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About Us

RehabReviews.com exists because after years of writing and editing stories about addiction and recovery, it became clear to us that addicts are dying at record rates as a result of not knowing how to find quality treatment. While we began as an online addiction and recovery magazine featuring essays, news stories, videos and podcasts with only the occasional rehab review, we organically—almost accidentally—became the largest rehab review site out there; we are now, according to Fortune Magazine the Yelp! for rehabs. And so we decided it was time for our name to reflect that. Our rehab reviews are divided into three subdivisions that reflect the price points of the treatment centers out there (Luxury, Mid-Range and Economical) and sections devoted solely to Outpatient care and Sober Living homes. Check out our full list of reviews here.

But our mission hasn’t changed entirely; you can find all our literary and editorial content in the AfterPartyMagazine part of the site. In short, our goal here is to not only help addicts find the treatment they need but also to help as many people as possible (including us!) discover what healthier living can be like.

Please direct all AfterParty and RehabReviews.com requests to editors@cleanandsobermedia.com.

RehabReviews.com ascribes to the policy that abstinence is the preferred treatment for self diagnosed chemical dependency. We seek to bring the best and most current resources to the attention of the addiction and recovery community. Please note that this site is not meant to treat any health or mental health issues. If you feel you need help with any health or mental health issues, please contact your physician. RehabReviews.com is not attempting to speak for or represent any 12-step organization.

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