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Kristina WandzilakThe Basics

Interventionist Kristina Wandzilak (CAS, BRI-I) is the founder of Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services which has been helping clients in the northern California Bay Area recover from alcohol and chemical addictions since 1995. Full Circle offers a combination of intervention services and aftercare. Wandzilak and her staff believe that the key to successful recovery is found not only in treatment of the client, but also in educating family members and adjusting the living environment once the client is released from treatment to support lasting sobriety. Full Circle involves family and friends in the recovery process to create a supportive environment that extends into every aspect of a client’s daily life. Wandzilak’s staff at Full Circle is comprised of certified addiction professionals and certified counselors who are qualified to provide dual diagnosis care.

The Background

Wandzilak has been working in the field of interventions and addiction recovery since 1995 and is credited with helping thousands of individuals address and recover from alcohol and substance abuse addictions. Wandzilak herself has been in recovery since 1993 and brings her personal history and understanding of this disease to her work. She is often a fixture on Good Morning America, offering insight and expertise as their regular addiction specialist. Additionally, all staff members at Full Circle—from the Recovery Counselor to the Office Manager—are dedicated to recovery and are openly sober themselves.

The Approach

Wandzilak’s approach to interventions is family-focused both before and after the intervention. The first contact with the family or a loved one is usually via phone, at which time Full Circle staff begins an assessment and the planning process that involves learning details about the client’s history. At this time it is also determined which family members or friends should participate in the intervention.

Wandzilak’s process is a non-confrontational intervention. The participants are coached beforehand and elements of the family system and the lifestyle and habits of the client are identified as key environmental aspects requiring change that support the client’s sobriety following treatment. Full Circle mostly employs the Arise Model of intervention, but will use the Johnson Model if determined to be ideal for the specific client’s needs. Following the intervention Full Circle provides immediate access to an inpatient treatment facility and continues to closely monitor clients throughout their recovery.

Post-Intervention & Summary

Aftercare is crucial at Full Circle and a variety of post-intervention programs are available. Case management services typically last from three to six months and involve not just the client but also the family to further support the early days of recovery and the client’s adjustment to “regular life.”

Full Circle also offers sober living for those clients who require a more structured living environment immediately post-treatment. While living in this facility, clients are able to work, attend school, volunteer and spend time with their families in their own homes. Private and semi-private rooms are available and transportation to aftercare services is provided. Full Circle is committed to providing a comprehensive recovery program that helps the family reunite with the client following treatment and aids in rebuilding relationships in a supportive and loving environment.

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Reach Kristina Wandzilak by phone at (415) 202-6255 or by email at [email protected]. Find Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services on her website, Facebook and Twitter

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