AfterParty Answers: Am I Addicted to the Internet?
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AfterParty Answers: Am I Addicted to the Internet?


AfterPartyOver here at AfterParty, we receive an onslaught of questions from people about addiction and recovery. And well, our new video series AfterParty Answers gives us an opportunity to address them. In this episode, Anna David and Danielle Stewart reach into the AfterParty archives to answer a reader’s question about internet addiction.

Oh whereforartthou Internet addiction? Are you a complicated beast or what? If you’re wondering what in God’s name we’re trying to say here, well, is there anyone among us who hasn’t wondered if they’ve got a bit of the old net addiction going? We’re an Internet-addicted culture for God’s sake!

That being said, there are some people out there suffering some real repercussions as a result of their relationship with the Internet and, as we wrote in December of 2015, a bunch of different treatment options are popping up. The best known treatment center, ReSTART, has a 12-step system and relapse prevention plan.

Of course, there are the usual arguments against why Internet addiction isn’t a legitimate issue, since it doesn’t fit how full-blown addiction is truly defined and isn’t listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an official condition.

That doesn’t mean what we’re talking about isn’t real, and there are plenty of non-rehab options popping up, like wilderness programs and even the rather delightful-sounding Camp Grounded, which hosts retreats and events where guests check their phones at the door.

Of course this is a complicated question so for a longer answer, check out out this vid. While we aren’t in any way medical professions (emphasis on “aren’t in any way medical professionals”), we are sober folks who have not only grappled with some of the issues being asked about but have also written scads of articles for this very site on them. Tune in every Wednesday to see what you, our faithful readers, want to know.

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