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McAlister Institute: North Coastal Regional Recovery Center


McAlister Institute North Coastal Regional Recovery CenterThe Basics

Founded by Jeanne McAlister in the 1980s, The McAlister Institute  provides outpatient and residential treatment throughout California’s San Diego and Napa counties. McAlister, who recently celebrated 58 years in recovery, was awarded the Frank Goldsmith Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 by the San Diego Drug-Free Alliance and the award for Innovative Approaches to Recovery from the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs in 2006.

In operation for over 15 years, the McAlister Institute’s North Coastal Regional Recovery Center (NCRRC) is located in Oceanside, California, 40 miles north of San Diego. It offers treatment at the standard outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) levels.

Treatment and Staff

After an assessment, clients receive a treatment plan that includes group therapy anywhere from one to five times a week and individual therapy at least every 90 days. The duration of treatment is progress-based, with most staying at least three months. Clients can step down to a lesser frequency of group sessions as they stabilize in recovery.

The treatment team includes Master’s-level therapists such as MFTs and addiction counselors with the RADT/CCAPP credential. Therapy uses CBT, trauma-informed care and the Living in Balance curriculum. Groups explore handling triggers and relapse prevention and clients are required to attend at least two 12-step meetings outside of their structured treatment each week.

Gender-specific Wellness Groups are offered for both men and women that use the Seeking Safety curriculum. Anger management classes are included in some treatment plans, and clients who have been high-risk offenders may enroll in a Thinking for Change group.


Clients can invite family members to their individual sessions if the treatment team approves. NCRRC is currently working on developing a family program to educate and support loved ones who’d like to take an active role in the recovery.

For aftercare clients are encouraged to attend a weekly relapse prevention group.

In Summary

North Coastal Regional Recovery Center provides flexible outpatient treatment that includes multiple therapy groups tailored to clients’ backgrounds and recovery issues. As a member of the extensive McAlister Institute facility network, North Coast Regional Recovery Center clients have access to highly experienced clinicians trained in dual diagnosis support, trauma therapy and criminal thinking.

McAlister Institute: North Coastal Regional Recovery Center
2821 Oceanside Blvd
Oceanside, CA 92054

McAlister Institute: North Coastal Regional Recovery Center Cost: Sliding Scale. Reach McAlister Institute: North Central Regional Recovery Center by phone at (760) 721-2781 or by email at [email protected]. Find McAlister Institute on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. either the place is all about money or they haven’t had clients get kicked out then DIE . DONNA doesn’t even offer a chance if you relaspe and as a chronic relasper myself I was just removed from my sober living and had my funding cut even tho I was honest before hand about what I did .. and they tell you to be honest you will be better off … that’s a lie .. Donna on the north county division is a monster for doing what she did to me today . I was honest .. I was taking steps and had appts set up and accomplished but I’m a herion addict who has the hardest time staying clean I told my councilor this Thursday when I did my intake .. so it’s not like it’s a surprise that I relapsed.. even the sober living was willing to work with me .. now I’m probably going to die tonight or sometime soon.. but maybe that’s what it’s going to take for this terrible program that’s in place ran by a nieve person named Donna for a patient to DIE after being removed from a positive environment I told them I needed to get on MAT for a min to get time away from the drug I did so and since I have I have not used .. now I’m exited and regret getting on clinic .. I regret flying back here to California from Boston and I regret what’s about to happen next .. so I hope this gets back to Donna and my councilor who see in the beginning it’s always better to be honest .. my best friend died last night … it’s probably a sign that I need to go join him and hopefully the next fool who signs up for the outpatient program that offers help paying for sober living doesn’t have to have happen to what happened to me of they are chronic relasper whom is as hopeless as I am gets a chance of they fall off while having certain steps in order to stop them selfs from happening … McAlister and California needs a reality check kicking someone who is participating in the program and going to meetinga and being honest deserves a damn chance if they use once .. I can see if its a continuous thing every week or every month BUT ONE TIME AND TO BOOT TELLING ON MYSELF ABOUT IT. I don’t think Jeanine McAlister would approve of this .. we will see because I’m sending her this letter as well .. but there’s a good chance I won’t be around to read her response .. or anybodys response.. shame on you Donna and Lisa from McAlister

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