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Step OneThe Basics

Step One was founded in 1994 in Highland, New York by Roger Spool, a former social work supervisor, clinical director and program director at various substance abuse treatment organizations. Today, Step One operates three separate facilities in the Mid-Hudson region including sites in Lake Katrine, Ellenville and Highland. It provides outpatient treatment services to adult and adolescent men and women.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Step One begins with a phone assessment with an intake coordinator. During this conversation, the coordinator discusses insurance information, last date of use and potential probation status with the client. If the coordinator believes the potential client is a good fit for Step One, then he or she is brought in for an in-person appointment. The client is drug tested during this appointment and fills out all the necessary paperwork to enter into Step One’s treatment program. Once the client has completed both of these screenings, the counselors meet and discuss the client’s potential treatment plan. If the counselors believe the client needs a higher level of care, he or she is referred to an outside detox or residential treatment program.

Step One offers both an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as a regular outpatient program. Although clients can enter directly into the outpatient program, it is also viewed as a step-down for individuals completing the IOP. The length of both programs is entirely dependent on the needs of the client and the counselor’s assessment of the client’s progress. Generally the average length of the IOP is 16 weeks and the outpatient program is ongoing.

The treatment at Step One consists of group and individual counseling. Clients in the IOP meet three to six times a week for group meetings. The group meetings in the IOP last for three hours, while the group meetings in the regular outpatient program run for an hour to 90 minutes.

The group sizes in both programs are generally between 10 to 15 clients and are led by one counselor. The group meetings vary in topic and cover a variety of issues including relapse prevention, psycho-education, nutritional assessment and planning, anger management and parenting skills. Individual therapy is available based on the needs of the client. All of the facilities are open seven days a week, and clients are encouraged to build their treatment schedule around their preexisting work or school commitments.

Although Step One is not 12-step oriented, clients are encouraged to attend outside AA and NA meetings while in the program.

Step One is dual diagnosis and offers mental wellness groups up to five times a week for clients with potential co-occurring disorders. These groups are extremely small and only consist of one to two clients per week.

The adolescent program is designed for clients between the ages of 15 and 18. This program meets two to three times a week for group meetings. The group meetings are generally small and have a maximum number of 15 clients per group. Clients in the adolescent program also attend at least one individual meeting per week.

Step One’s staff consists of CASACs and social workers.


Although Step One does not have an official aftercare program, clients are allowed to come back once a week for an individual meeting. Counselors also encourage clients to continue 12-step meetings after leaving the program.

Step One also offers private family sessions upon consent of the client. Step One also handles DWIs and professional planned interventions.

Step One is also open on major holidays and offers support groups for clients on these days.

In Summary

Step One provides an extensive outpatient treatment option for adult and adolescent clients in the Mid-Hudson region. The intensiveness of the IOP provides clients with a high level of care and an environment where all of their potential needs can be addressed. Also, the flexibility of the program’s length would be a great fit for clients who may need additional support and relapse prevention as they transition out of therapy. Finally, the adolescent program provides a treatment option for teen clients that does not interfere with the clients academic schedules.

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