How Sober Living Can Make or Break Your Early Recovery

How Sober Living Can Make or Break Your Early Recovery


Whether it’s entering a structured treatment program or going cold turkey—getting sober is really hard. Acknowledging that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol and taking the steps to get it under control takes strength, courage and humility. It’s certainly not for the weak of heart.

You often hear in 12-step meetings that it’s harder to get sober than it is to stay sober. While this might be true in some regards, it’s a little more complicated for someone who gets sober in a residential rehab setting. When people leave the safety and support of a treatment facility and return home, they are inundated with triggers associated with a life active in addiction. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove yourself from your former environment completely, in order to change your point of view and sustain recovery.

Malibu Sober Living

Places like Always Hope in Malibu exist in order to provide a supportive, energizing and inspiring place to live in the fragile days of early recovery. The same folks who run the boutique luxury rehab Oceanside Malibu own and operate Always Hope. It offers tranquility in a beautiful community of like minded individuals.

Malibu is as famous for its legendary rehabs and transitional housing facilities as it is for its gorgeous beaches and celebrity sightings. Always Hope in Malibu’s housing facility is a 6,000 square foot home. Extremely comfortable, spacious and safe, it can accommodate eight clients at a time in a combination of private and semi-private bedrooms. These bedrooms have several amenities, such as a personal fireplace in the master bedroom, cozy queen sized beds, and private decks. The home has a game room with a pool table, quiet outdoor seating areas and plenty of cushy areas for relaxing.

While Always Hope is a beautiful living space, in actuality it is so much more than just a big house by the beach where a bunch of sober people live. While residing here, clients have access to a number of tools to maintain their momentum in recovery, including the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Oceanside Malibu. Clients practice accountability with attendance at regular AA/NA meetings, individual therapy and group counseling sessions five days a week. They learn about relapse prevention and lean on the constant support of staff and other residents. Always Hope can also help clients with finding a job or enrolling in school to continue their education.

Fun in Sobriety

One of the key elements that makes Always Hope a unique sober living environment is the emphasis on fun and creative experiences. Usually one of the factors that delays a person from seeking help for their addiction is the fear of never being able to have fun again. But Oceanside Malibu and Always Hope dispel that myth by offering activities and events that are fun and fulfilling, such as paddle boarding, surfing and day trips around Southern California.

Always Hope aims to instill individuals with a sense of responsibility and accountability. The staff expects clients to get a job, volunteer or attend classes. The house is kept clean and tidy, giving residents a sense of what it’s like to take pride in where you live. They acquire the know-how for skills that might have been utterly impossible when they were using or drinking, like managing money or something as simple as setting a daily goal and completing it. All of these things add up to show clients that they are important and they matter.

Ample Support for Living Sober

While living in the house, clients have access to staff members like the facility manager, who is a CADC as well as Registered Treatment Workers. In addition, the outpatient program employs Masters-level therapists, a psychiatrist, addiction counselors and a doctor who specializes in addiction disorders. Always Hope ensures residents know they have endless support and guidance. The team is readily available to answer any questions or assist in any way possible.

When the clients are ultimately ready to return to their communities, they do so with a new found knowledge of their self worth and a fortitude to handle anything that life throws their way. With a foundation set at Always Hope in Malibu, individuals have a much better shot at surviving and thriving as a sober member of society.

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