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Waismann Method Rapid Detox


Waismann Method Rapid DetoxThe Basics

Waismann Method®  provides the most medically advanced, opioid detox treatments available. The program is known worldwide as the leading provider of rapid detox, but actually, anesthesia detox is just a small part of what is offered. The program has become the leading  Medical Opioid Treatment as well as the top-rated Rapid Detox Center. Founded by Clare Waismann and medically directed by Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, a quadrupled board-certified MD, the commitment to provide superior medical care and results for opiate dependent patients is just as strong today, as it was 20 years ago when it all started.

Accommodations and Food

One of the reasons Waismann is considered one of the safest opioid treatments available is because it provides detox in a private, full service, accredited hospital. A hospital allows patients access to various specialized medical professionals for consultation or assistance during the withdrawal phase. The detox protocol is designed based on the patient’s unique body composition, health history, drug, dosage, length of addiction and other factors. Opioid detox is usually a safe process when undergone in a supervised medical facility. Private rooms also allow for close monitoring, individualized attention, extra comfort and privacy.

Once the patient is physically stable, they proceed to Domus Retreat, Waismann’s private recovery center. Domus is a gated estate—a 6,000 square foot home for only six people at a time. The bedrooms at Domus are palatial, the bathrooms private and sparkling—each room comes equipped with a plasma TV and wireless Internet. There’s a jacuzzi, a pool, and a billiard room. There are no chores or meetings required. There is, however, a private chef, who cooks to accommodate any dietary needs clients may have and daily housekeeping to keep the stay clean and pleasant.

Treatment and Staff

The team at Waismann Method believe that addiction is often a symptom of an untreated distressful and, more importantly, reversible condition. The continuous use of opioid drugs causes tolerance, dependence and eventually addiction. For decades, drug rehabs and drug treatment programs  focus on treating the “addiction” and not the individual behind it.

Physicians and mental health professionals should be treating people suffering from substance abuse. Peer support is valid, but it cannot be confused with treatment. Patients are unique and as should be the treatment they receive. There a a few medical treatments Waismann is renowned for, such as Rapid Detox: Anesthesia Assisted Accelerated Detoxification. Rapid Detox uses a combination of intravenous medications to shorten the duration of an acute opioid withdrawal while the patients are under sedation. This method should be performed only in an ICU of a full-service hospital.

Weismann facilitates medical detox, a medically assisted opioid detox protocol that often begins in a full-service hospital where patients are under 24/7 medical monitoring while addressing immediate physiological needs. One of the primary advantages of a medical detox in the hospital is that physicians can monitor vital signs while managing withdrawal symptoms.

The Medical Director at Weismann Method, Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D. is an expert in Rapid Detox while possessing the knowledge and expertise critical to successfully treat opioid-dependent patients. He’s a Quadruple Board-Certified physician who has successfully treated thousands of opioid-dependent patients in the last 20 years.


There are some exclusive benefits available to Waismann Method® patients including a full service accredited JCAHO hospital; private rooms; a quadruple Board Certified Medical Director who is an expert in addiction; a 20-year reputation; multiple medical opiate treatments; one of the best Rapid Detox Centers; around-the-clock professional care and exclusive recovery retreats.

Clients also enjoy integrative recovery therapies including massage, acupuncture, yoga, and Tai Chi. Additionally, they have access to individual psychotherapy and addiction expert, David Livingston, LMFT. Food, lodging, transportation and companionship is included. A complete program lasts seven, 10 or 14 days.

In Summary

The Waismann Method is the most comfortable and successful way to overcome an opioid detoxification. It also gives the patient the clarity needed for a more accurate psychological assessment.

Even after patients have completed the detoxification program, they still might need emotional assistance. In fact, most people do, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.  Emotional support is essential for a healthy recovery.

Before leaving Domus Retreat, the patient meets with the therapist and discusses the best plan for aftercare. These plans may include psychiatrist consultation, psychotherapy or other more structured environments. The goal is to give someone the best quality of life without any preconceived ideas.

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