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New York New YorkThe Basics

Station213 is a highly individualized sober living environment that is structured around providing a dignified environment and holistic recovery experience. Station213 was founded and is currently operated by Michael Mosberg and a team of house managers. Mosberg has an extensive background in real estate and property management in addition to a passion for recovery and altruistic pursuits.

The loft-style accommodations are located in Manhattan, the most densely populated of New York’s five boroughs and the historic and cultural center of the Big Apple. Station213 is dedicated to providing a safe place for the male residents to cultivate their recovery while actively participating in a brotherhood that builds self-confidence and helps them develop skills to support lasting recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

Station213 is a three-bedroom loft-style apartment located in the heart of Union Square. One of the bedrooms is for the on-site house manager and the remaining two are triple occupancy, housing a total of six men at once. Clients sleep in full-size beds and all linens are provided for by the house. An on-site washer and dryer are available and residents are responsible for keeping their clothes and linens clean. Each client has their own hotel-style safe to protect their valuables. Two bathrooms are shared among the residents and all toiletries must be provided by the client.

The common areas of the facility have floor-to-ceiling windows and a work space with a shared computer and printer is available. There is a wall-mounted TV above the fireplace with cable access. The apartment features hardwood floors with decorative rugs, comfortable seating and modern furnishings. The open-concept living also includes a dining area and fully-equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar. The kitchen has new state-of-the-art appliances including dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, blender and toaster oven. Food is not provided and clients must prepare their own meals in the spirit of developing independence and life-skills. However, a chef visits the apartment regularly to teach residents how to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

The apartment is a short walk to the third busiest subway stop in Manhattan and is only two blocks away from other public transit options. There is also a Farmer’s Market across the street on a regular basis. Multiple Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and counseling service facilities are also within close proximity.

Rules and Regulations

Station213 supports each individual’s own recovery experience and process. While there are general rules and regulations, some are flexible based on each resident’s needs.

First and foremost, all residents must be receiving clinical care at all times—whether they are enrolled in an IOP or standard outpatient facility, or are seeking counseling services through an approved source. Clients requiring dual diagnosis support or medication management are referred to a trusted facility and clinical care can be arranged. All residents must adhere to the guidance of their clinician at all times, must be clean and sober during their stay and they may be drug tested at any time to ensure abstinence.

Within 30 days, all residents must have a job, be enrolled in school or be actively participating in volunteer work. Station213 is adamant about supporting and cultivating the lives of their residents, helping them move forward. The staff provide vocational assistance in the form of career development guidance or help finding jobs that are conducive to the resident’s sobriety. Applications for school and job-hunting are all part of the process but residents do not have to do it alone. The Station213 staff and other residents act as brothers-in-arms, sharing the path of recovery with their peers to support their progress towards achieving their goals.

The curfew from Sunday through Thursday is 11 pm and 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays. These hours can be flexible depending on the resident’s track record in the house and their compliance with their overall wellness. Weekend passes are permitted if their primary care clinician agrees.

Clients must also regularly attend a form of group support outside of the house. Station213 encourages and supports individuality and clients may choose to attend 12-step, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, Dharma Punx, Refuge Recovery meetings or other forms of peer support. There is no requirement for sponsorship.

Cell phones and computers are allowed in the house though clients can only watch TV in the evening. Common sense rules are key; leave the space as you found it, clean up after yourself and be respectful of the other house members and staff at all times. Clients must be out of bed by 8 am and ready for a morning mindfulness meeting for a check-in. Every Sunday, the staff and residents cook dinner together and check in about the week prior and the week ahead.


Station213 values physical health as well as mental and spiritual well-being. Residents attend a local gym that the house has a partnership with. On weekends, residents and staff go on social outings together including movies, beach trips, surfing and participating in other activities that enhance their sober lifestyle.

In Summary

Station213 is an affordable and high-end private sober living option in Manhattan and is centrally located with easy access to all that the city of New York has to offer. Not only does the ultra-modern apartment have the comforts of home, but an active staff creates the space for residents to cultivate their own unique recovery experience. This approach to supporting sobriety enables the residents to develop themselves mentally, physically and spiritually while transforming into the men they were meant to be without the use of drugs and alcohol. Station213 supports long-term recovery by providing resources for careers, education and the well-being of each of their clients. The founder and staff stand by their approach to recovery, seeing lasting results in program alumni.

213 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

Station213 Cost: $6,000 (30 days, house room). Reach Station213 by phone at (917) 838-9284 or by email at [email protected]. Find Station 213 on LinkedIn

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