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pasadena californiaThe Basics

A CARF-accredited facility with over 20 years of experience, Insight Treatment Program offers outpatient care for adolescents and their families. The facility has two locations in the greater Los Angeles area—one in Pasadena and the other in Sherman Oaks. ITP boasts a variety of adolescent-specific services including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), support groups specifically tailored for parents and an eating disorder program.

Treatment and Staff

Both of ITP’s locations offer an IOP for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 which meets four times a week. The program is fairly comprehensive, with clients typically attending group therapy sessions Monday through Thursday from 4 to 7 pm. These sessions cover a variety of substance abuse related issues including drug and alcohol education, Trauma Informed Care, life skills, meditation, a gender-specific group and relapse prevention. These sessions are led by LADCs who also provide individual therapy sessions once a week. Each client’s program is expected to continue beyond their Monday through Thursday schedule as well, with required attendance of two community-based 12-step meetings over each weekend. Treatment modalities consist primarily of CBT and DBT.  Clients work with an individual case manager and ITP staff also includes licensed therapists and a staff psychologist

Given that many of their clients attend school while in treatment, ITP also provides after-school tutoring and SAT prep scheduled around nightly therapy groups.

There is no official dual diagnosis program at ITP so clients who require medical assistance or medication management must be referred to an accommodating facility. Similarly, there are no detox services offered at the facility.

The ITP is long term, lasting between 14 and 16 months. Typically, clients continually step down their care as their program progresses, tapering down to one or two group sessions a week focusing on relapse prevention, regular family sessions and meetings with their case manager.


Family participation is a big part of the ITP program. To that end there is a family program in place, which includes a weekly group session from 5 to 9 pm on Wednesday nights. There are also specific groups just for parents, including education sessions and family counseling.

ITP also offers the Insight Academy program, which is an alternative day school for adolescents. Insight Academy is a strictly drug and alcohol free environment, and includes additional support from tutors and counselors to ensure that clients succeed in their studies. Students can begin a re-entry process into standard schooling when deemed appropriate by staff. Similarly, there’s also a Summer Program available to provide structured activities for kids with depression, substance abuse issues or other environmental problems. The program includes a bevy of options including art classes, yoga, fitness activities, horseback riding, day trips and cooking classes, among others.

Early intervention services are available to adolescents who are deemed at-risk, whether this means a change in their peer group, a drop in grades or a related issue. The program includes psycho-education and life skills groups as well as individual and family therapy.

In addition to substance abuse care, ITP also offers a comprehensive program to treat eating disorders in adolescents. The program is individualized to address mood disorders and can work in concert with the substance abuse program. Clients attend process groups focused on disordered eating and body image issues. Therapies used include psycho-dynamic processing, CBT and art therapy. The program also includes individual sessions, family therapy and meetings with an individual nutrition consultant. ITP also offers additional biofeedback services at its Sherman Oaks location.

In Summary

Given its long term nature, strong family inclusion and flexible weekly schedule, ITP has a comprehensive outpatient program. Clients can expect a week filled with group, individual and family therapy sessions that work around their personal schedules and include modern therapeutic methods, educational support and case management. Clients can also take advantage of a range of extra services offered at both of ITP’s locations, including parenting sessions and outpatient services for eating disorders. In all, Insight Treatment Program is a solid choice for adults and adolescents seeking a flexible and affordable approach to recovery.

Insight Treatment Program
769 N. Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91103

Insight Treatment Program Cost: Call for cost. Reach Insight Treatment Program by phone at (800) 599-8820. Find Insight Treatment Program on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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  1. My daughter was in the Insight Treatment Program last year. I am motivated to write this review because our family experience has been so positive. When she entered treatment, our 16 year old daughter was in the throws of her addiction and was a danger to herself and others. If she had not been admitted into treatment I have no doubt she would have died. Today, she is a high school graduate, college student and works full time in treatment. I am thankful everyday that I chose Insight for our daughter and our family.

  2. In our child’s case, we had issues that needed to be dealt with in regard to school and the team from Insight Treatment Program went ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure that our child’s school career wouldn’t be effected and had a seamless transition.Their family group meetings are the best and really appreciated the kids input as well as other parents going through the same thing. We really had a good experience with Insight and because our child went to them, we now have our daughter back to normal. Thank you Insight for helping our family become healthier, happier and most of all… start to put it back together to make it even better than before. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude.

