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Sarasota FloridaThe Basics

Judy Sperling is an intervention professional based in both the greater Chicago area and in Sarasota, Florida. Sperling is a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) and a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI). She received her BA from Eastern Illinois University and her MS in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Sperling is also a certified ARISE Interventionist and has over a decade of experience working with individuals in need of mental health support. In addition to providing intervention services for clients with substance abuse issues, Sperling also works with individuals struggling with eating disorders and behavioral health issues.

The Background

Sperling’s journey to working with individuals with chemical dependency issues began when she became a site director and addiction specialist in residential treatment and outpatient facilities. Later becoming the acting trustee to the Jay and Becky Kaiserman Trust, Sperling made decisions on grant requests, non-profit information and general referrals for mental health and substance abuse.

Following her career working in the mental health field, Sperling saw the need for more interventionists when she saw the difficulties that families had to face and has been providing intervention and mental health services for 13 years.

The Approach

Sperling’s intervention process follows that of the ARISE Method of intervention. There is no surprise intervention, rather, the individual of concern is invited to the process from the beginning. The ARISE method begins with the family reaching out for assistance. A free phone consultation leads to the first meeting with the family where more information is gathered and questions answered. The second step is the interventionist and support network of family and friends reaching out to the individual of concern. Anywhere from two to five meetings occur between the individual and the support network during this phase. The final step gives the individual more serious consequences if they do not choose to enter treatment, but speaking from a language of compassion and tough love.

If the client agrees to treatment they are transported to an agreed upon treatment facility. Life coaching is available as well as intensive supervision if there is a gap between the intervention and entry into treatment. Once the client has been admitted into a treatment facility, they remain connected with Sperling and the family to ensure they stay on the agreed-upon path towards their recovery.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Once the client has completed primary treatment, they continue to work with the team and the family with a continuing care program. For six months, the family and the client must seek support through external groups that include 12-step meetings and Alanon for the family. The focus is on relapse prevention and healing the family unit. If relapse occurs, Sperling works with the family in order to assist the family through the process of seeking more treatment and more resources.

Judy Sperling
2700 South Tamiami Trail, Ste 11
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Reach Judy Sperling by phone at (941) 586-3892. Find Judy Sperling on Facebook and LinkedIn

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