Ask The Experts: What About Addicts Who Don't Want To Do 12-Step?

Ask The Experts: What About Addicts Who Don’t Want To Do 12-Step?


steve dansigerAfterParty is pleased to have a number of esteemed professionals in our back pocket who are employed in various fields of psychological and spiritual wellness. Today we’re talking to Dr. Stephen Dansiger, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and practicing Zen Buddhist, about addicts who don’t want to do 12-step.



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    Does the client say ‘they don’t want to be in any kind of a program” or that they don’t agree with 12 step programs? Can you tell me why in a world where menopausal women are having babies, and stem cell research why the best we can do for addicts is give them a 70 year old program that misses the point of trauma completely and fails nearly everyone that enters the doors. A small vocal minority who may have just been ready. I am very familiar with the 12 steps and frankly just can’t beieve that in the world of change and striving to improve and grow, why is it that in this area and one other related area (psychology) we seem stuck and nothing is moving meanwhile we are having an equivalent to 9-11 every 3 week in the US alone due to addiction. Where are the new modalities? Where is trauma being addressed?

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