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Concepts in Counseling Review

Serving 11 counties throughout central Oklahoma, Concepts in Counseling provides in-home, outpatient therapy for those in recovery from substance abuse, addiction and alcoholism. While Concepts is a relatively new facility—it was founded in 2012—staff members are, for the most part, veterans in the field of counseling. Concepts prides itself on attention to the individual and offers adults, youth and families affordable, comprehensive counseling that will provide them with the tools to thrive in their daily lives.

Treatment and Staff

Concepts is intended as an additional support for clients already in recovery. Each new client begins by completing an intake assessment with a staff member that can be done either in the Concepts office or at the client’s home. The primary reason for the assessment is to match the client with the right therapist. Roughly one week later, the client begins treatment.

Using the information from the assessment, the assigned therapist creates an individualized treatment plan for the client. He or she visits the client at home between one and four times a week, depending on what’s prescribed in the plan. Clients may also opt to meet the therapist at the facility. Length of treatment varies with the individual, but it cannot be less than one year.

Treatment consists of individual therapy using a combination of evidence-based techniques that may include psychosocial therapy, behavior modification, expressive therapy, motivational interviewing (MI) and psychoeducation. Concepts can also accommodate clients with co-occurring disorders. This facility doesn’t provide group therapy or  follow the 12 steps. Detox and medication-assisted treatment are not offered.

There are a variety of professionals on staff with myriad credentials including LPC, LMFT, LADC and LCSW. Since Concepts offers only outpatient individual therapy, the staff-to-client ratio is one-to-one.


The fee structure at Concepts is a departure from most outpatient facilities. Concepts is designed to offer services to those on Medicaid only. Medicaid is billed directly and generally the client doesn’t pay (or has to pay a small amount). Occasionally, a therapist may take a self-pay client, in which case the fee per session varies depending on the therapist.

Concepts offers a family program to engage family members in the recovery process.

In Summary

For individuals on Medicaid who are currently in recovery and live in the central Oklahoma area, Concepts should be on the list when researching outpatient treatment. With an experienced team of therapists and a well-rounded program, this relatively new rehab facility likely will continue to grow and prosper. In-home counseling is an attractive option for those who may not want, or are unable, to travel for treatment. Those able to self-pay should call the facility and inquire about therapists who work with self-pay clients.

Concepts in Counseling Location

Concepts in Counseling
3838 NW 36th St, Ste 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Concepts in Counseling Cost

Varies (30 days). Reach Concepts in Counseling by phone at (405) 702-9032 or by email. Find Concepts in Counseling on Facebook and Google+

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