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Arlington WashingtonThe Basics

Island Crossing Counseling Services provides outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opiate addicts through the use of methadone. ICCS is a department of the Stillaguamish Indian Tribe in Arlington, Washington, 50 miles north of Seattle.

ICCS has been providing substance abuse treatment for over 10 years. The facility’s goal is to support and develop a sober community who are living healthy lives, meeting responsibilities and living independently. ICCS provides services to both tribal and non-tribal members and assists U.S. veterans with the cost of treatment. In 2013, it expanded into a new 10,000 square foot facility with the capacity to treat 500 patients.

Treatment and Staff

After admission, clients are given a month’s supply of methadone. In that first month, they are required to attend a series of psycho-education classes with topics such as the disease of addiction and HIV prevention and education. After the initial 30 days, clients begin attending group therapy once or twice a week and weekly individual counseling. Therapy groups use CBT and address relapse prevention and interpersonal skills. Gender-specific groups are available and clients are also encouraged to attend outside 12-step meetings.

Groups are led by addiction counselors with CDP credentials. Clients with co-occurring disorders are referred to a nearby mental health clinic for dual diagnosis support.

Treatment at ICCS is long-term, though some clients choose to taper off of methadone and can receive counseling support to do so. However, clients are not pressured to taper and they may choose to attend counseling less frequently as their lives stabilize.


While there is no formal aftercare program for those who leave treatment, ICCS’s counselors take a proactive role in maintaining contact with former clients ensuring they have the support they need to continue in recovery. Tribal members can also access The Stillaguamesh health clinic for primary care services and massage therapy.

In Summary

Island Crossing Counseling Services offers MAT with methadone for both tribal and non-tribal residents of Arlington, Washington. With comprehensive psycho-education classes and therapy groups, Island Crossing Counseling Services ensures that clients have the opportunity to learn the full effects of addiction and to develop the life skills to overcome it.

Island Crossing Counseling Services
21123 Smokey Point Blvd
Arlington, WA 98223

Island Crossing Counseling Services Outpatient Cost: $150/assessment; $425 (30 days). Reach Island Crossing Counseling Services at (360) 652-9640.

