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Seattle Drug and Narcotic Center


Seattle Drug and Narcotic CenterSeattle Drug and Narcotic Center Review

With a history dating back to 1968, Seattle Drug and Narcotic Center (which uses the abbreviation Seadrunar) was the first residential drug treatment facility of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. It is a long-term program with a highly-disciplined approach to recovery. In its 40 plus years of operation, it has helped more than 8,000 clients.

Accommodation and Food

Once a nursing home, Seadrunar’s facility is large and can hold up to 150 at a time (though they rarely house more than 70). Rooms are shared with two other roommates and come equipped with twin beds and basic furnishings. Most also have private bathrooms, though sometimes clients must share a bathroom in the hallway. Seadrunar can also provide housing for those with children under the age of 12. While residents can expect three meals a day, there is no chef on staff. Instead, clients prepare all of their own meals taking turns as part of their weekly chores, all with staff supervision.

Treatment and Staff

Seadrunar’s program uses a therapeutic community model, in which professional counselors help clients identify destructive behavioral patterns and learn new coping skills with peer enforcement from the residents themselves. Their initial plan provides a structured environment which emphasizes behavior modification. Another key element is the Seadrunar Recycling work program, where clients work eight-hour days at the facility’s recycling plant. Transportation and meals are provided, and after work residents participate in group therapy or individual counseling. There are also daily morning group seminars, before work days begin.

What might be the most impressive element of Seadrunar’s program is that clients are able to use their work hours at the recycling plant to fully subsidize their treatment. Though working at the recycling plant is not mandatory, all residents must choose some kind of job at the facility—this can sometimes just mean doing laundry or cleaning. This phase lasts about six months, after which some clients continue into a second stage where they look for outside employment and living arrangements. Phase two typically lasts an additional six months. Seadrunar serves an average of 60 to 70 clients at a time in the initial part of treatment, and about 30 to 40 for the second.

There is no medical doctor or psychiatrist on staff at Seadrunar, but it does offer referrals for outside services; there is also no medical detox available on-site.


Aside from the above, Seadrunar has a small work out room on the premises as well as a private park with a track for jogging. Other bonuses include a five-day camping trip every summer. More frequently, staff also try to offer other regular off-site outings like trips to baseball games or to the movies.

In Summary

For the most part, Seadrunar’s year-long recovery program is not a place to relax—it’s a place to get sober and learn the skills necessary to stay that way. Though the days are long, the facility’s rigorous schedule yields good habits designed to carry clients into successful routines once they are on their own.

Seadrunar Location

Seattle Drug & Narcotic Center
P.O. Box 80864
Seattle, WA 98108

Seattle Drug and Narcotic Center Cost

$500 (instate entrance fee); $1,628 (out-of-state entrance fee). Reach Seattle Drug and Narcotic Center by phone at (206) 767-0244. Find Seattle Drug and Narcotic Center on Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. This place does nothing but prey on the addicted to use as work horses(slaves) for profit not only in house but for the family run Recycling plant. I can say this being I spent 14 months dealing with the ridiculous antics at this facility. The counseling is a joke with only one Certified dependency counselor and the other wannabes are former clients who have completed the program and believe they can be counsel when in fact they simply are dumb as a rock with criminal history so bad that that’s the only place to offer them employment. I’ve seen families destroyed and mother and children put through more bull rap from this program. Talk about head tripping an a lot of twisted bullcrap. Do not go here if you want to become sober. I see the Healeys as nothing but robbing from the state(food bought with 200 dollars a month in food stamps that they take from you when arriving or make you sign up to get them) Then they get even more capital crom the Recycle(something between 9-11 million a year when I was there 6 years ago. I do not see them giving back or involved in any Seattle events/charities and they say they provide your needs haha lol after notes being the only way to communicate with staff it can be days before you get what you asked for and these are only simple hygiene/maintaining products. Now an then they might get you other items like belts, shoes etc…but first the clothing closet must be viewed lol terrible Terrible place of business.

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