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Montclair New JerseyThe Basics

Located in Montclair, New Jersey, a small city in Essex County, Real House, Inc. offers both a standard outpatient track and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Founded in 2006, Real House also operates two transitional care facilities and emergency shelters for women in nearby Bloomfield and Newark, New Jersey.

Real House endorses a method of treatment that integrates both substance abuse as well as developing the tools to deal with issues that arise in daily life. While many of Real House’s clients are court-ordered to attend treatment, the intimate groups and a treatment team that emphasizes the importance of personal connections foster a successful track record in motivating those clients who have resisted treatment in the past to commit to recovery.

Treatment and Staff

After an assessment, clients are placed in the standard outpatient track or the IOP. The duration of each client’s treatment plan is progress-based, but most clients complete their initial track in 12 to 16 weeks. Clients in the standard outpatient track attend group therapy once or twice a week and individual therapy as-needed. Clients in the IOP attend groups three times a week and one-on-one sessions once a week.

Groups seldom exceed 12 participants and address topics such as relapse prevention, the disease of addiction, grief, anger management and how to use the 12-step framework. Groups are led by Master’s-level therapists and addiction counselors such as LADCs, LCSWs and CADCs. Therapists and counselors use CBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and the Thinking for Change curriculum. Gender-specific groups are also available for those who feel safer sharing their personal stories in that setting.

The treatment team at Real House is equipped to treat co-occurring disorders and has relationships with nearby mental health clinics for clients who need medication for mental health diagnoses. While clients are not required to attend 12-step or other peer support meetings as part of their treatment plan, they are strongly encouraged and peer support meetings are an important component of each client’s aftercare plan.


Family therapy, parenting classes and domestic violence intervention classes are also available to clients of Real House.

Before completing treatment, each client creates a personalized aftercare program with their counselor that may include periodic individual and/or group therapy in addition to 12-step meetings. The counselors at Real House also make sure to follow up with each client following treatment to monitor their recovery progress.

In Summary

Real House provides a well-structured co-ed outpatient program along with emergency shelter and transitional housing program for women in Essex County, New Jersey. By offering services at several stages of a client’s recovery and by making those services financially accessible to all, Real House creates a positive and motivating environment for those with limited treatment options.

Real House, Inc.
127 Pine St.
Montclair, NJ 07042

Real House Outpatient Cost: Sliding scale. Grant-funding available for residents of Essex County.. Reach Real House Outpatient at (973) 746-0487 and by email at [email protected] . Find Real House, Inc. on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. Hello my name is Kevin Tiebout and Sutton I’ m a veteran of the United States Navy . I was sent to real house in Montclair by my one step career veteran rep. Jason Sutton . I was interested in going for my SORA licenses and that is why Jason sent me to Real House . I’m unemployed , barely making it on my own , that is why I reach out to him for directions and help, Since he was a vet . I went to the real house on Wednesday , September the 18th , whereas I was to meet Miss Valerie Blenman . I informed Miss Blenman that Jason Sutton had sent me .Miss Blenman had me fill out the necessary paper work to see if I qualify . She informed me of what real house can do for me , since I was a veteran of the united states military and what real house was . I was so appreciative of JasonSutton for sending me to someone who cared and could relate to my hardtimes . Miss Benman made an appointment for me to see Mr Jeremy Fernandez at 24 commerce st in Newark on the 23rd of September 2019 at 10:00 am , for interview , for the SORA license … I inform Miss Benman that I would need assistance in making that appointment , like gas , cell phone bill , so that I may call Mr Fernandez of my arrival and where to park my vehicle , without incurring more debt (parking ticket) . Miss Benman inform me that she would need a copy of my unemployment statement , so I told her that I would bring it to her on the next day (Thursday sept. 19, 2019) . She said okay . When I arrived the next day to the real house on 127 Pine st. in Montclair the door was lock and no one answere my knock on the door , now it was after 9:30 am and I felt the door would be open to vets who needed help ,so I went to door #6 real house and ask for Miss Valerie . She came and I inform her of the door being locked and that no one answered . So she went to the door and realized that the door was locked and that she too had to knock for several times to gain entry . Miss Wendy Chavez was sitting at her desk both times and was reluctant to open the door . Her attitude was unbecoming , un-professional and un-concerning . this wasn’t the first time I notice the attitude . On Friday I thought I would pick up the gas card to meet the pre-arrange meeting with Mr Fernandez , but Miss Benman inform me that Miss Chavez was not coming in on that day .So , see her on Monday (9-23-2019) because their was nothing that she (Miss Benman ) could do . So I went to the appointment in Newark on commerce st , but their was no parking on that street for the whole day , because of shooting a movie and street construction on the other end . So , I left and proceeded to 127 pine street in Montclair , on a wing and a prayer . I get to real house to see if things had change to help me . But I get from the Director a bunch of nonsense ,what did Miss Benman tell you and that we don’t know if you qualified . The Director said that they don’t help with rent ,nor cell phones ,nor training , etc. My question to you’s is what are you fraudulently doing with the money the government gives you to help veterans and why aren’t there any veterans in your employment to relate to veterans ? Americans helping Americans ! The Directors name is (Croix Ronald Coppage) of VAST in Montclair ,N.J. The whole incident made me feel like I was begging for assistance . How many lives have to die before you realize that they are dying so that you can come here to America . ? What sacrifices have you made to this country , for this country ? And Miss Chavez personality is like a match to a fuse . If it wasn’t for vets would you be working to help vets ?

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