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Located northeast of Philadelphia and very close to the border of New Jersey in Croydon, Pennsylvania, Independence Lodge is an organization that operates two highly structured, all-male sober living houses. Founded in 2012 by CEO Bryan Kennedy, who sports long-term sobriety and a passion for helping men new to recovery, Independence Lodge offers clients a safe environment with an emphasis on developing responsibility and utilizing the 12 steps.

Accommodations and Amenities

Independence Lodge accommodates a total of 24 men, with clients sharing comfortably furnished double-occupancy rooms. The cottages on Garfield Street and on Dixon Avenue are approximately 300 yards apart from each other. Houses include bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchens and one has a spacious backyard where residents congregate by an open pit fire during a Tuesday night meeting. Besides room and board, all utilities are included in addition to Wi-Fi.

The cost is $175 per week, not including a $95 entrance fee. Typically, house residents pay rent on Fridays, and some of the money goes to the house manager who uses those funds and purchases groceries, including staples laundry detergent and coffee for the house. Clients prepare their own breakfasts and lunches, but dinners are a family-style affair. Taco Tuesdays are a favorite with the guys.

Rules and Regulations

The average length of stay for a resident at Independence Lodge is typically between six and eight months. During the first 30 days, clients must attend 30 AA/NA meetings and have cards signed by the meeting’s secretary showing proof of attendance.

After 30 days, residents maintain a steady meeting schedule. Independence Lodge promotes the belief that by attending meetings on a regular basis, clients become more comfortable and honest while sharing, thus allowing room for self-healing and growth. There are mandatory meetings including a Monday night Big Book Study at a local church and the Tuesday house meeting around the open pit fire. The curfew is midnight from Sundays to Thursday, and 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Other requirements include doing household chores, looking for work, paying the rent, making the beds, staying clean and sober, plus staying clear of intimate relationships.


Independence Lodge offers an additional alumni sober house, for men who have successfully competed a stay at one of the other residences. The less-structured house allows men affordable living while they work and go to school in a family-style environment. Length of stay ranges, and some men have lived there for up to two years.

In Summary

The cozy cottages of Independence Lodge have a sense of camaraderie that seems like a sober fraternity house. Those opposed to the 12-step approach and prefer independence in recovery may want to look elsewhere. When guys move into one of the houses, they are joining a tight community of sober brothers.

Independence Lodge Locations

Independence Lodge
2134 Dixon Ave
Croydon, PA 19021

Independence Lodge
1911 Garfield St
Croydon, PA 19021

Independence Lodge Cost

$700 (30 days, room and board); $95 (one time admission fee). Reach Independence Lodge by phone at (610) 333-0511 or by email at [email protected]. Find Independence Lodge on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram

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  1. I had the worst experience there, they told me it was a brotherhood. ha, yea right they kicked me out for no reason. All the guys get away with using drugs, and drinking on the weekends. Good luck to whoever goes there.

  2. I just celebrated my 2nd sober Thanksgiving and I owe it to the men at Independence Lodge who showed me the way to live a life with meaning and purpose. The houses are clean and comfortable. The house managers and senior residents don’t let you get away with living like a scumbag. So if you’re looking for a recovery house where you can just pay your rent and do whatever you want, then this isn’t the place for you. I didn’t just learn how to stay sober at Independence Lodge, I learned how to live like a responsible adult – someone my friends and family are proud of today!

  3. Independence lodge has given me a chance When no one else would. Have been through a few other recovery houses but none held me acountable to install a new solution into my life. It was crucial that i got into a fellowship early on. The accountability and involvement of the housing director, owner bryan kennedy, and connection between all residents, give off a brother hood that a guy like me needs to create a positave environment for not only recovery, but mending my past. a real stepping stone for my future. If i were to recomend a house for my son or a friend. Indepence lodge sober living and recovery houses would be my ONLY sugestion!

  4. Brotherhood of men. Lifetime friendships form here. Clean and comfortable homes that feel like homes. Structured envirnonment and good management. Service to the community and neighbors. This place saved my life and gave me the time I needed to find myself and my purpose in this world. 16months sober with the help of this program.

  5. I’ve been to a few recovery houses in the area and independence lodge is the best in the business! From it’s beautiful inside/outside houses to their solid recovery aspect, independence lodge is a place where you can feel safe as a parent to let your son reside here! I’ve been living here for 14 months and Was greeted by 13 other residents who showed me the way to a solid and stable recovery.

  6. Seen these guys out partying down the city. There is a group of them that go to the city on weekends and drink. They cover up for eachother so they can stay in the house. It’s kinda sad considering they’re supposed to be sober. Maybe someone should test them for alcohol cause a bunch of addicted togetha usually means just more shared ways to beat the system.

  7. Was sold a bill if goods.$795 for 30days .after 28 days they said I owe more $$$ …five meals included no way I spent my own money twice on included meal nights …recovery for some …you are in your own …I made the best out of that place by finding another place ..good luck

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