that night, I was happy with my decision I had made. SLA has taught me and is still teaching me how to become a productive member of society. I am learning how to become responsible, and accountable for MY actions. They have truly become my family and I get to live day to day interacting with people just like me. We have fun in sobriety and laugh like we never have before! True friendships have been created and sealed for a lifetime here and given the chance, I would do it the same way I did it, again. This place has helped me become the person I was before my addiction; I had just lost her. I will be forever grateful to SLA Nashville for helping grow into a better person every single day.

  212. Stephanie Strickland on

    I came to Sober Living America last year. 3 days before Christmas I sat in an empty house in my living room floor with no will to live anymore. I knew that I didnt want to get high, but I was afraid to pull the trigger all at the same time. For some strange reason, I had pulled up a number a few weeks ago, and thought to myself “ok..I’m going to call this number and just see what they say”. Thinking it was too close to the Holidays; doubtful I will get an answer. I came to Nashville Sober Living of America on December 23rd. I was so afraid, but I knew I could continue living in active addiction anymore. I spent my Christmas that day with Sober Living of America, and they have been my new found family. Sober Living of America saved my life. I have a new found life because of SLA. I owe my life to them, because of the life they have given me. I am still in Nashville SLA, clean and sober, and miracles continue to happen in my life everyday.

  213. DO NOT send your loved ones to this place!!!!!!!!!!! It is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT a treatment center or sober living!!!!!!!!!! They only care about taking your money!!!! Randy at the Charlotte NC location is a horrible, disgusting, and low down creature that will steal from you, degrade you, and is only 6 months clean his self! He is there for one reason, to stay out of prison!!!! He demands you to sign over ALL your paychecks to him so he has control of your money. So long as you pay your fees it doesn’t matter if you eat or have toilet paper!!! The job they make you take…it doesn’t even matter if you can pass a drug test!!! SHADY!!!!!!!!!

  214. Ashley Leavitt on

    I just left the Charlotte dump after two weeks. They put 8 men in a raggedy apartment. People come there broke and desperate and sla cannot even provide toilet paper. Just totally disgusting. The bathtub is black. People go hungry just to pay rent. They deprive people of sleep to keep them off balance. They do provide a ride to the food bank but how much cranberry sauce can a person eat. They took every dish out of the ladies apartment because someone left a dish in the sink. The ladies worked all night but couldn’t eat without dishes. The vans are old and dangerous and the driver might be a crackhead with a week clean. The “director” randy is on meth . They tried to put an apartment in my name but thank god my record was too bad. The managers take bribes to let clients do drugs. Mike Duncan. They just shipped him to Atlanta where no one knows him. He was passing out in book studys. My roommate was an older guy with a colostomy bag and had accidents in bed nightly. They took all his disability check and he had to eat ramen noodles and boloney all the time. I can go on and on. Don’t go near sla or anything named peach ford. They pocket about 500,000$ a year off each site. Slave camp. If you want recovery do not go to sober living of America. They should be in prison. My name is Ashley ChristopherLeavitt

  215. I was 46 when I came to Sober Living America. I’m now 51 and I’m still here. My disease cost me my husband, family , career and home. I had nothing left. And yes when I got here I saw that there was a lot of drama to say the least. I made the choice to stay out of it. Believe it or not you can stay away from it if you choose to. What non-addicted people do not seem to understand is when a addicted person stops using then the real work begins. The bad habits, bad behavior and the years of abusive living to their selves and their loved ones do not stop. The 7 days or so of detox does not cure the years of self loathing, the physical abuse we put ourselves through. It takes months even years to re-learn how to live among society and to live a some what normal existence especially around people that do not understand us. Now take not one person who is addicted but 40, 60 or 80 at a sober living community that are bouncing off the walls, do not know how to live, have bad habits that need to be changed and for some who have mental and emotional problems and behavioral problems and last but not least legal issues. The same reason why most of us get kicked out of our homes because family do not want us around any more, people for the most part do not understand us or do not know how to handle us and the only thing they can do is dump us off at a treatment center and say HERE-FIX THEM!!! I’M DONE!!! Now we show up at Sober Living America. A place, no the only place that will take you in with NO money until you can start working, have people there who are addicts themselves who understand what we are going through and struggle themselves from time to time with things but give of themselves to help other addicts find a better way. In the NA Basic Text it states that one addict helping another addict is without parallel. I know that any sober living community has issues it’s not just the one i’m at. They must be doing something right to be around for so long. But instead of trying to dog this place out-why not help by trying giving to try to make it better whether it’s your time, money etc…It’s better than trying to shut this place down then addicts not having anywhere to go. Be careful…I know I would rather have places like this at least trying to help us addicts then leaving us out in the streets robbing breaking into homes car jackings etc…because were trying to feed our habit and we do not have a choice. At least here-we are given a choice!!!

  216. Jeffrey Payne on

    Sober Living America is done a complete 360 change in the Birmingham location, from the utter despair it was when we arrived to the strength and community we all feel today is amazing. Best decision I have ever made.

