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cheap rehabs tinley park illinoisThe Basics

With locations in Midlothian and Tinley Park, Illinois, Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. is a multi-faceted behavioral health facility that offers outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Both standard and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are available to adults and adolescents who are either court-ordered or self-referred.

Treatment and Staff

After an initial intake and assessment, clients work with staff members to develop an individualized treatment plan. While both outpatient and IOP provide similar treatment, the first is limited to nine hours or less a week while the IOP requires nine or more. Both include individual and group therapy rooted in evidence-based practices, such as Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and CBT. Group sessions cover anger management strategies, psychoeducation, parenting skills and addiction as a disease model. Clients in the IOP may also receive additional therapy for co-occurring disorders as necessary. Depending on the client, regular 12-step participation may also be required.

Staff consists of Master’s-level LPCs and state-certified substance abuse counselors.


Aside from the more intensive programs above, the facility also has a lower level of treatment that offers assessments and psychoeducation exclusively. This group meets only once a week.

More than half the staff are bilingual, with Spanish and Polish-speaking therapy also available.

Court-ordered clients can receive DUI evaluations and as well as attend treatment and on-site drug testing and standalone mental health assessments are also available.

Aftercare groups are offered several times a month in the form of alumni meetings to discuss relapse prevention strategies.

In Summary

Overall, Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. provides straight-forward outpatient care for clients struggling with addiction. Support for court-ordered and self-referred clients comes by way of  evidence-based methods and 12-step supplementation. For those in the area looking for flexible and affordable treatment, Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. is worth considering.

Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc.
4610 147th St
Midlothian, IL 60445

16547 Oak Park Ave
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. Cost: Sliding scale. Reach Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. by phone at (708) 926-2789 or by email at [email protected]. Find Phoenix Behavioral Services, Inc. on Facebook

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  1. This facility uses drug testing to drive up their review. Even while being randomly drug tested through the court systems at a cost, this facility will also test at a cost even when you present them with evidence that you just recently tested through the court system. Moreover, I had heard rumors and later found it to be true that this facility will give you false results on your tests to keep you in treatment longer, thereby driving up their revenue and bottom line. After being told repeatedly that I was positive for THC in my system, when I had been completely sober, I was required to extend my treatment at additional cost. After one such episode of being given false positive results, I went and had an independent test done and paid for it out of my pocket which, as expected, was negative for THC. After approaching Phoenix with my results and denying that I had THC in my system, they got upset and discharged me from treatment all together. It seems I hit a sensitive chord with them and was on to their practice of giving patients false positive drug test results to keep patients in treatment and drive up revenue. After being discharged I had to go and complete my entire treatment program over again. It should be noted that while in treatment with Phoenix I passed all of my court ordered random drug tests (as well as the independent test I sought out). Again, when I discovered what they were doing they unilaterally discharged me from the program when I had one class remaining. I did everything I was supposed to do and remained sober and they took all my money for the aftercare program I was completing and sent my on my way after I discovered their scheme. I am now in another aftercare program, have remained sober and passed each and every screening. Phoenix should not be allowed to stay in business. They seriously messed with my life when I was on the path to getting my driver’s license back after doing everything I was supposed to do both through my social worker and the court system. I have suffered no repercussions from the courts as I was able to prove that I have remained sober. Phoenix delayed me from completing my responsibilities to the system simply as a means by which they can drive up their revenue. It is seriously disheartening that a facility like this would take advantage of good and honest people trying to make their lives better. This business should not be allowed to operate. Thank you for your time.

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