Finding Recovery Within the Beauty of Utah

Finding Recovery Within the Beauty of Utah


Ardú Recovery Centerhas established itself as a respected and dependable institution within the community of Provo, Utah. They are held in high regard by former clients, and have a reputation as being a place where other service providers can send their most difficult detox cases. While the cutting edge medical and detox services offered at ​Ardú​ are what it may be best known for, the residential treatment program is just as impressive. We spoke with Clinical Director Jory Hatfield about some of the aspects of ​Ardú’s​ approach that may set it apart and above other addiction treatment centers. itself apart as a leader in the recovery community for it’s unique medical approach in treating alcoholics and drug addicts during the crucial detox phase. However, the cutting edge treatment goes beyond the initial detox period. We spoke with the Clinical Director of ​Ardú​, Jory Hatfield, about the other aspects of ​Ardú’s​ residential treatment program that distinguish it from other residential programs. 

Experiential Therapy – Connecting With Nature

When asked about the residential services that make the ​Ardú​ experience unique Jory highlighted the focus on therapeutic outdoor activities, “I’m pretty sure that no one else does camping. We go for two nights and three days every month year round. We’ve also gone to places like Lake Powell and Zion National Park. We do a lot of experiential therapy which is like team building exercises like rock climbing. repelling, boating. Theses are things that a lot of places don’t do.” Connecting with the natural world can be really grounding for many of us, and engagement in physical activities like repelling and rock climbing might be pretty far removed from the life of someone who has been consumed by addiction. For those who have suffered serious physical damage to their bodies participation in these types of activities may even seem impossible. Rest assured participation in the more rigorous activities is voluntary. Physical activity and engagement with nature on any level help the brain and body to repair themselves. It is worth noting that re-connecting with the natural world is a game changer for many people in recovery. 

Utah’s Unique Landscape

Monthly camping and occasional trips out to national parks and lakes are not where it ends. There are opportunities to recover in the outdoors every week. Jory explains, “Each Tuesday we go out to the local canyons and do all day programming out in nature. So we’ll do meditation groups. team building exercises, experiential therapy and process groups. As far as I know we are the only place that does anything like that in the adult treatment world.” The idea of taking what are typically indoor therapeutic groups into the outdoors is unique. Participating in proven therapeutic modalities in gorgeous natural surrounding is likely to be a powerful experience for many. 

One of the biggest draws to Utah is the beauty of its land. Treatment at ​Ardú​ offers those seeking recovery to experience the opportunity to rediscover themselves and to experience the magnificence of the local nature first hand. Few if any places will offer the type of trust building you can find in an activity like repelling or team building exercises like boating or rock climbing. 

Within the recovery industry ​Ardú Recovery Center​ is definitely an innovator, and they are raising the bar for residential treatment centers. 

To learn more, visit Ardú Recovery Center’s website. Reach the facility by phone at (801) 823-6832 or by email. Find Ardú Recovery Center on Facebook and Instagram


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