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[block]0[/block]The Basics

Promises Malibu was the first of its kind. Boasting a $3.5 million Spanish-style ranch home, it’s no stranger to A-list celebrities and other titans of industry who’ve had the desire to stop drinking and doing drugs.


Originally founded in 1989 by Richard Rogg, a real estate agent whose passion for the 12 steps led him into the field of addiction treatment, Promises’ first location was in Mar Vista and was created as a complement to Rogg’s first venture, a sober living for women (Mar Vista Promises still exists). Since then, Rogg and his wife Lisa have remained active in the advocacy for women, establishing the Promises Foundation in 1999, which raises money for drug and alcohol prevention and behavioral health services for underprivileged women and their families. In 2007, the Roggs opened Miriam’s House, a recovery home and year-long program for moms and their kids designed to help them develop life skills.

Rogg opened Promises in the Malibu location when he noticed a demand for higher-end accommodations and amenities from some of his clientele. Off the success of this location, Promises Malibu pioneered the now popular “Malibu Model” of recovery, which focuses on privatized treatment, affording clients who can afford it more freedom and luxury during their adjustment to sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Like many of the high-end treatment programs, Promises Malibu offers the standard gourmet meals (prepared by a highly respected sous chef) , swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, plush gardens for meditation, phone and Internet access and optional private rooms and suites for an extra fee. The home itself resides in a private, gated community and maintains luxury furnishings accented by spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Treatment and Staff

Rogg’s gratitude for his personal success with the 12 steps infuses much of the philosophy at Promises; they also offer medically monitored detoxindividual, group and family therapy, life coaching, psycho-educational groups,EMDR, relapse prevention planning and psychiatric care. Additional Promises Malibu options include neurofeedback, SPECT brain imaging and DESA testing.

Clients don’t need to have been a client of Promises to take advantage of their app, iPromises Recovery Companion, which features daily reflections, a 12-step meeting tracker, a sobriety calculator, sponsor and support team contacts and a tool that lets users monitor their moods and relapse triggers.

The staff is complete with clinicians, psychiatrists, case managers, Master’s-level therapists, yoga teachers, art therapists and life coaches. There are also detox specialists on hand.


Promises Malibu offers an array of alternative and supplementary recovery amenities such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, art therapy and equine therapy. Thanks to the close proximity of both the ocean and the mountains, hiking, rock climbing and sunbathing are some of the other recreational activities available.

In Summary

All in all, Promises Malibu is expensive but clients get what they pay for—which is luxury accommodations and a solid foundation in 12-step based recovery.

Promises Malibu
20729 Rockcroft Dr
Malibu, CA 90265

Promises Malibu Cost: Call for cost. Reach Promises Malibu by phone at (855) 239-4331 or by email at [email protected]. Find Promises Malibu on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. All these rehabs are just out for money! They have all let my son down and promises Malibu is no different! The psychiatrist even hung up on me! No empathy! He needs to go back to school. It took me hours to reach anyone there by phone. They ask me to send a survey but their fax did not work. His doctors for the last 3 months do not talk to each other. These plush rehabs take your money but make no promises! I work in a hospital and there are rules about kicking people out who are sick! And people with addictions are sick! If my son dies from being kicked out I will sue. They take your money but do not care for the patient. Please think twice before you send your lived one there. While my son was there 3 people relapsed within 30 days and 2 people left because they were not happy with the people and the facility! Do your research! The percentage of patients that stay sober is minimal!

  2. I’m sorry but the guys full of crap. I’m always gonna be an alcoholic. But today I’m sober for and have been for the past 2 years because of tools AA has taught me.
    When I am honest, open minded, and willing… I am capable to recognize God’s will. God’s will for me today, is not what I expected, nor is it anything I ever would have imagined. In meetings I hear frequently, “If I would have gotten my way, I would have sold myself short”. This is also true for me. When I had experienced “a taste of AA”, but was determined to do things on my own, I drank. I had battled for so long to maintain my using and my drinking, that when it came time for me to surrender, I struggled. I was afraid of asking for help, and I didn’t know HOW to do ask. Somehow, I got real. I became honest, with my sponsor, with the people that had quickly become a part of my life through AA with God and myself. With the honesty, came open mindedness. I no longer challenged everyone that I ran across. I no longer had that the energy to fight. I became so broken down and so defeated that the only option I had, was to open my mind and my heart to learn from others. The most important part of HOW this works for me, is being willing. If I take all of the energy that I put into using and drinking, and put it into my sobriety and recovery, I can survive. Now that I am willing to listen to my sponsor, as well as others in AA, I can live. I follow the suggestions that are put in front of me. I ask for help and I listen for the answer. I ask God, I ask my sponsor, and I ask other members of AA. These people, who have trudged the road of happy destiny before me, have given me the hope to go on. For this, I will forever be grateful.

