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Based in Corona, California, Signature Healthcare Services is one of the largest networks of private psychiatric hospitals in the country. It delivers mental health and substance abuse treatment services for children, adolescents and adults in ten hospitals. These are located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois and in multiple locations throughout Texas. Each hospital delivers a continuum of care that includes residential, outpatient and aftercare services with treatment plans that include a variety of therapeutic, 12-step and alternative modalities.

The Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is located in Dallas, Texas, and treats adult and adolescent clients with mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are available.

Accommodations and Food

Clients are housed two to a room, in dorm-style rooms. Clients are divided into wings determined by their specific treatment programs, and are required to remain in allocated areas. All meals and snacks are provided in the cafeteria, and there is a list of contraband items that is strictly enforced. This includes outside food or beverages, electronic equipment, most jewelry and all alcoholic toiletry products.

Treatment and Staff

Clients are admitted to Dallas Behavioral Healthcare after a thorough assessment during which individualized treatment plans are provided. Intake sessions are completed by clinical staff, and are available 24 hours a day.

Adult clients are admitted to the program receive treatment that focuses on individual and group therapy and 12-step meetings. Psychiatric medication management and dual diagnosis support are available. All treatment is evidence-based and focuses on developing the necessary skills to deal with the issues that led to hospitalization. Therapeutic modalities include CBT, DBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and solution-focused therapy.

The IOP program is for adult clients, and is designed for those that do not require hospitalization. It runs Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 12 pm and includes an on-site lunch break. Clients are required to attend all five sessions, as well as three weekly 12-step meetings. Family therapy sessions are also available to treat issues relating to the home.

The PHP utilizes all of the same therapeutic modalities as the IOP and focuses on spirituality and wellness, interpersonal skills, self-esteem, grief, loss, health habits, positive thinking, relapse prevention, goals and interpersonal skills. This program runs Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

Clients are supervised and provided treatment for by a team of interdisciplinary staff including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, and adjunct therapists.


Additional recreational and expressive therapies are available, including art and music therapy.

In Summary

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital provides a strong continuum of care for adults requiring treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Clients remain in inpatient treatment short-term, and then participate in the PHP or IOP. Those hoping to still attend work or school during treatment will feel right at home in the PHP or IOP. The length of these programs varies, but ranges from six to twelve weeks.

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Location

800 Kirnwood Dr
De Soto, TX 75115

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Cost

$30,000 (30 days). Reach Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital by phone at (972) 982-0897. Find Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital on Facebook

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  1. My daughter was referred here by her Primary to see a physician about getting medicine for her ADHD. They had her locked in there for 4 hours and REFUSED to let her get her belongings and leave. She was scared, pissed off, and crying when she was finally ALLOWED to leave. I DO NOT recommend anyone to go to this place. It is freaking ridiculous!! And to top it off she was afraid to be forceful to be released in fear that they would make her stay longer thinking she may be having a breakdown….Well HELL YES she had a breakdown because she COULD NOT leave.

  2. This place is horrible. The staff seem irritated at everything and it is hard to get questions answered. My teen daughter was physically assaulted twice. When I was upset and trying to get questions answered about this, the supervisor of this place hung up on me. My kiddo reported that the groups often didn’t happen and they would just sit around and watch a lot of tv. She was given a misdiagnosis by a doctor who only saw her twice for 5 minutes and they said they would call cps on me if I refused to give her medicine. I could really go on and on about what a joke this place is but it isn’t funny at all. I am in the psychology field and the red flags here are plenty. Look elsewhere for help because your loved one is worth it.

    • George Keith on

      I believe it! My daughter was physically assaulted and THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING! The girl who assaulted my daughter had assaulted someone else two days prior but was allowed to remain. The gentleman I talked to, named Charles, said that if she does anything again, they will deal with her…this isn’t baseball Charles…if you assault someone, you need to be held accountable. My daughter has never been assaulted and abused but now she has been subjected to both of those things at the one place we turned to help her.

      We were told that we would talk to the doctor before they would put her on any medication. Instead, a lady who can’t even pronounce the medicines they are prescribing, calls us to tell us what she is taking. Not to talk over the treatment like they had told us, but to tell us what they are already giving my daughter.

      One person told us that my daughter is feeling better and she is no longer a danger to herself, and then five minutes later they tell us something different. This place is an abomination and needs to be shut down. The employees treat this like some job they can half-ass and have zero interest in helping anyone. My daughter is terrified and agrees with whatever they say just so she can get out of there and doesn’t get hurt anymore. The state needs to take a serious look at this place. I only hope they haven’t done too much damage to my already fragile child. All they care about is money and the patients are secondary at BEST.

  3. Rebecca Cheshier on

    This has been a very frustrating day. I’ve spent the entire day trying to get my husband out of this crazy place and no one seems to want to help. I’m about to try and hire a lawyer. He doesn’t belong there. This is absolutely ridiculous. This place needs to be shut down. They need to hire people who actually care and not just care about a paycheck.