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  1. I am a current paitent of iccs, Ive have life long behavior health issues that stem from oxygen deprevation at birth and a car accident in which ended in a very bad head injury. The clinic knows about these problems, however doesnt seem to care at all to take these things seriously at all. My mother is the person who suggested i contact the clinic threw writting, because when being surprise confronted in person I get bewildered and confused easily and dont always do the best standing up for myself. I have been a heroin addict for 10 years, and Ive been successfully clean off heroin for almost a year, for the first time ever. Im very proud of this, and very fearful of returning back to a life which put me on my death bed last October. I was in the hospital for almost 3 months, and released directly from there to the clinic for treatment, because my doctors understood how detrimental this treatment was for me. Ill be the first to admit that I havnt been successful with getting clean off everything, but Ive made this clear and been honest with my couselor, her name is Lori, Im really not sure of her last name, Ive been look for a buiness card of hers all night and have been unsuccessful. But back to what I was saying, From the beginning I told the intake attendents and then both my counsellors of the Borderline Personaily disorder Ive struggled with my whole life, also have evaluated Dissociative Identity disorder. BASICALLY, I’m not always 100% aware of how im expressing myself to others, I do realize that alot of people dont like me, despite trying my hardest to express for them to not take things personally, that i even really like other people, and try my hardest to be aware of myself and make such things clear. I made these issues and my behavior health issues clear without getiing very much info in return from both my first and second counselors, but still my latest counselor never confronted any issues she was having herself with my until i was handed a paper and told to attend a “relapse prevention course” given a time, which she first signed me up for the qrong group resulting in almost being kicked out of the clinic because i went to the she told me to go to and not the one she meant for me to go to.. After that like blurb by all outward appearances everhthing was fine I partipated during group, both brainstorming and interacting with everyone. I never intentionally was trying to be disrespectful tor hurt anyones feelings i even told them that i never meant anything in a disrespectful way. Tuesday morninh the teacher wrote something on the board, and i responded with a correction that i thought was helpful would be informative, its was about peanut butter, so i never for one second that anything would be taken anyother way then how it was ment to. However, the teacher responded by calling a “debby downer” and a very negative person. Ive learned to just laugh these things off and not make a big deal about things like this because i know i didnt been anything but to be helpful. The second issue I had was after we did check in, i felt the teacher was intentionally trying to make an example out of me because i didnt have Alot to say after what had just occured. He then made enthusiasm in my voice into me not wanting to be there, i tried to tell him no that wasnt it at all, and that I was fine and really even really liked the group. Moving forward we went on to reading a packet, and everything was fine we were talking and sharing as a group when I mentioned something responding to a comment of another group member and was told that I felt that way because I really had no idea if what heroin was, despite the 10 years of hell ive been through with the drug, again i just laughes it off and said no, Please lets not go there, i was just trying to connect with the people in the group, he went on and said something, so I mentioned that my use had landed me in very bad shape, i almost died.. at which time another group member whom is sick right now and dieing from liver cancer, laughed at me and in a mocking voice tried to incinuate that i was Lying and she went on to what i can only call “test” or try to humiliate me by not having the correct answers for her or something, and but i didnt say anything about anyway she came accross and answered her question and she didnt say anything else. The last thing that happened was that the teacher then again turned around and confronted by asking my opinion on the last page of the packet and I answered him by telling him that I have actually read these packets many.times in the past, and sure the ideas in them are nice, and it would be amazing if things were like the packet but i felt like the curriculum wasnt based in reality, but that Im there and willing to group read them and participate just as i had that day. AT that point in time,i had already put all the rejection and group occtration behind me and even told everyone good bye before I left. Im not gonna deny maybe being alittle annoyes by the end of the group, but this kind of thing is normal for me, thought that because i tried to make it clear to everyone that I didnt have any problems at all with anyone and even liked the group that things were ok, so what if I was a little annoyed but in my head I had done a good job because I was thoughtful of my words even after being outcasted by everyone in the group besides one member, and this included the teacher. However I was wrong, when I showed up this morning , like clockwork I was called back to my consellor and told that “the group teacher was kicking me out of his class, and that I made everyone feel threatened” yes,i said “really? Why is everyone so sensitive these days” and I was rather bewildered because again no one ever told me to my face other then having the teacher make assumptions and not listen to what i actually had to say, its like he didnt hear anything I said only what he had already decided about me to himself. No, i didnt mention any this to my counselor this am but thats because i was in a hurry and needed to get my niece to school. I did ask her what they want from me, because obviously I can never really be honest, because everything I try to tell them that Im having issues with something they take it as im trying to be some way that Im not intending seem. Im confused why I keep getting asked how I feel but if I answer honestly, I get told that my honestly isnt helpful. So im at a lose. I cant be responsible for everyone elses feelings when I dont feel in the same ways as everyone else. The best I can do is again state that I do have some unique characteristics that are quarky and that i wouldnt mind getting help that i thought i would be getting helped with threw your services but have seem to have been forgotten and now Im having the same issues I have my whole life. I would have never brought any of this up, because I didnt think any of this was anything that couldnt have been gotten over. Until, I was casted out and told that I had made ppl feel threatened by being politely honest, right after being put down publicly by two ppl openly in group, the teacher didnt say anything about those issues. Only that I told him that I was having some issues in that morning, issues that at that point I felt should have been obvious. I never attacked anyone, or mocked anyone. And i would never. This is kinda stupid but i almost feel like im being picked on by oversensitive people that are too wrapped up in their own feelings and not seeing at all their own behavior. I understand And get that i come accross odd most times, but I tell people almost everytime i speak to not take me in any certainly upsetting way. That i have no ill will, and that they are safe around me, but it seems like no matter what I do Im hurting someones feeling, and not even realize i had, they wont say anything in reprieve to my face and turn around and try to get ride of me. I feel like i cant even be real with anyone for fear of being seen in a light that isnt based in reality. Why try if even when I do, I get told im wrong or not trying as they think I should be.. sorry this is so long. Maybe you can just confront these issues so we can all move on from here, again Im not mad or angry at anyone, I just dont think anyone else should have to go threw this craziness.

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