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Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence


The Basics

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is an upscale sober living facility that provides safe, clean accommodations and a structured environment for men in the early stages of recovery. Residents commit to a six month stay and a promise to complete all 12 steps of AA/NA. In addition, clients must either be working, pursuing employment, volunteering or currently enrolled in an outpatient program. Medication is allowed so long as residents can administer it themselves.

Accommodations and Amenities

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is situated in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood where residents are far removed from the triggers and dangers of home. Stepping Stones believes in the integral role that accountability plays in the success of a sustainable recovery. To this end, the facility only offers shared rooms, with two clients per bedroom. Bedrooms are equipped with two twin-sized beds, plenty of closet space and basic furnishings like dressers and nightstands.

With only six residents per home, Stepping Stones fosters both a strong, tight-knit community and an intimate environment with plenty of privacy. While group dining is encouraged, residents are responsible for their paying for and preparing their own meals.

In addition, clients are in charge of keeping the house clean. They share the cost of cleaning supplies as well as chores. Residents enjoy WiFi, and are allowed cell phones during their stay.

Rules and Regulations

While the length of stay varies depending on the specific needs of the resident, Stepping Stones requires a minimum six months commitment. The facility utilizes the 12-step recovery model as the cornerstone of the programming. As such, clients must have a sponsor within the first week of admittance, attend two meetings a week and complete all 12 steps by the time they leave. Unlike many other sober living houses, Stepping Stones forbids socializing with the opposite sex for the first two months. In fact, residents must complete the first five steps of recovery before they are allowed to go on a date. Further, the “buddy system” is in place for every client’s first two weeks, where each resident is responsible for another while away from the property.

As previously mentioned, in order to stay, residents must either be volunteering, going to school, employed or seeking employment. Clients are also required to attend three mandatory meetings at the home, including one at a nearby church as well as a house meeting to discuss living matters as well as the challenges of life in early recovery.

Residents must submit to regular and random drug testing. There is a zero tolerance policy toward anyone found to be in the possession of pornography or weapons of any kind. Clients are also immediately discharged for sex, theft or violence of any kind.

In Summary

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is a sober living facility with several homes in safe Atlanta neighborhoods. With 12-step as a cornerstone, residents abide by a strict code of conduct that includes working with a sponsor and completing all 12 steps. For men in the early stages of recovery seeking a safe and stable environment, Stepping Stones is an excellent resource.

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence Cost: $200 (intake); $900 (first month). Reach Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence by phone at (678) 668-3426 or by email at [email protected]. Find Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence on Facebook

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