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CODAC: Behavioral Health Services Outpatient


CODAC: Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Review

CODAC Behavioral Health Services has been providing treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders for residents in Pima County, Arizona since 1981. With a comprehensive system that includes detox, outpatient services for adults and adolescents and residential services for pregnant women, CODAC encompasses a wide spectrum of treatment options in multiple locations.

Treatment and Staff

CODAC offers two methods of outpatient detox for opiates from its clinic on Fort Lowell Road in Tucson. Clients receive either methadone or Suboxone and must agree to group therapy while detoxing.

CODAC’s Adult Outpatient Services are offered out of its Alvernon location. The 16-week co-ed Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for adults 18 and older. Clients meet for group therapy three days a week and once a week for individual therapy for a total of nine hours. Clients with co-occurring disorders are assigned to groups specific to their issues. All sessions are 60 minutes and topics include addiction studies, anxiety management, coping skills, communication skills, dealing with depression and recognizing triggers.

CODAC’s Men’s Recovery Services provides outpatient treatment for men with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Clients in this group meet for an assessment and a program schedule is outlined from that point. Clients are re-assessed weekly to ensure progress and, if needed, additional sessions are added. Group topics include anger management, relapse prevention, healthy relationships and sexuality, recognizing triggers, anxiety and depression strategies, coping skills and gender and communication.

Therapeutic techniques in all programs include MET, CBT and trauma-informed care. The CODAC staff consists of Master’s-level therapists with degrees in psychology and addiction studies. In addition, people in need of medication management see a psychiatrist.

Step Forward is the adolescent treatment division of CODAC’s outpatient services, treating clients between the ages of 12 and 17 out of their Broadway location. There are two outpatient programs that meet after school for 12 weeks. The Substance Use Disorder Program is for those struggling strictly with substance abuse. It meets twice a week for two-hour sessions. Using MET and CBT, a combination of individual, group and family therapy sessions are offered. Group topics include peer pressure, family systems, addiction studies, emotional and physical health, skills development, communication groups, healthy decision making and peer pressure.

The Co-Occurring Disorder Program is for young people experiencing substance abuse and mental health issues. This intensive outpatient program meets nine hours per week and includes group, individual and family counseling. Group topics include anxiety and depression, anger management, peer pressure, family dynamics, addiction and mental health, goals group and peer talkback sessions.

The Step Forward treatment team is made up of Master’s-level therapists with a focus in mental health, substance abuse, family dynamics and child adolescent development.


CODAC hosts aftercare meetings based on the SMART Recovery model for adolescents who have completed outpatient treatment.

Parents are encouraged to attend individual counseling along with weekly family group sessions in the adolescent program.

In Summary

Organizations like CODAC Behavioral Health always have potential because they provide the full continuum of care, from detox to outpatient services. Clients looking for non 12-step specialized care and dual diagnosis support in Tucson would be wise to consider CODAC Behavioral Health Services.

CODAC: Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Locations

CODAC Behavioral Health Services
630 N Alvernon
Tucson, AZ 85719

Step Forward Adolescent Services
3130 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85719

CODAC: Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Cost

Sliding scale. Reach CODAC Behavioral Health Services by phone at (520) 623-4590. Find CODAC Behavioral Health Services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. This program sucks! My sister was put up in rehab for a year and it was good……she got clean they put her in transitional housing and she fell off the wagon big time just as bad as she was except now she has free housing that us the tax payers are paying for! She is letting other druggies stay with her so we are paying their bills to. We have made plenty of phone calls to codac and her case worker and they wont return phone calls. She is puting holes in the walls in her free apartment thinking there’s cameras in them. She see writings or messages or some sort all over.Codac is not helping people they are enabling them at our expense!!! They dont require drug tests or counseling or even employment to stay in the program. They give these druggies a free ride!!! Why would they better their lives!!!

  2. Most of the staff are friendly & very helpful. I don’t like the fact that they constantly inquire about your income when your ACCCHS completely covers services & your not requesting financial services of any kind. I do not feel anyone’s income is truly any of their business unless their paying out of pocket & perhaps receiving services on a sliding scale otherwise their constant income questions are intrusive & makes you feel very uncomfortable. Especially if you request desk duty to obtain a bus pass for the day. There go more questions about your income & questions as to why you don’t pay for monthly bus pass & being told we can sit down with you a create a budget for you so you can afford your monthly bus pass. Really? We’re not looking for financial Assistance nor a freaking accountant. If requesting desk duty for a bus pass requires questions like that that ultimately make you feel like trash just asking… No thanks you can keep your bus passes & comments. We will no longer be requesting desk duty EVER. The kid on desk duty the other day made us feel that uncomfortable that that’s all it takes to discourage us from going back again. We’ll walk from now on! Sadly they tell you that they offer these service’s but don’t tell you that you’ll be grilled as to your income, why you can’t purchase your own bus pass & just made to feel like crap. Keep your bus passes Codac & hire more personable employee’s for desk duty not jerks, assholes &/or judgemental kids. I do not like the constant questioning about my wife & I’s income & from here on out we’re going to refuse to disclose because we’re not paying out of pocket & it’s TRULY “none of your business!”

  3. I’ve had diagnosed depression and anxiety for more than 25 years. Earlier this year, my psychiatrist who I’d been seeing for over 10 years, stopped taking my health insurance. I had to find another provider, and one of the only options was CODAC. My nurse practitioner, Beth Newhouse, is wonderful. She listens and helps when I see her. My condition is manageable and I’m able to work full-time when I have regular psychiatrist appointments and access to my medication. The problem is, when I call for refills or anything else, my calls and those from my pharmacy are ignored. I had an appointment in September to see my nurse practitioner. Codac called a couple of days beforehand and told me she wouldn’t be available, and they rescheduled my appointment for the end of January. When I needed refills, I went in, and they told me my insurance wouldn’t covers medication bridge, and I’d have to pay out of pocket. I refused after saying they’d cancelled my appointment. Another time, I asked to talk to someone because I needed FMLA paperwork filled out and signed, and they told me I’d have to pay for a nurse visit. My finances are tight, and I can’t afford out of pocket costs. I expect my January appointment may be rescheduled again, simply because I have private insurance, I’m employed and have beyond a high school education, I’m not homeless, I don’t have any substance abuse problems, and I don’t have a case manager. I’m about ready to explore my legal rights and talk to the public media if I continue to have difficulty receiving treatment and getting my medication.

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