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Danny McQuinn, Interventionist


Danny McQuinnThe Basics

Interventionist Danny McQuinn is the owner and founder of Clean Start Interventions about 50 miles north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana. McQuinn is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI). He is trained to work with clients suffering from substance addiction, eating and gambling disorders and sexual addictions. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Addiction Counseling. Besides McQuinn, the staff includes Joseph R. Novak, an interventionist and recovery coach with over 21 years of experience in a 12-step program. Novak is a Nationally Certified Interventionist and Recovery Coach (NCIP and NCRC) and Board Registered Interventionist (BRI). Other services include case management, sober companionship and sober transportation.

The Background

McQuinn speaks openly about his recovery, and shares about his personal experience when his own family organized an intervention to address his substance abuse. After he got clean and sober, he turned his life around and went into the field of addiction so that he could help others. His past experience allows him to have empathy with clients and their families. He founded Clean Start Interventions in 2011.

The Approach

McQuinn believes that addiction not only damages a client, but also creates a crushed family unit. He and Novak work with the family and the client as a unit, with the belief that addiction doesn’t occur overnight, and recovery is also a process. This includes the intervention, treatment and aftercare.

The intervention starts with a loved one making the initial phone call. Staff asks questions about the client’s substance abuse, determines if the client has co-occurring disorders and if the client has been the victim of trauma or abuse. An assessment is provided, as well as an explanation on the procedure. A pre-intervention follows. The interventionist meets with the family and friends of the client. During this time, the interventionist prepares the participants and informs them of the details, as well as their roles during the procedure. The time and whereabouts of the intervention are set up. A participant is assigned to bring the client to the location, on the designated time and date.

During the intervention, the interventionist greets the client, followed by participants reading letters, which express concern about the client’s addiction, but portray an underlying positive theme. The client is invited to go to a residential treatment or detox. The facility has already been set in place by the interventionist. If the client agrees to get help, the interventionist accompanies the client to rehab. While the client undergoes primary care, the interventionist maintains contact with the family, and provides them with progress reports. This continues until the client leaves rehab.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Case management services are offered for a period up to six months, after the client is released from treatment, on a case-by-case basis. The interventionist offers support for both the client and family. This is included in the cost, with the belief that clients need to learn accountability, plus stay focused on their recovery, after they leave treatment. Clients and their families are enouraged to attend a 12-step recovery support group. Additional case management services are offered, after six months, for clients who need more help.

McQuinn and Novak are a pair of empathetic interventionists, who offer comprehensive services and are aware that recovery doesn’t occur overnight. They are in it for the long haul, and that dedication to their clients provides immense relief for all parties involved.

Danny McQuinn
Clean Start Interventions
1609 Green Acres Dr
Kokomo, IN 46901

Reach Danny McQuinn at (765) 860-4632 or by email. Find Clean Start Interventions on Facebook and Danny McQuinn on LinkedIn

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