  3. Amazing place for anyone who is looking to get any type of help! They were great with me when I went there in July 2015. I was diagnosed with a mood disorder which was my main reason of drinking. The staff is great, the food is really good, the rooms are exceptionally clean. I may say that the place is like a resort except that there is staff 24/7 and people that work there truly care for your wellbeing.They truly addressed my problems and with their help, I’ve been sober ever since I left there, which I never thought was possible. I’ll always be greatful for their help.Thank you again, Insight Treatment!!

  4. Janice Parker on

    Our personal experience at Insight Behavioral Health was fantastic given the situation.As you can imagine, words cannot describe how one feels when they have to place their child in a rehab facility. Regardless of whether or not you feel like your child needs it or not, it is heart breaking. Tears and tears and tears…But at Insight we really learned a lot about each other, our family dynamic, what we need to work on and what we need to change. We are all forever works in progress. This program was a true lifesaver on so many levels.We are very grateful to them and hopefully we will not need them again. 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Hannah Hardy on

    Impressive facility! Nothing can make a parent more satisfied than to watch their child be able to get over their addiction and grow in a safe, professionally run, and stimulating environment.Insight has literally saved my son’s life and we, as parents will be eternally grateful.

  6. Lynda Mendoza on

    The Insight Behavioral Health is a truly amazing place where the staff cares for each client, and clients are given the opportunity to connect with their Higher Power, and to heal and recover from addiction. I would highly recommend this place for anyone in need.

  7. There is no absolute way to ensure your child gets the best care when you are away from them. It is hard to let go.  But, there comes a time when you have to. Because you can’t do it all. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t provide the daily therapy and recovery that your child needs.  That’s where we were when we found Insight Behavioral Health.Our son’s time at Insight was, and continues to be life changing for him and our family. He is now moving forward after his time in the program in a sober living environment where he is adjusting to his new outlook on life.We highly recommend Insight for anyone in need!!

  8. After a little over 40 days at Insight Behavioral Health, I am now proud to say that I am happily sober. This was more than 3 months ago. They gave me what I needed to believe in myself and rise above my problem… I wasn’t even a person. I was not happy. I was not myself. Now, I am totally different. I think and act differently. I have self-control. I can say no. This is all with the help of Insight. The program is incredible.

  9. I spent 30 days at Insight Treatment 3 years ago. The program changed my life. The most important thing is that it changed my attitude toward me. There were several who left while I was there without completing the program. It is a hard program. It is hard to change the way you see yourself and how you view the world. It is well worth the work and discomfort involved. I loved it and hated it. I am to this day overwhelming grateful for being screwed up enough to realize that I needed to do something different. And overwhelmingly grateful that I landed in a place that could help me do that.

  10. Marshall Bowers on

    I was at the lowest point of my life, worse than anyone could imagine. I had no self control, no feelings besides my addiction. There was literally nothing anyone could do, but my mom tried over and over to get me to Insight Behavioral Health. I finally “gave in” and went. I still can’t believe nor can I truly explain my experience. And what a difference they made. They worked with me and worked with me. I was very rude, critical, my withdrawals were terrible, but they sat me down and I worked with groups and was taught different approaches. They focus on you, and break down the cause of your addiction. They broke my selfish behavior. I’ve grown so much in only 3 months. It has been incredible. I highly thank Insight for everything.

  11. When I first came to the Insight Treatment Program I was lost, full of guilt, shame with no purpose. I had ruined my life with alcohol and saw no way out. I gained insight 🙂 not only about my addiction but also a purpose. All of the staff are loving and tough when they need to be because they care. I am almost 6 months clean and feel like a new person: can you miss rehab? 🙂

  12. My son was Enrolled in this program for 6 months and the program sadly did not live up to what it “sold” us. This for profit program had some very odd practices around money. Often giving discounts if you paid in full upfront for 18 months. As it’s been my experience, it’s hard to know how long one will need treatment for. When they owed us money it took months and months and emails and calls to get them to reimburse us. But money aside, this was a one size must fit all program. They did not treat the children as individuals and everyone must do exactly the same thing. They used scare tactics to get the kids to comply, threatening to have them sent to Utah for a wilderness program if they didn’t admit they were drug addicts. My son went to this program for low self esteem, anxiety and panic disorder and for smoking pot. When we were enrolled in the program most of the families dropped out of the program. Some had been in the program for years and years with no sign they were ever going to finish. They wanted my son to drop out of school and enroll in their online homeschool program, which was very expensive and not necessary. The program was extremely restrictive, and again, they treated everyone exact;y the same, never creating an individual program. The ultimate damage it caused our family took years to recover from. My sone was diagnosed with PTSD after we pulled him out.

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