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Smart IOP


The Basics

A virtual extension of Williamsville Wellness in the Richmond suburb of Hanover, Virginia, Smart IOP is a licensed online Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that specializes in the care of adult men and women with alcohol and substance use disorders as well as co-occurring mental illnesses. Smart IOP provides a comprehensive and flexible treatment program that is ideal for clients unable to commit to either a residential program or conventional IOP. Through individualized programming customized to the individual, Smart IOP seeks to find and treat the underlying root causes of the client’s addiction. As Smart IOP is an online treatment system, the 12-step method is not a component of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

Smart IOP offers an extremely private and flexible alternative to traditional IOPs, complete with 62 video learning sessions and 11 online counseling sessions. While the program is designed to last eight hours a week for 12 weeks, clients are free to finish in whatever amount of time they like. Clients can not only schedule their own sessions on their computer or smartphone, but are also never asked to participate in online group therapy programs. All counseling is one-on-one and completely customized to the individual person’s needs. The client’s progress is tracked from beginning to end.

The first step in the Smart IOP is for the clients to select his or her own personal sponsor. Often a close friend or family member, the sponsor is integrated into the client’s recovery program for support and honest feedback. The sponsor must possess a thorough understanding of the client’s life, pass a state-conducted background check and videotape regular sobriety checks with a drug screen or breathalyzer. This individual is also asked to attend in-person group meetings with the client on a weekly basis.

The Smart IOP staff is comprised of therapists, psychologists, social workers and addiction counselors. Personnel have credentials such as PhD, MA or MS. While Smart IOP does treat co-occurring disorders, medication management cannot be facilitated due to the circumstances of getting online treatment.


Clients wear a FitBit type device to share health information with the site.

In Summary

Smart IOP is an innovate treatment program that provides clients with an individualized, comprehensive and flexible online care plan. Individuals schedule and access psychoeducation classes and individual therapy sessions at their convenience, while being held accountable by someone of their choosing. For clients that do not require the commitment or face-to-face nature of a traditional residential or IOP program, Smart IOP is an interesting platform that could be very effective. For the conscientious client, Smart IOP is a great option.

Smart IOP

Online Intensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Smart IOP Cost: Call for details; most insurances accepted. Reach Smart IOP by phone at (833) 810-8001 or by email.

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