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Austin TexasThe Basics

Located in Austin, Texas, Josiah’s House provides gender-specific sober living for newly clean and sober men and women who are serious about recovery. Harmony is a value that is emphasized at Josiah’s House, with the belief that maintaining a peaceful setting helps residents focus on working their steps and rebuilding their lives.  Josiah’s House has been inspected and Certified by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences.

Accommodations and Amenities

Josiah’s House is comprised of four duplex-style houses on one property. There are two male-only houses and two female-only homes. The premises is surrounded by a wooden fence and includes a grassy courtyard complete with a large tree that provides ample shade.  Each unit includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry facility and an outdoor patio. Clients are paired in rooms furnished with twin beds that sport colorful comforters, a dresser, closet and lamps. Smoking is permitted outdoors.

Clients are responsible for their own groceries. A fully equipped kitchen is provided for meal preparation. Coffee, cleaning supplies and paper products are provided. Amenities included Cable TV, house computer with Internet, telephone, transportation to local 12-step meetings and a bus stop, which is located in front of the property. A house manager lives on the premises.

Rules and Regulations

Josiah’s House has a gamut of rules for clients to abide. While there is no set period of sobriety that is required for admittance, potential clients must pass a drug and alcohol screening. Controlled substance or narcotic medications are not allowed on the premises. Josiah’s House practices a zero tolerance policy. Relapsed clients are immediately evicted from the premises. Any client that witnesses a fellow housemate under the influence must inform the house manager. Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction. Weekly requirements include attendance at three 12-step meetings and the house meeting, active work with a sponsor and execution of the steps.

Household chores are assigned at the house meeting, and are expected to be finished on a daily or a weekly basis. Typical chores include garbage duty, which ranges from picking up trash to making sure that the garbage bins are properly lined up on Monday evenings, prior to the sanitation truck’s arrival on Tuesday morning. Clients must be out of bed by 9 am Mondays through Fridays, unless they have a viable reason. During the weekends, residents are allowed to sleep in. Unemployed clients must be out of the house by 8 am unless they have a disability. During the first two weeks, the curfew is 11 pm seven days a week. After that period, the curfew is midnight seven days a week.

Forbidden behaviors include stealing, sexual conduct among residents, loud noise, walking into another resident’s room without permission, putting tennis shoes in the dryer, fighting or threatening another resident and receiving a medical prescription for a narcotic medication. Such behaviors warrant immediate expulsion from the property. Clients must sign in and sign out when leaving the premises.


A sobriety coach provides support to residents, and reviews their aftercare and recovery plans, which must be submitted on a weekly basis.

In Summary

Josiah’s House is a great choice for those eager to go to any lengths to stay clean and sober. It offers a highly secure and safe environment, supported by a reasonable amount of structure and an emphasis on working the 12 steps. All in all, Josiah’s House is a safe and affordable option for sober living in Austin.

Josiah’s House
204A W William Cannon Dr
Austin, TX 78745

Josiah’s House Cost: $680 (30 days, not including $75 move-in fee). Reach Josiah’s House by phone at (312) 215-1231 or by email at [email protected]. More information and photos are available on their website.


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  1. I lived there in between 2015-2017. Any sober living is what you make of it if your serious about getting sober, But also having a mentor and peer who is dedicated and passionate about his own recovery, and the recovery of others, this can be found here. The house manager Darren was the very reason why I decided to live there. He gets invested in the people who live there and is passionate about recovery and helping others sustain sobriety. It had a home like feeling and I always felt safe living there. Any problems were always addressed right then and there. Its located in front of bus stop making getting around very easy to succeed as well. I always felt safe and comfortable living there. I now have lifetime friendships because of having lived at Josiah’s House.

  2. Dorwin Raymon Hargrove on

    My is Raymon, I lived at Josiah’s House for 38 months. Living there was one of the best movies I made in life. Great location, everything I needed was in walking distance. I just moved out this month August. And August is my Sobriety month, made a lot of good friends Darren the General Manager. Darren was a great person to be around. Helped me from day one until I moved out. And still helping me out. When people are going through recovery a friend like Darren are priceless. It was time to move on but I can say this AA works If you work a honest program. Without Josiah ho GTuse , I don’t know where I would be. Thanks to the owner Mr. Lance and his dog. Keep things Running. Five Star

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