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Impact Counseling ServicesImpact Counseling Services Review

Impact Counseling Services (ICS) is situated in a cottage in the village of Lake Grove, New York, in Long Island’s Suffolk County. In operation for nearly a decade, ICS provides outpatient substance abuse services for adults and adolescents. It also offers DWI services and an Early Intervention program.

Treatment and Staff

After an assessment, clients are given a treatment plan that includes group therapy one to four times each week and individual therapy as-needed, usually once a week, taking the intensity of treatment from the standard to Intensive Outpatient (IOP) level. The duration of treatment is progress-based, depending on the needs of the client, but most clients take at least three to six months to complete their treatment plan.

Groups are led by Master’s-level therapists and addiction counselors, including LCSWs and CASACs. Groups have fewer than 15 participants and use Motivational Interviewing (MI) and CBT. Clients with co-occurring disorders receive referrals to nearby mental health clinics for therapy and medication for their mental health diagnosis.

While ICS cannot require clients to attend 12-step meetings per New York State’s licensing guidelines, it firmly believes in their effectiveness and strongly encourages participation to whatever extent the client is able to commit.


ICS offers DWI programs and a 12-week Early Intervention program for those who wish to address their substance use but don’t meet the diagnostic criteria for outpatient treatment.

For aftercare, many clients weekly relapse prevention counseling. ICS also offers weekly group therapy for families of clients and provides counseling services in Spanish.

In Summary

For nearly a decade, Impact Counseling Services has been providing the residents of Suffolk County with bilingual outpatient substance abuse treatment. Its long-term program and ability to offer clients up to four groups each week might make it an especially effective option for those ready to commit to intensive therapy and education in order to create lasting change.

Impact Counseling Services Location

Impact Counseling Services
2760 Middle Country Rd
Lake Grove, NY 11755

Impact Counseling Services Cost

Sliding Scale. Reach Impact Counseling Services by phone at (631) 467-3182 and by email at [email protected]. Find Impact Counseling Services on Facebook

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  1. I would not recommend this place to anyone, it is terrible for substance abuse treatment. They do not do regular one on one therapy (talk therapy) So they do not help the individual with finding out the causes for their drug use, nor do they help them with relapse prevention. All they do is put you into groups where the conversations mainly consist of being in trouble with the law and what problems people have been experiencing. It seems mostly like a business where they are capitalizing on a revolving door of patients who are there because of legal problems. They are also very strict about having your copay at the time you come in. If you don’t have your copay they don’t let you attend group, so they prevent you from continuing your treatment because you didn’t have your $20 copay. Most treatment facilities would just tell you to have it next time and put it towards your balance or just bill you. They literally just seem to be in it for the money. They also shame you and humiliate you in front of the group if you come up positive on your drug test, which is something you really shouldn’t do to an addict who already feels ashamed about their drug use.

  2. Unhappy patient on

    Carol is absolutely an amazing woman. Karen is horrible worst experience I have ever had if you have her switch counselors immediately fakes most miserable women I have ever met she needs some self evaluation.

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