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Health Recovery CenterHealth Recovery Center Review

Health Recovery Center (HRC) was founded in 1981 as an alternative to 12-step and psychologically-based substance abuse treatment programs. It approaches treatment from a physiological standpoint, using orthomolecular medicine to heal nutritional and chemical imbalances in the body. HRC’s outpatient program includes daily treatment for six weeks. HRC maintains furnished apartments nearby, where non-local clients can stay during treatment for an additional fee.

HRC was founded by Dr. Joan Matthews-Larson, whose son died shortly after completing treatment at an established 12-step oriented facility. Dr. Matthews-Larson, who has a doctorate in nutrition, devoted her life to researching how to find “physical ways to treat a physical disease.” She has also authored two popular books on her approaches, Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally.

Treatment and Staff

During their six weeks of treatment, clients have a variety of medical and therapeutic activities. They begin treatment with blood work to establish their orthomolecular treatment plan. They then have at least five sessions of IV treatment to receive nutrients to improve their physical health. Clients meet with a physician three times to discuss their progress and review their lab work.

Clients have group therapy and educational workshops Monday through Saturday. Groups are led by LADCs and include topics such as Rational Mind Management, Neuropsychology of Addiction and Stress Reduction. Clients also have individual therapy once a week and receive Cranial Stimulation sessions as-needed. Co-occurring disorders are addressed through nutrition and rational-emotive therapy, and HRC has a consulting psychologist for additional therapy.

Saturdays are dedicated to self-care workshops and family members are invited to attend workshops held Thursday afternoon and evening.


HRC provides 50 hours of aftercare to each client after completion of the six-week program. This includes group and individual counseling, and clients who live out-of-town can receive counseling over the phone. One of HRC’s modern, furnished one-bedroom apartments can be rented for $2,800 during the six-week program.

In Summary

For over 30 years, Health Recovery Center has been offering outpatient care using orthomolecular therapy, which targets each client’s physiological needs as the foundational treatment for their substance addiction. Its multi-disciplinary treatment team also addresses relational, moral and character issues in treatment and education groups. It maintains that addiction is first and foremost a disease of the client’s body, and life choices can be improved only when one’s body stops looking to alcohol and drugs to compensate for its chemical deficiencies.

Health Recovery Center Location

Health Recovery Center
3255 Hennepin Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Health Recovery Center Cost

$17,995 (six weeks). Reach Health Recovery Center by phone at (800) 554-9155 or by email at [email protected]. Find Health Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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