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The Basics

Situated in the county of Surrey just outside of London, Life Works is an upscale treatment facility that offers outpatient services on a step-down basis for individuals with substance use and eating disorders as well as those in need of dual diagnosis support. No matter the condition or illness, Life Works works to treat “the person rather than the symptom” and looks to get to the root of the issue. The facility is licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and utilizes a holistic treatment approach and a range of outpatient services including client day care and aftercare.

Treatment and Staff

Outpatient treatment at Life Works is typically a good fit for clients coming out of the residential phase as well as individuals that may require short-term stabilization. In addition, it is suitable for clients unable to commit to the lengthy residential program. The day care program is nevertheless intensive, and clients participate in therapy between one and five days a week. Both the length and frequency of treatment varies depending on the specific needs of the client, which is assessed during a comprehensive intake evaluation performed by counselors, psychiatrists and a general practitioner.

Clients in day care join the main treatment group along with individuals in the residential program. Individual and group therapy are a large component of day care, and clients can also take part in the two-day non-residential family works programming. Life Works utilizes an array of therapeutic methods including evidence-based like CBT and DBT, holistic models like drama and music therapy as well as complementary therapies that include yoga, meditation and Japanese massage. Psychoeducational courses cover topics like relapse prevention and the disease of addiction as well as nutritional counseling.

Aftercare is a significant component of recovery, as returning home from treatment can be a difficult phase. The goal of the aftercare program is to find the adequate support clients need to achieve a sustainable recovery. Clients work with Life Works staff to identify risk factors and then develop a customized continuing care and relapse prevention plan that includes 12-step recovery and fellowship meetings, continued therapy and a weekly community aftercare program hosted by Life Works.

The Life Works team is comprised of a nursing team, counselors, therapists, addiction specialists, a general practitioner, nutritionist, complementary therapists and a psychiatrist. Medication management is available for individuals in need of dual diagnosis support.

In Summary

Life Works is a premier treatment facility in England that provides a comprehensive treatment program for clients with substance use and eating disorders as well as co-occurring mental illnesses and process addictions like sex and love, gambling and internet. It offers day care services on the outpatient level that include an array of evidence-based, holistic and complementary methods. Life Works works with clients to create an individualized aftercare plan to solidify a continued care support system. For clients seeking a holistic program with an experienced, multidisciplinary staff that offers upscale facilities and medication management, Life Works is a great option.

Life Works Outpatient
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Life Works Outpatient Cost:£400 GBP [$522 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (per day); £148 GBP [$193 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (per individual session); most insurances accepted. Reach Life Works Outpatient by phone at +44 800 081 0700 or by email. Follow Life Works on Facebook and Twitter

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