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Lakeview Center SHAPE and Phase Three


The Basics

SHAPE is a specialty service offered through the substance abuse and mental health treatment facility Lakeview Center of Pensacola, Florida. SHAPE, which stands for Substance Abuse HIV Assessment Prevention Education, is geared toward young adults who are a high risk for contracting the HIV infection. The program consists of extensive educational opportunities along with confidential testing and community outreach. SHAPE may also coincide with another HIV related program at Lakeview Center known as Phase Three, which takes intravenous drug users and minority addicts and provides them with counseling and case management services.

Treatment and Staff

SHAPE is located in a facility that is off the main Lakeview Center campus that is open from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. The target client base is between the ages of 18 and 24 who are in underserved communities, have had arrests due to their substance abuse or are known IV drug users. The program is a series of lectures and classes, such as HIV 1, Hepatitis 1, and STD 1 along with a program referred to as CCAA (Challenging College Alcohol Abuse). These programs use specific tactics and approaches, like social media tools, to communicate the lessons. Within this program clients receive HIV testing and attend community education events.

Phase Three is located in the same facility as SHAPE and offers high risk clients a road map to the programming options at Lakeview Center align with a number of outpatient counseling sessions and specialty services. Clients who are partaking in this level of care can also be connected to local health resources within the community, receive transportation, assistance with housing and access to food banks if needed. These programs also work with the court system and uses a variety of methods for interventions through assessments and program placement.

Treatment in both SHAPE can Phase Three can consist of group counseling that address relapse prevention, coping skills and psychoeducation. There are co-occurring disorder programs that clients can be referred to that can offer medication management. Additionally clients are provided with resources for 12-step meetings within their communities, or sober living placement if needed.

The staff of Lakeview Center operating these programs include LCSWs, LPCs and addiction specialists.

In Summary

The SHAPE and Phase Three programs are very specific to a group of people who are at risk for contracting HIV due to their addiction and cycles of drug abuse. The main intention is that these clients get on the right track through these interventions and are shown alternative options that can be made with the right decision.

SHAPE and Phase Three
6425 Pensacola Blvd
Building 1, Suite 5
Pensacola, FL 32505

Lakeview Center SHAPE and Phrase Three Cost: Sliding scale. Reach Lakeview Center by phone at (850) 494-7171. Find Lakeview Center SHAPE on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

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