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Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center


Life Changes Addiction Treatment CenterLife Changes Addiction Treatment Center Review

A neurologist and addiction medicine specialist for more than 20 years, Dr. Jose Toledo founded Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center to provide both life skills and a high level of care for addicts in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. Treatment time ranges from 10 to 90 days, allowing clients to select a program that fits their personal needs.

Accommodations and Food

Clients are housed down the street from the main facility in spacious condos, each of which holds two at a time and includes a living room with a large flat screen television, state-of-the-art kitchen and marble bathroom. The bedrooms have a black-and-red color scheme with full-sized beds, overhead fans and views of the neighborhood. The outdoor area of the condos features covered seating under a gazebo and a handful of lounge chairs for sunbathing. Smoking is allowed in this area during break.

Residents are transported each day over to the main facility, which houses the therapy rooms, group rooms, a fireplace and a flat screen television for educational films. For exercise, a small on-site workout room can be used during free time. In addition, clients have the option of going to an LA Fitness facility in the mornings.

While many rehabs cook for clients, Life Changes believes in teaching them how to take care of themselves. Each week, clients are given a $50 allowance to spend during supervised grocery store trips. Cooking can be done as a group or individual effort back in the comfort of the condos. The allowance is included in the monthly cost.

Treatment and Staff

With a small client load of 14 people and a highly trained team of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, neurologists, therapists and Master’s level CSWs, clients can receive one-on-one attention during their stay. For individuals needing detox, an on-site, medically monitored program is available at no additional cost. The detox period typically lasts between seven to 10 days.

Clients have the option of a 30-, 60- or 90-day treatment plan that is mapped out after an initial assessment with admissions. Once treatment begins, they follow a rigorous schedule of therapy, substance abuse education and application of life skills. While some treatment centers skimp on individual therapy time, this program allows clients to have as much one-on-one counseling as needed. In addition, a large amount of time is dedicated to group therapy. Group topics include relapse prevention, processing, anger management and trauma. For those wishing to involve family members in their recovery, family therapy is also an option.

In order to prepare residents for the real world, Life Changes strongly emphasize life skills. From communication to decision-making to relationships to problem-solving to symptom management, clients are give a wide variety of tools as they progress through treatment. Employment and educational support services are also provided.

While this program is not rooted in the 12 steps, AA/NA meetings are available during the week.


Currently, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center offers on-site Tai Chi classes for all clients at no additional charge. As it begins to expand its program, it will be adding acupuncture and EMDR.

In Summary

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center promotes healing in a comfortable, individualized setting, focusing more on holistic treatment than the addiction-as-a-disease model. With on-site detox, a very small client load and comfortable living accommodations, it offers an upscale program at an affordable price.

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center Location

900 Osceola Dr #200
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center Cost

$12,900 (30 days). Reach Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center by phone at (877) 274-7535. Find Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center on Facebook

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  1. Alicia Marie on

    The clinical team at Life Changes works closely with the clients to make sure they are getting the best treatment and therapy possible while they are at Life Changes. Working at Life Changes has been such a great experience for me so far. I have been here almost a year and something I love about this facility is how the staff works together like a family. I have worked in many facilities over the years dating back to 2013 and Life Changes has been the best employment by far. They do everything legitimate and follow the DCF standards at all times. They genuinely care about their clients and employees.

  2. I currently work at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center. I began working here while the company was making many positive changes to become more client oriented and a better company overall. I work with extremely competent, compassionate, and knowledgeable individuals who all put the client first. Each client that comes to Life Changes is seen as an individual and treated as one too. Each client receives what they need to build a solid recovery and heal from past traumas. I believe, and so does the team I work with, that each person we treat is worth the fight for their life. I am truly blessed to be a part of this amazing company and able to help people change their lives for the better.

  3. I’m honored to be part of the Life Changes team. As I am in recovery myself it’s vital for me to work in a facility where client care is the number one priority. Life Changes is a smaller facility so clients receive extensive one on one care and therapy. Clients get well here, families heal here, peoples lives change here. I work in an industry that helps people save their own lives and I get to do it in a facility with staff who love the clients back to whole, full lives. We are truly passionate and invested in helping every person who enters our facility achieve the sober lives they deserve and desire.

  4. I have been working for Life Changes for almost a year now. I have been with the company while is has gone though many changes as it has been run by new management earlier this year. I have continued to work for Life Changes because the management team, the owners and clinical staff all share the same vision for the company as I do which is to help struggling addicts and alcoholics HEAL and find a new way of life. We work as a family here and staff genuinely cares about each person who walks through the door! I am in recovery myself and can honestly say due to my personal morals I would not be here if I did not believe in what we do here!

  5. Craig Romney on

    I also got ripped off there. The exact same thing happened to me that happened to Danny C. All of my clothes, my cell phone, and my wallet were all “lost.” They told me it’s just stuff and not to focus on material possessions. They were focused on stealing them for me. Place is a scam run by 25yr old kids who drive 100k$ cars from all the money they get ripping off ins companies and clients stuff. Place is a complete joke.

  6. This place is a complete scam in a horrible neighborhood. They stole/lost all of my belongings that I brought with me and then refused to answer any of my calls asking to return my stuff. Dont go there if you expect to get sober or keep your possessions you bring with you.

    • Wow is all I can say. The issue that we are having here has nothing to do with this establishment. While some of the behavior techs are young that is about the only true statement here. No one is driving 100k cars here and we have a great program that WORKS if YOU work it. This facility is in West Palm Beach and not a terrible neighborhood. When a client goes AMA which was the case here you are required by law to leave your belongings for 48 hours. After that it is your responsibility to get them in a timely manner. The left behind belongings are locked in a closet where no one can get into without a key. I find nothing funny about legitimate rehabs trying to help people like yourself get sober.

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