  217. Cindy Bailey on

    I have had a positive experience at SLA Birmingham, although when I first arrived I was certain this place was what the comments above stated. Since Cassy and Steve have came in, there is a complete change to this program and it’s environment. People who were using here are gone, the apartments are getting cleaned up. The staff goes to meetings and actually care about us. Whatever happened in the past, may have happened but it’s not happening today. Thank you so Sober Living for changing my life.

  218. Timothy Russet on

    Sober Living America has saved my life and changed my future, without the caring staff and strong leadership I do not believe I would have made it out alive. They have forever changed who I am and I am forever grateful!!

  219. Regarding the Jacksonville location…..Do not go here or send your addicted love one here. We were told that this was a free rehab where you could work and learn to be sober. They only said to bring food and clothes. After driving hours to get there, we were told that you have to pay rent, but they did not say how much. The rent is $185 per week and does not include food. They tell you that they will help you out with the first couple of weeks rent, but they don’t. They say they will help you get food stamps and insurance, but they don’t. They say they will help you get a job, but you are limited to working for the abor pool making minimum wage (if the labor pool has work available for you). You barely have any money left over for food or anything else. They are not concerned with helping addicts at all. They are only concerned with getting money. They don’t care where it comes from. They will not think twice about throwing you out, even if you are homeless. I am sure that the stress that they cause be misleading addicts has caused many to relapse. This is the last place in the world anyone should send an addict.

  220. Sober Living America Is a joke. Most people come to their senses within a week or two and then leave. The Atlanta location is disgusting- roaches, bedbugs, fleas, and gnats all in the apartments. All the staff cares about is the money. They act like they have a schedule when in actuality they could care less. A lot of residents are still using drugs- heroin and meth mainly. Oh and they still drink. You will be transported in raggedy vans that always break down, get wrecked, don’t have AC, no tags, and a lot of the “staff” members don’t even have licenses. The “staff” make you question their sobriety, but a lot of them will tell you they do have SOME clean time, not very long. When you allow addicts to run a program, this is what you get. A lot of people having sex with everyone, guys in girls rooms and vice versa. Lots of gossip and drama.. and the so called staff are the main people entertaining the bs. People OD in these apartments and even die. Just a horrible place to go if you’re REALLY serious about your recovery. you can get a free week if you’re homeless- other than that, nothing good comes out of there. Do not waste your money!

  221. Millie wical on

    Sober living America has changed my life for me and my kids . I was in the Atlants facility most thing I have enjoyed about sober living is the 830 meeting that Miss Christy runs everything she says is somehow a click in my head . All staff are respectful and treat everybody fairly that six months was the best time of my life.

  222. I was in the Nashville place and I believe that the 2 managers of the place were stealing money to benefit themselves for drugs and money for their baby. There is no structure. As long as you pay the expensive $185 weekly rent, they leave you alone. You are trapped there. The apartments are in bad condition. The women are crammed into one apartment and the men have their own apartment where there is a lot of room. They need to have condoms dispensed in the apartments because fratenization is rampant amongst the clients. It seems that “dating” each other than sobriety.

    This is a program that will get you stuck. There is NO SUPPORT for people if they want to use or are going through a difficult time. The staff ONLY cares about you getting your fees paid. The managers (who are a couple) do not practice the AA lifestyle. They say they are “sober” but, that is debatable.

    This is NOT a program where long-term sobriety is going to happen. The housing accomodations are disgusting for what the rent is, there is NO support and it’s a dating and baby factory for addicts.


    • I couldnt agree more!!! All they want is money!! And its too expensive. Don’t go to any of these locations!! Especially the Birmingham location.. I was there for 8months..

  223. The Birmingham location is in need of qualified staff that are not addicts. I don’t know about the rest of slas. We took our daughter there for meth addiction, she got hooked on heroine there. She was also abused sexually by male staff. We are filing suit against this place. The people running it supply drugs to their favorites to keep them quiet. It’s a hot mess there and I would advise against ANYONE using that facility. They should be in prison, not operating a sober house!

    • My daughter was also sexually assaulted there about the same time. This place needs to be shut down. I will do everything I can to make sure that happens! Maybe filing a suit against them as well as the owners of the apartment complex will be what is necessary to make that happen. Not only does the staff use drugs regularly, there are males and females living in the rooms together, smoking cigarettes inside the apartments which is supposed to be prohibited. If the staff can’t follow the rules and guidelines there why would anyone excpect the addicts to. SLA is a complete joke.

    • My husband was a victim of the Birmingham location as well. He wasn’t assaulted but did not have a good experience there at all. Did you file a police report? Did you file suit against the? I am trying to get all the information I can on this location.

    • Mikel Stapp on

      Who ever wrote this is so wrong, I am one of the directors here in Nashville and we are having a baby. The apartments are really nice and I’ve never met a drug addict that came from a nice place. We have never took anything from here that wasn’t ours. There is good sobriety here.
      You must have been kick out for getting high or not wanting to take care of your responsibilities. And I bet you have called since writing this wanting to come back.
      Do your on inventory before taking someone else’s.

