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The Gavin Foundation is a non-profit agency providing community-based substance abuse treatment and education. One of the organization’s many locations includes Hamilton House, located in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Hamilton House is a men’s only residential treatment facility which offers a six month program, all steeped in the traditions of the 12 steps.

Accommodations and Food

Hamilton House offers family style living with a total of 22 beds. Each bedroom has two or three twin beds, a closet, dressers and a dresser. The home also offers shared bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Smoking is permitted outside only. While there is no on-site workout area, men are allowed to find a local gym to attend.

Clients are provided with dinners on Mondays through Fridays, though they are left mostly to their own devices for breakfast, lunch and on weekends. For these other meals, clients have access to a fully-stocked kitchen included in the price of stay. Sugar and caffeine are permitted in moderation.

Treatment and Staff

Hamilton House transitions clients back into the real world, with the end goal being independent living and full-time employment. Prior to the working phase, clients attend house meetings and attend therapy at the outpatient facility. The outpatient option is known as Structured Outpatient Addiction Program or SOAP. This 10 to 12 day process usually includes a mixture of daily group and individual therapy at least once a week. Treatment approaches include CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the 12 steps. On-site detox services are not available and must be handled before enrolling.

Clients are required to attend mandatory in-house 12-step meetings six nights a week, as well  obtain a sponsor and work the steps. Off-site meetings are not required though they are an option when the schedule permits. Once residents are ready to begin working, they use afternoons for job hunting. Those who are employed must be home for dinner by 5 pm and then in the house by 11 each night. In order to ensure complete abstinence, clients are expected to submit to frequent and random drug tests. Visitation time is available on the weekends.

Hamilton House’s staff includes LADCs, a nurse practitioner and peer counselors. Two staff members, including the house manager, are available around the clock in the home.


Once residents have finished their time in the house they are eligible to participate in aftercare. This complimentary program includes includes a Big Book meeting on Sundays, ongoing participation in the 12-step community, relapse prevention groups and peer support.

In additional to providing structure and support, Hamilton House aims to make recovery as enjoyable as possible. In order to keep the spirit of recreation alive, the men occasionally attend outside events such as sports games or other group activities. Additional programs include the Cushing Houses for adolescent residential care, Graduate Centers for alumni and the Walsh Center, which serves as a recreation spot for kids and teens. Meetings, meditations and sober community events can also be found at the Devine Recovery Center.

In Summary

In all, Hamilton House offers men a chance at long-term sobriety. As part of the Gavin Foundation, clients are connected to a wide network of sober facilities throughout Boston. While the program offers no-frills, residents are still provided the tools they need for sobriety through employment, constant 12-step involvement and community support.

Hamilton House Location

25 Mt Ida Rd
Dorchester, MA 02122

Hamilton House Cost

$300 (30 days, $75 per week). Reach Hamilton House by phone at (617) 242-0088. Find The Gavin Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. the gavin foundation is amazing but their is one place out of all their places that i would not recommend to anyone and that is the hamilton house! if i wasnt poor i would have already left this disgusting place because the staff provide no support. and they regularly give you attitude for asking them to literatly do what they get paid to do.

  2. the staff are extremely unaccomadating they regularly single individuals out and apply pressure so they will leave because discharge is a difficult process if they dont like you for whatever reason but you are doing the right thing. i am currently living in the hamilton house and am extremely dissatisfied with the conditions and the lack of support from staff 2 bathrooms for 22 men and the beds mine as well be prison bunks. the staff regularly gives individuals attitude for even the simplest of requests especially joe the clinical director he is the definition of a dry drunk and was once a prison guard so i beleive that mentality hasnt left him. the intake coordinator dave is the most rude and uncooth man ive ever met and will rush through any admissions or intake so he can go smoke a cigarette or not be bothered. all in all i do not recommend this program to anybody! they only provide food monday-thursday and dinner only not friday so dont let the ad fool you and they also take your EBT card right off the bat and never return it however you are not able to access any food because they lock it in the basement. the rooms are tiny and uncomfortable. and they cater to mostly ex cons on ankle bracelets so people like me who came here on my own to better my life are treated like criminals and threatened with discharge if i dont agree with something. i will not be leaving my name because if it gets back to the staff who wrote this then they will find any excuse to make my life a living hell and eventually discharge me. it is a highly unprofessional atmosphere and i feel sorry for anybody thinking this is a good place to go.

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