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Williamsville Wellness Center


Williamsville Wellness CenterWilliamsville Wellness Center Review

Williamsville Wellness Center is a 28-day recovery program situated on 400 acres of Virginian farmland that caters specifically to gambling addiction. The rehab is housed in a renovated plantation that also happens to be a national landmark. It was founded by Robert Cabaniss, Jr. in 2007, but the family has deep roots in Williamsville and, in an ironic twist, the property is off of a street called Cabaniss Lane.

Accommodations and Food

There’s room for 16 people at a time (eight men, eight women) and a bonus is that although most residents get roommates, there are some private rooms available at no extra charge.  The rustic accommodations are certainly unique. Clients are responsible for making their own breakfast while lunch and dinner are prepared by the in-house chef.

Treatment and Staff

Williamsville Wellness features a comprehensive 12-step based, talk therapy-heavy program focusing on one-on-one sessions and group therapy as a support. Its approach has been dubbed “the Williamsville model.” Daily treatment boasts a one-to-one therapist-to-client ratio, and is overseen by a variety of therapists with different specialties.

An average day at Williamsville means wake-up and breakfast between 8 and 9 am. Between 9 and 10 am, residents go into a rotating morning group session followed by individual sessions from 10 am to 1pm. After that, lunch is served between 1 and 2 pm, followed by more one-on-one meetings from 2 to 4 pm, and another group meeting from 4 to 5 pm. After that comes an hour of free time from 5 to 6 pm, dinner from 6 to 7 pm, and finally off-site AA/NA/GA (Gamblers Anonymous) meetings between 7 and 9pm (at least twice a week). Family members are allowed to visit on weekends, though this must be approved 24 hours in advance.

Despite the busy daily schedule, Williamsville offers a fairly unrestrictive rehab experience. Residents are allowed to drink coffee, read non-recovery literature and use electronics of all varieties to their hearts’ content. A few potential downsides, the center is unusually heavy on talk therapy, and caters more specifically towards gamblers than alcoholics and addicts, which means no on-site detox.


Williamsville does have eight modalities, all of which are essential to its approach to recovery—which is, in short, is the aforementioned one-on-one therapy along with the added bonus of holistic treatment options (including yoga, massage and even a juicing program); there is also an on-site gym and personal trainers.

In Summary

Prices are reasonable and being housed in a plantation is a unique perk. If residents’ main issue is gambling and being down in Virginia sounds amenable, this countrified recovery stay could be well worth the trip.

Williamsville Wellness Center Location

10515 Cabaniss Ln
Hanover, VA 23069

Williamsville Wellness Center Cost

$25,000 (28 days). Reach Williamsville Wellness Center by phone at (804) 559-9959. Find Williamsville Wellness Center on FacebookYelp and Google+

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  1. BEWARE !!!!! Be EXTREMELY precise is asking questions about whether the program is covered; especially FOR HOW LONG by insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter was accepted for what we understood to be the 28 day program. After LESS than TWO WEEKS, she was sent home. She was devastated because she felt that she was making progress. How can anyone due that to an emotionally unstable person!?!? I have checked out the websites for other facilities, and they all state the limitations.

    • I saw this happen time after time. Not only for insurance problems. Minus-1 star. Counselors are good and you get lots of face-time with them. Unfortunately, the incestuous little group of administrators – including the owner – ruins it. They have no business being in charge of such an operation. If you do go there, be very very careful of them. Your sobriety depends on it. Capricious, arbitrary, and, for such a small business, amazingly intransigent. Addicts beware.

  2. The Army-Navy $10 Guy on

    I was around gambling since I was four years old. I started gambling at the age of 17. I entered Williamsville at the age of 38. I had a major gambling addiction and then some. That was 2010 into 2011. Since the day I entered Williamsville, I haven’t wagered a penny. Not a single cent. Most importantly, I came to understand addiction…identified and dealt with the root causes that prompted me to want to escape my life’s issues and challenges and my own thoughts…and more than anything, the processing of all those years of unreconciled thoughts, feelings and emotions were almost entirely eliminated through the process of neuroplasticity that comes from Williamsville’s multiple treatment modalities and supportive, trusting, open environment. While I know there are dozens upon dozens of other treatment facilities across the U.S., I cannot fathom one as effective as Williamsville. I literally owe my life and my family to the help I received there.

  3. I really cannot say enough about Williamsville. When I arrived there, I was a broken man battling a 20+ year serious gambling addiction as well as some devastating ancillary mental health issues. I had tried many outpatient programs over the years to get help, to no avail. From the moment I arrived there I was treated with care and the staff made me feel safe, which is incredibly important for an addict who never really feels safe without their normal outlets to lean on. Although I think the intense one on one sessions with top notch professionals with different styles are what probably differentiates Williamsville from other facilities, I know that the group sessions were so helpful for me as well. I never felt alone there. I can truly say that every single person in that facility helped me in one way or another to turn my life around. The facilities are absolutely great. It’s no country club, but it’s not supposed to be. Everyone had their own rooms and plenty of private time. If you were respectful, then you were treated with respect. The environment is clean and the grounds of the facility are quite beautiful, actually. I’m writing this now as I just passed my 1 year clean. Thanks to Bob, Lyndon, Billy, Lisa, Marion, Susanne, Kenny, Andrea, Emily, Todd, Kara and everyone else who I may have forgotten for saving my life.

  4. My father is 72 years old and our family shockingly realized he had an addiction to compulsive gambling and prescription narcotics. He was admitted at Williamsville Wellness the week of his 50th wedding anniversary. He surprisingly agreed to go. Our family has suffered emotionally, financially and spiritually. Williamsville helped us in all areas. My dad left early from the program against the facility suggestions and had to return for another treatment. My father is doing very well with the gambling issues and is still battling the prescription med problem daily. Without the wonderful and sincere help from the facility, I doubt my dad would be alive today. He is at least 80% better and having a third party involved was essential in getting results. The program at Williamsville is priceless and they worked with us on payments for service. We still struggle with patience and ups and downs, but I always have the folks and counselors available for help. These folks are top-notch and professional in every way. God bless their efforts. We couldn’t have made it without them.

  5. Actually Williamsville has primarily private rooms. When I was there nobody had a roommate. But let me review the place, The focus at Williamsville is on positivity and optimism, or, as the owner Bob Cabannis said: “our job is to make you happier & healthier” – it isn’t one of those hardcore places that try to ‘break you down’. For 28 days I was treated like a King. There were literally no rules, you could go to bed when you pleased – or you could stay up all night in the comfy & spacious Media Room watching TV, if you chose. Eat all you want to, I did leave there happier & healthier. And I’m still sober from drugs & alcohol to this very day.

    Note: I come from a working class background and Williamsville was probably the only real taste of luxury that I’ve ever experienced.

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