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The Basics

Serenity Bay‘s location in Miami, Florida is one of six throughout the country that focus on supervised detox and treatment planning services. The facilities are geared toward men and women who are trying to find recovery from substance use disorder or dealing with a dual diagnosis. The Miami outpost offers detox services along with extended aftercare programming that includes counseling and 12-step support options.

Treatment and Staff

Serenity Bay in Miami facilitates a medical detox that can last up to a week. Typically clients attend detox then are set up with a customized treatment plan that encompasses what they would need to properly begin their recovery journey. Clients have an in depth dual diagnosis assessment after the detox process as well, which helps inform the staff of where to place them. Aftercare and outpatient programs can last 30 to 90 days.

In some cases clients go through the detox then begin a residential program at a reputable treatment facility that has been vetted by Serenity Bay. There are trained and experienced addiction specialists on staff who have gotten to know the treatment facilities in the area and are familiar with what would suit each client’s needs. In other cases they may attend a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Clients also receive a medical work up to ensure their physical safety throughout.

The Miami facility offers aftercare counseling, AA and NA support, group and individual therapy and can set up  holistic services, like yoga and art and music therapy. Clients find a sponsor and check in with staff on how they’re progressing with their 12-step meetings. Additionally individuals may need to combine their support groups, so in some cases they’re connected with groups for eating disorders, shopping and gambling addiction or ones for sex addicts. There are also booster meetings, which serve as a support group that’s similar to the 12 steps, except it’s individualized. These sessions focus on coping skills and relapse prevention in addition to serving as a sounding board as questions come up during the early recovery stages.

In addition, Serenity Bay emphasizes the importance of dual diagnosis support and treatment, and provide facilities for medication management for symptoms for depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

In Summary

The main service that Serenity Bay in Miami offers is providing a touchstone for those who are going through the beginning of recovery by having the right answers and guidance they need. It’s like have a network of sober companions who can direct someone to the right AA meetings, and help him or her find a sponsor. The staff works hard to motivate and encourage clients to continue on their path to long term sobriety by being cheerleaders in all situations.

Serenity Bay
80 SW 8th St, Ste 2000
Miami, FL 33130

Serenity Bay Miami Florida Cost: Call for details; cost varies depending on services. Reach Serenity Bay Miami Florida by phone at (888) 631-7273.

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