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Kathy Oyler, Interventionist


Kathy Oyler, InterventionistThe Basics

Kathy Oyler is a southern California based addiction specialist. She is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor. She has been working in the field of addiction recovery nearly 15 years and has been facilitating interventions for 12 years.  Oyler founded Divine Interventions in Orange County to help adolescents, adults and seniors who are unable to help themselves. Through an established network of support and experience at numerous treatment facilities, Divine Interventions is available to offer interventions and access to facilities throughout the United States.

The company motto of Divine Interventions is “Helping Those Who Feel Hopeless,” and Oyler truly believes every addict can be reached through a combination of clear communication from family and friends, a compassionate understanding of the disease of addiction and an available path to treatment. Divine Interventions offers interventions for those struggling with substance abuse addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, eating disorders, sexual addiction, computer addiction and other self-destructive behaviors. Divine Interventions employs a staff of certified and experienced intervention professionals who help guide the client into a treatment facility and back on the track to reclaiming their lives.

The Background

During Oyler’s experience as a counselor she was involved directly with physicians as they assisted clients through the detox phase of treatment. Her hands on experience with addiction has given her insight and qualified her to prepare the family of the client for what to expect throughout each step of this process. Oyler herself has experienced the healing benefits of treatment and sobriety, and her years of solid recovery have instilled her with compassion, kindness and respect for both the family of an addicted person and empathy for addicts and alcoholics. Through her work, Oyler has helped countless clients recover.

The Approach

Oyler and her team at Divine Interventions have four goals for the process of an intervention—to realize the nature and degree of the addiction, to understand the treatment options, to employ the process of intervention and to educate all involved in this process. They use a different approach for every client. The process of an intervention with Divine Interventions begins with an initial consultation which is done over the phone. This conversation gives Oyler and the staff at Divine Interventions an understanding of the situation and the specifics of the client’s addiction and history. This helps inform the team in regards to the best structure and plan for success.

Through phone calls and email, Oyler and her staff prepare the family for the intervention day. Part of this preparation is coaching through each intervention member’s script, understanding of the particular addiction and emotional counseling. Through these calls and the assessment, Oyler is able to identify the proper treatment facility that best suits the client’s needs. Oyler encourages family and friends’ participation in the intervention to employ consequences as a last resort, believing that support and love are the key elements to convincing an addicted loved one to seek treatment. The intervention approach for all clients at Divine Interventions is structured around boundary setting. Oyler believes this approach is the least likely to engender resentments from the client towards the family members and friends participating in the intervention.

After careful consideration, Oyler and her team determine the type of treatment best for the client. This treatment consists of detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and continuing care. During the intervention, the team shares their thoughts and wishes for the client, and if the desired outcome is achieved, the client goes directly to a treatment facility. When Oyler engages with the client and the family in therapy it is CBT focused.

Post-Intervention and Summary

While the client is in treatment, Oyler and her staff remain in contact with the family, and check on the client periodically. This contact is over the phone or in person. Divine Interventions is available for family members and loved ones throughout the entire process, offering counseling, assistance and support. Divine Interventions provides a specialist to guide the client from the treatment facility to their home post-treatment. This guidance is referred to as a sober escort, and this escort is available to accompany the client to possibly difficult situations such as court hearings or reunions with friends. This sober escort is an extension of the sober coaching available to guide the client back into their daily life and help acclimate the client to their “new normal.”

A vital part of the service provided by Divine Interventions is support post-intervention, for both the family and the client. All are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings and Alanon meetings, and sober escorts are available if desired. By providing compassionate and thoughtful preparation with years of experience, Kathy Oyler and Divine Interventions help position the client and their family in the best possible place to achieve healing and successful recovery.

Kathy Oyler
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Reach Kathy Oyler by phone at (800) 357-3112 or by email. Find Kathy Oyler on her website or LinkedIn

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