  3. I used to drink, a lot! Label me what you will or what you are comfortable with, I don’t really care. I’ve been to a “high-end” rehab ($27k for less than 30 days), a 12-step program (soooo not for me, sry Bill), and a court mandated 90 day state run hell hole, and I relapsed after all of them! I wasn’t ready to stop and I apparently hadn’t found the right fit to find my sobriety. So shame on all of you non-users spitting venom at each other in the review section of a sobriety center. Maybe it works for some people. Maybe it’s someone’s “right fit.” Who are you to judge? As addicts, haven’t we all been judged enough?

    • SHS I appreciate your post. It has to be you wanting to quit whatever your doc or alcohol is and finding the right fit. We are all different. No one should judge anyone !!! Whatever the rehab, if it helps someone it is worth it.

  4. What a high end joke. Not only is this a polished turd, there is no evidence based methods of treatment, other than what the Snake-Oil salesmen tell you. Pax was an addict, because he what? Couldn’t measure up to his father? What he needed was to grow some cajones, and quit being a pussy.

  5. i am looking for a review from a non-biased person. any of the ones from the church-based idiot factories (12 steps, my rear) is pathetic. if you have NOT bee here, then your opinion is worthless. i need data. you know what data is? data is something like “based upon many studies, the success rate of the AA model is exactly that same if you do nothing at all. all it is is a disguise for magic faerie church.”

    • PrinceOfSorrows on

      What you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Besides, by your poorly worded rant, I see that you are not ready for any type of mental or physical sobriety. Grow up, sober up, clean up. And stfu until you are.

  6. I can’t believe someone has the opacity to say “I was an addict for ten years and now I’m not”. This is an in your dreams Barbie dream house facility for people who have way too much money and way too little brains and integrity.

  7. 2% of addicts get clean after leaving rehab. I wonder what the success percantage is for this method, and ive been clean for years not through na and i know na- aa is not for everyone maybe it works for some people and i agree fuk no there is no cure for addiction

  8. Per Anna’s post, all these commentaries are meant for PASSAGES not PROMISES. PROMISES is an abstinence-based, 12 step friendly, disease model holistic treatment center.PASSAGES is the one that advertises the bad information about the “cure.”

  9. I guess if you have 80.000 grand to spend on recovery you dont have a lot of the problems most addicts have. Whenyou say your cured to a addict it does not mean he wont use again it means he will use and feels he wont get addicted. I been clean for 18 years using a 12-step program and it was FREE. I guess when Passages has a world convention and has people with many years clean stand up for the program then they can talk. Right now there just trying to make as much money as they can before they get sued

  10. Gotta give it up to Bill W!!!! The dude has saved my life. Lindsay Lohan relapsing days after she left passages- way to line the pockets girl. I spent money on rehabs, a lot of money. Some were step oriented, some, like passages, were holistic “you’ll be healed” oriented. All I had to do was give myself “to this simple program and I swear to God- I’ve never ever been happier. This program deals with your shit in the past, it teaches you to live selflessly and accept alcoholism and addiction as a part of your life. This program allows you to work at your own speed. This program has kept me sober, given me a fellowship of friends like I never thought I would have, and allowed me to face the world and know that life is really not as bad as i made it out to be no matter what I face. Oh btw this program’s cost is…drum roll please…$000,000,000 dollars a year. Have you guessed the program? It’s AA BITCH. RECOGNIZE THE SOBRIETY. LOL

  11. Antoinette Paglino _Stegman on

    HOW FUCKING DARE U MORONS AT Pasdiseasealibu have the audacity to advertise 2 have the_CURE_for addiction…Y’ALL R BULLSHIT LIARS. I just hope passages gets exposed for what it isn’t be it’s able 2 rob 2 many patrons or really injure serious addicts who have hit rock bottom & r seeking “real” help.
    Please explain how a disease such as addiction as well as diseases such as hiv aids or even diabetes or copd which have NO medical cure, gives u the ignorant arrogance to advertise in tv commercials that Passages Malibu cures addiction.
    I am PROUD 2 say that I have been a greatfully recovering addict for 25 years’s a fact there is no cure for the disease of addiction, there’s only management of the disease using the realization that working (Bill W’s) 12 step program is what one must choose to live otherwise the only other choice is death.
    Please please please explain 2 me way u people do that drug addicts can say they’re cured & no longer an addict.
    Do u morons have any concept & understanding just how very insulting ur tv commercials r to me & I’m sure many other addicts who work so hard everyday to stay clean by keeping it in the moment the hour or the day. Staying clean is at times can be quite painstaking because we no the only alternative is death.
    Explain to me why u advertise those bullshit commercial s. Oh by the way I’m a New Yorker born bread & still live hear. I’m dying to see &hear what buckshot it gonna say & just how much smoke u think u can blow up my add. This is u challenge can u handle it?

  12. Your always gonna be an addict, there’s an active addict and there’s an addict in recovery and there’s a recovers addict,

  13. how can u say that “i use to b a addict for ten years and finally im not “how can u said that u will always going to be a addiction

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