  4. This past Monday my husband was brought in by the sheriff because a so called friend (lol) was concerned about his welfare. This place is definitely about the money and not about helping the patient nor the family. The doctor makes his visits via Telemedicine from home or wherever he happens to be at the time. Nice way to make money, he can fit a lot of patients in a short amount of time and charge a great deal of money. My phone calls with questions end with I’ll need to check on that and I’ll call you back. Never received a return phone call. They threaten you with “we’ll get a court order” to keep him here. If you’re not Medicaid, trust me, they will blood suck all the money they can get from your insurance company and from you. Money is their primary concern here! I’m in healthcare and hate to see companies like this give those of us that truly care about people a bad name. I’m sure a call to my lawyer tomorrow will be in order as it seems the only way he will be able to leave that God forsaken place. Karma is a bitch and they have their fair share coming to them!

  5. Bryan Schoel on

    I was taken to this facility by Dallas Police for depression. I told the police officers to take me to Green Oaks Hospital but they said they could not because it was too far. I was told by DBH that they had a court order to keep me there against my will. Five days later, they obtained the court order they said they had five days before. They hire high school drop outs to deal with mentally ill patients. The food is bad. Do not send anyone to Dallas Behavioral Hospital. This place is a fraud.

  6. Lynne Trotter on

    My husband was sent here after a suicide attempt in May of 2018, the only difference between DBH and jail is it is a little cleaner and if they raise 9 kinds of crap the staff will give them a shot for some relief. I called at 2am to check on my husband and what meds he had been given, the nurse informed me that my husband was 51 years old and I could ask him. He was brought here from another facility, DBH gave him pajamas with strings on them and he had his phone for approximately 2 days because they didn’t even bother to check what he brought in with him. The “doctor” immediately changed his medication that he had been on for five days without ever seeing my husband. I left FIVE messages for the doctor to call me, I never received a return call from the doctor. There were NO meetings, structure, etc. They either slept all day or watched TV. My husband initiated an AA meeting with some other folks and a preacher came in on Sunday for about 30 minutes, other than that, NOTHING. He was released with an “appointment” at Metrocare in Carrollton, when we got there the next morning as told at 8am, they had never heard of us. He was not give information about seeing a psychiatrist, nothing, no medication follow up, ZILCH. He has severe back issues and has been on oxycodone for about 3 years, they said they didn’t have that there and couldn’t get it. I even told them I would come get the prescription, get it filled and return it to them, nope, refused that too. When he was released, it took me approximately 45 seconds to get from my car to the front door of DBH, during those 45 seconds I was asked twice if I wanted to buy coke (not the drink) and once if I wanted to buy weed. This place is HORRIBLE!!! I spent more than an hour filling in the patient advocate in about all of the issues; however, I have not heard any follow up from him either. I am not done, I am reporting them to the American Medical Association, Americans with Disabilities, and anyone else who will listen to get changes done. This place needs to be shut down!!! Thankfully all of my calls were recorded when he was there and I have proof to back up how he and I were both treated. Oh, and he was sent here by a Denton County Judge, removing him from a local inpatient facility where he was actually doing well and getting the assistance he needed!! PLEASE, do NOT send ANYONE to this place!

  7. My 11 year old son was admitted here for suicidal thoughts, depression and severe anxiety. The hospital staff offered no information, when I called they acted as if checking on my child bothered them. While he enjoyed his stay, I can’t forgive the lack of communication. In fact, the only time they ever called me was to ask for medication consent. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to any parent.

  8. My 22 yo son was picked up transported to dallas behavioral. None will speak with me. No one will let me visit. No one will let me have any info. He has no insurance. Only reviews are bad….

  9. Kimberly Heckler on

    My son was admitted for attempting suicide. When we had a family meeting with his psychiatrist, his Dr didnt even know the basics about my son. He didn’t know about his history of, cutting, suicidal tendencies, nothing, in fact he asked my son during the session, you’re not going to do that again are you? Like his words were going to change my sons mind!? After all we’d been through?? He didnt etven know what he’d een through!! When i called to leave a comment about how i felt the session went, they discharged him. Never take your child to Dallas Behavioral, they dont know Sh!t fron Shinola!

  10. C Patterson on

    My Daughter was in Dallas Behavioral Hospital in May 2017. We called at 9:00am to see if the had room for her. They said they had a bed available and to come on by.. We got there and had to wait !0 hrs to get her checked in. The Doctor put her on meds and none were given to her for the first 2 days, because the nurses did not call and get consent. My daughter was the one that begged them to call so she could get on meds. When my daughter phoned me to talk I could her a girl in the background screaming, ” You Make Me Want to F#%ing Kill Myself” and the I heard staff members yelling at her. They put my daughter in a section that the air conditioning was not working and she could not sleep because it was to hot. No one went over the cost of the care with me until she had been there for 6 days, then they called and wanted immediate payment. They said they would set up a family counseling session and did not. They said she was ready to be discharged after only 1 day on new medications. She is not feeling any better than when she got there and now is seeing things! The day I came to get her there were people stuck in the elevator, my daughter said the elevator has not worked right since she has been there, and she wondered why they were still using it. When we left the building the nurse took us to a stair well so we would not get stuck in the elevator, but she did not walk us down and the other door was locked and we were trapped in the stair well. I pounded on the door for a while until someone happened to walk by and let us out. Please do not ever go to Dallas Behavioral Hospital

  11. This place is so unprofessional. They lie about almost everything they offer. If you’re looking for detox or rehab please stay away. The doctors have no beside manners & it’s all about how much money they can get out of you & you insurance. Just a horrible place all together

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