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Heather HayesThe Basics

Working in the Atlanta suburb of Cumming, Georgia, Heather Hayes is a Master’s-level, licensed counselor and board registered interventionist (BRI). Hayes is also the co-founder of Hayes Davidson and Associates and a certified Arise interventionist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University and her Master’s from Antioch. Her work encompasses working with high profile clients, as adolescents, young adults, victims of trauma and those with mental health issues in addition to clinically challenging cases. Accordingly, her interventions can be tailored to and conducted for young adults and adolescents with substance abuse issues, those with eating disorders, co-occurring disorders and survivors of trauma. Heather Hayes is an independent interventionist without financial relationships to treatment centers.

The Background

Hayes has been an interventionist since 1986. She formerly served as president of the Network of Independent Interventionists and today presents nationally and internationally on issues of addiction, among others. In recovery herself for over 30 years, Hayes got sober as a young adult and is especially inspired to work with those in the 18 to 25 age range. Hayes also volunteers as the psychological profiler for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department Hostage Negotiation and SWAT team.

The Approach

When it comes to interventions Ms. Hayes trained in the Johnson, Family Systemic, and Arise models. She selects the approach best suited for each client after an initial meeting with the family. The Johnson model is designed to assist caregivers’ of clients in need of intervention. Two initial sessions educate the caregiver on the dangers of enabling, the goals of confrontational intervention, as well as problem-solving strategies. A final session is held for the intervention itself. Likewise, the Family Systemic model keeps the client in the dark. Only family members attend the pre-intervention meetings. The intervention is a “one and done” event. It occurs in a controlled environment and in the presence Hayes. Afterwards, the client must choose whether to enter treatment or not. In either case the family is expected to handle the consequences outlined during intervention.

The Arise model stands out in that it includes the client even in the initial planning phases. Firstly, the family works with Hayes to construct a narrative for the meetings. The client knows the meeting is taking place and may participate in learning how addiction impacts themselves and the family, as well as how addiction may be treated and why treatment can be imperative. Secondly, the loved ones write letters or prepare statements designed to persuade the client into treatment; then a series of meetings is held which stop once the client agrees to treatment. When the client resist past five or six meetings a last formal meeting is held with the family, which may be more confrontational.

In Summary

Over 90% of the clients who go through an intervention with Hayes continue to seek treatment. Not only does she have plenty of experience but her services extend to matching clients to appropriate treatment program upon request, as well as acting as court liaison and offering expert witness appearances when necessary. Ms. Hayes also offers safe transportation and sober escort services. She is experienced in handling high-profile interventions discreetly and may also provide intensive case management.

Heather Hayes
327 Dahlonega St, Ste 1901A
Cumming, GA 30040

Reach Heather Hayes by phone at (800) 335-0316 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Find Heather Hayes on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube 

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