The Most Promising Combination in Addiction Medicine

The Most Promising Combination in Addiction Medicine


This September, a new combination for addiction treatment is coming to Las Vegas. Klarity Life is a five-bed treatment program that facilitates healing by using two elements. In The House at Klarity Life, clients experience holistic therapies like yoga, meditation and qigong as well as group therapy and life coaching to facilitate healing. Set in a luxurious environment, clients of The House have private rooms and nutritious meals prepared by a private chef. At The Clinic at Klarity Life, patients receive outpatient medically-guided NAD+ and ketamine infusions. These infusions along with oral supplements allow a virtually painless detox, and address underlying issues of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative treatment option:

The Team

Justin Hoffman, nephew of the 1960’s counterculture activist Abbie Hoffman and the program director of The House at Klarity Life, knows a thing or two about rehab. After trying over 30 treatment centers, he finally overcame his opioid addiction with the help of plant-based medicine. Once he was sober, he opened a treatment center that combined the power of plant-based medicine with stringent aftercare, including yoga, exercise and nutrition. When he realized NAD+/ketamine combination therapy offered an even better — and fully legal — treatment option, he gravitated towards this method of treatment.

Hoffman joined forces with Dr. Henry Liang, a board-certified anesthesiologist, who was the first to combine NAD+ and ketamine to treat patients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Liang became the medical director at The Clinic at Klarity Life.

“It just made sense that Dr. Liang and I would start working together, him from the medical side and me from the recovery side,” Hoffman says.

The Infusions

Ketamine infusions are increasingly gaining attention for their benefits for relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD. NAD+, a lesser known co-enzyme that is a component of vitamin B3 (niacin), has long been used to help people struggling with addiction.

“NAD+ is what I consider to be a keystone co-enzyme that exists within everyone’s bodies naturally,” Dr. Liang explains. “NAD+ is essential for the proper metabolic functioning of every cell in the body.”

NAD+ is closely involved with cellular energy production, activating cellular repair mechanisms, reducing inflammation and combating oxidative stress. This helps people through the detox process, clearing their bodies of toxins and allowing it to repair itself more quickly and effectively.

The combination of ketamine and NAD+ is especially powerful. Using both substances reduces the infusion time by up to 75 percent. It also helps facilitate healing at multiple levels.

“We were the first clinic to combine NAD+ with ketamine and discovered that they worked better together than we had ever expected. The combination helps to breakdown the toxic metabolites of detoxification, repair the damage done by addiction (and various other chronic medical conditions), and curb any cravings to use drugs and alcohol,” Dr. Liang explains.

Clients at Klarity Life receive 8-10 days of infusions to completely detox from drugs. Although there may be some discomfort on the first day or two, oral medications can be used to combat that. By day three to four, patients are typically feeling great, Hoffman says.

“We have you feeling good right away,” he says.

The Aftercare

Although the infusions are a key part of recovery at Klarity Life, they’re also just the first step. Most clients stay at Klarity Life for 28 days. After the infusions have ended, clients focus on rebuilding their physical, mental and spiritual health in order to maintain long-term recovery.

Each morning, clients are greeted with a superfood smoothie when they wake up. They then go to Lifetime gym for a workout, before returning to the house to complete chores. After a healthy, organic lunch the afternoon is full of restorative activities like yoga, qigong, group therapies and recovery meetings.

Dr. Liang says this healthy routine is essential to helping people stay clean, “While we can easily guide patients through the medical detox process, we realize that in order to ensure that patients live their post-addiction lives to the fullest, they need to treat their bodies and minds with respect.”

The team at Klarity Life takes measures to expose people to different recovery philosophies, so that they can find one that works best for them.

“To say ‘I only believe in this way is detrimental,’” Hoffman says. “I want to embrace anything that is saving someone’s life.”

The Goal

Justin says that Klarity Life is a good fit for clients who are dedicated and driven to maintain sobriety, but just haven’t been able to do so yet.

“This is really for people who are very, very serious about recovery and haven’t been able to detox properly,” he says.

Utilizing medical detox and a supportive, wide-ranging aftercare program, Klarity Life helps clients connect with their peak performance, Dr. Liang says.

“Our patient experience is not just a detox program,” he says. “We guide patients to redirect and gain purpose in their lives.  Not only is our goal to detox and reduce relapse rates, but to give the patient the tools necessary to lead a purposeful life and share their life experiences with others in need.”

Klarity Life is a boutique rehab program opening this fall in Las Vegas, offering outpatient NAD+ and ketamine infusion therapy and a holistic approach to health and healing. Visit their website,, or reach them by phone at (833) 431-LIFE.


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