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Shrein H. Bahrami, LMFT


The Basics

Shrein H. Bahrami is a San Francisco based Marriage and Family Therapist who operates a private practice dedicated to men and women, couples and adolescents who are struggling with their relationship to food and body image. She offers tailored therapy practices within a safe and comforting environment through individual and group sessions using a CBT and holistic approach. She also helps her clients establish healthy and productive goals through their sessions and guides them into achieving them.


Bahrami works to establish a positive and healthy relationship between herself and her clients, and uses the first and second sessions to do that. She initially begins with discussing what the client would like to get out of therapy and from there she devises a personalized treatment and goal plan. Usually clients attend therapy with her for about six to eight sessions, though they are welcome to continue treatment if they’d like.

Throughout treatment Bahrami works on helping her clients build a support system, and at times may suggest that they invite their spouses or family members into one or two of the sessions along with them. Additionally Bahrami introduces the concept of mindfulness to her clients and may offer reading materials to compliment what they explore during their sessions. For the most part treatment is provided in an individual setting, though there are group sessions offered once a week. This group is women only and addresses relationships with food and acceptance in addition to offering coping skills and holistic healing methods all within the confines of a confidential and supportive atmosphere.

Bahrami employs tried and true treatment approaches with her clients that are based in CBT. She also used the Family Systems method to learn more about each clients past behaviors and where the issues with eating may have stemmed from, and the Humanistic method, which is an encouraging and creative approach to self discovery. Bahrami uses a combination of these three modalities to help clients uncover some buried information about themselves, which can lead to breakthroughs.

Bahrami is a Master’s level therapist who has been licensed since 2012. Her professional background includes working with a variety of agencies within residential and outpatient settings helping individuals, women and kids with their mental health disorders.


Bahrami provides her clients with support group information in and around the Bay Area. There is also an inspirational blog and wellness resources on her website.

In Summary

Shrein Bahrami has been interested in helping people since her first psychology class in high school, and since then has been dedicated to opening up doors for self discovery and insight through organic methods using mindfulness and evidence-based approaches. Additionally, Bahrami doesn’t require her clients attend treatment for an open ended amount of time, but instead helps with goals so that each individual feels very productive in their treatment.

Shrein H. Bahrami, LMFT
1795 Union St
San Francisco, CA

Shrein H Bahraini, LMFT Cost: $160-$170 (per session). Out of network insurance accepted. Reach Shrein H Bahraini, LMFT by phone at (415) 579-2785. Find Shrein H Bahraini, LMFT on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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