Fake Marijuana Leads to Real Paranoia
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Fake Marijuana Leads to Real Paranoia


As someone who was never a weed and/or mushroom enthusiast even before I got sober, I still always mildly respected the good ole “It’s a natural plant from the earth” argument for using these drugs. They do seem like a better option than meth made from hairspray and Advil Cold & Sinus. So when news of havoc wreaked by synthetic drugs like Flakka arises, it makes me wonder why people voluntarily opt for drugs made in a factory (or a trailer park). Though raging drug addicts are often desperate and might knowingly buy the fake stuff since they’re low on cash, other users are getting the fake crap without even realizing it.

Flakka Causing Some Serious Flak for Florida

When an alcoholic/addict woman from Florida relapsed on Flakka recently, she wound up in a gnarly prostitution ring and ended up jumping off a bridge in a state of paranoia. Claiming the drug was presented to her under the guise of a marijuana joint, the woman Stephanie (her last name was not revealed), says that after she ingested the stuff she was told she had in fact smoked Flakka. She is now in south Florida’s Broward Sheriff’s Office Equine Therapy program for treatment after suffering severe hallucinations, extreme paranoia, the aforementioned bridge-jumping incident and ultimately hospitalization and seizures. Stephanie says she hopes by being open about her experience with the fake drug, which in its most common state resembles rock candy and can be smoked, injected or snorted, she will help others avoid the same fate. Other side effects from using Flakka include a state of “excited delirium”, which was exhibited by another Florida man last April.

As one would assume, Florida law enforcement is on high alert over this drug. The fatal impact of its usage is astounding. There were zero deaths related to Flakka in 2010 then reportedly 85 caused by it in 2012. And last year, there were 670 police reports revolving around Flakka incidents. Apparently, the need for the next high after experiencing the euphoria from this meth-crack hybrid is painfully addictive.

Lesson Learned?

Stephanie has been Flakka-free for over two months but now has to take prescription drugs to prevent seizures caused by her bout with it. One would hope stories like hers will motivate those looking for a high to stick to the natural stuff, or seek their kicks elsewhere. Florida doesn’t have the greatest track record, but I’m keeping the faith that one bridge-jumping story will not lead to another. Often times I’m afraid we have to experience the pain directly in order to change, but extreme cases like this are more than enough of an example of why you should be pretty selective about what you put in your bloodstream. I’m just glad this woman is now sober and alive to tell her story.

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