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Lakeview Center Adolescent Outpatient


The Basics

Lakeview Center in Pensacola, Florida is a behavioral health facility that serves adolescents and adults for a variety of issues, including mental illness, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Treatment at Lakeview Center consists of residential services in addition to comprehensive outpatient care for adolescents. Programming includes individual and group therapy, assessments, and 12-step support for children between the ages of five and 18. Lakeview utilizes holistic treatment methods that are customized to suit the client’s exact needs with an additional emphasis on trauma-informed practices.

Treatment and Staff

The adolescent outpatient programs are available in two different locations: the Lakeview Center main campus and the Avalon Center, which is located in Milton and caters to Santa Rosa County residents. Individuals undergo an assessment upon admission to determine their level of need. In some cases, they may be required to participate in the residential track before entering into the outpatient program. There are also crisis intervention services at the Avalon Center for incoming clientele who are in need of stabilization through medication.

The outpatient programs are individualized and consist of structured counseling and educational services. In most cases the outpatient program for adolescents consists of meeting once a week at the facility in either a group or individual setting, though there are certainly exceptions.

Treatment includes a variety of different evidence-based modalities that are age appropriate and supportive. Common methods are CBT, DBT and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET). Younger clients also benefit from expressive art therapy approaches, like music and art therapy.

Family involvement and participation are a large part of the success of this program. Therapists and clients set goals throughout their time in treatment and parents or guardians are consulted regularly. 

The staff that operates the outpatient programs at Lakeview are Master’s-level therapists in addition to medical doctors and nurses. There are psychiatrists, LCSWs, LMHCs and addictionologists. In addition to the therapy, medication management can be facilitated.


Family therapy is readily available throughout the person’s course of treatment.

In Summary

The main objective for the outpatient programs for adolescents at Lakeview Center is to help them uncover and heal from past experiences that may have led them down the path to addiction, and setting them on the right path at an early age. The staff is passionate about helping clients and their families throughout their ordeals with solid programming and tried and true methods.

Lakeview Center Adolescent Outpatient
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Lakeview Center Adolescent Outpatient Cost: Sliding scale; insurance accepted. Reach Lakeview Center by phone at (850) 432-1222. Find Lakeview Center on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

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