      • Nashville SLA is one of the better SLA locations no money was ever stolen by any directors here! The directors are a couple and had 9 months to save money and prepare for things they needed for a baby!! It’s called getting sober having priorities and saving money to prepare for a baby!! While also having family support!! I have no dog in the fight so I can just lay it out there how I see it!!! As far as fraternizing this place is full of adults who cannot be watched 24/7 but rules and consequences are in place for people who break the rules I’ve seen it first hand!! The directors here were a couple before running the Nashville location so they did not make this happen at Sla Nashville but that’s nobody’s business!! At the end of the day this place gets you too 4 meetings a day they get you a job with pay that leaves you with money left over after rent too save and prepare for life outside of SLA!! They have set schedules of when things happen like certain days to sign up for food stamps or the food banquet and things like that!! Included in your rent provides you with a ride to and from work all meetings, Walmart and places you need to get too!! Sobriety can be found anywhere you choose to go it depends on the person but SLA Nashville does provide you with more structure and help than any other place I know of!! Some people write bad reviews because they must of broken a rule to get kicked out and there not happy about it so how’s that for saying people run wild and all here!! But if you are looking for a place to hold your hand and watch after you 24/7 then this place is not for you maybe u should check into Bradford the children’s program!! This place treats you like an adult and gives you the structure you need and the guideline you need to stay sober!! So if you do as they say you will find sobriety if you choose not too then yes u will be one of the people writing bad reviews of this place and the directors!!!

  224. I was at The birmingham is a nightmare. Everyday people are bringing in drugs. They have staff that are high all the time. Not 1 person running that place could pass a drug test. Thats because not 1 person running it has been sober long enough.It’s such a joke. No chance of sobriety there. They should be investigated and shut down.

  225. I had shot up heroin for 7 straight years. I thought I was going to die an addict. I came to Sober Living America wanting a new way of life. I had nothing anymore. Almost 3 years later I have bank accounts, credit, a home, 2 cars, a husband, a newborn daughter, and my life and family back again!!!
    People can say anything bad about SLA but if you truly want the help they will help you turn your life around.
    I’ve seen many people come and go throughout my years here and if you are not ready to quit the high cost of low living, then no – this place won’t be for you. We can’t force recovery to the unwilling.
    But, if you are sick and tired of being tired and sick – you will truly be amazed before you are halfway through.
    I believe in Sober Living America because they believed in me. Everyone else in life had given up on me.
    This program is what you make of it and you get out what you put in. Give yourself a chance and commit to making a change. SLA will be right beside you to guide you on the path to a much better future.

  226. I have never in my life seen such a train wreck as I have witnessed at both the Charlotte and Greenville homes. Let me preface this by saying that my sister is a pistol. She is manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants. She won’t live much longer if she continues and we are at our wits end. What I’m about to say, in no way, shouldn’t be misconstrued as me taking up for her. (Actually I am probably too hard on her) when she agreed to go to SLA (she refused in-patient), we were hopeful for the first time in a long time. What actually happened wasn’t even on my radar as things to even be concerned about. The staff enabling her? What kind of sober living facility would hire such?? The facility not having a clue what they were doing? Nope, I was sure that a place with this many homes would have their crap together. My sister can’t possibly the first resident to ever lie or manipulate, right? This is a VERY BRIEF highlight of her stays.
    My sister was at the Charlotte home, and we discovered she had been sneaking out of the SLA house and STRIPPING for drug money. How in the world does that happen? Im sure it affected the sobriety of the other residents, and could have put them in danger. There are a slew of other things at that house that happened, that saying it was shady is putting it lightly.
    Then she was moved to the Greenville SLA house where my sister was arrested WITH A STAFF MEMBER for drug paraphernalia. He took her out drinking and then God knows what else happened. I found out he was not just a staff member, but was being trained to be a director. Did I mention he had only been sober for THREE MONTHS?!? It’s so ridiculous, my brain has a hard time computing that kind of stupid. Another staff member at this house had just relapsed and was still there, working, and “helping” others to stay clean and sober. I’m sorry, but one would think that before one wanted to be in that type of position, much less decide it’s a good idea to place a person with little to no sobriety in these kinds of positions, that one would require to have a certain number of consecutive YEARS of sobriety under their belt. I am still in shock at the way this place is ran, the lack of solid and dependable leadership. We have been lied to, avoided (my sister was missing and nobody was notified until she had been gone for a week without making contact with her), and strung along. They sure are ecstatic to take your money though. They’ll answer that phone call on the first ring.

    • I am a recovering heroin and alcohol addict. I have a little over a month clean now and it is all thanks to SLA and the rooms of AA. This program has given me hope and strength to to make this time the last time. The staff and other residents make this place feel like home and that I matter. I love all my roommates like they are my true blood brothers. THANK YOU SOBER LIVING AMERICA!!!!!!

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