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Clinic 77 is an Auckland, New Zealand based substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facility. Programming includes individual and group therapy through an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Offering 12-step based support and a number of psychotherapy approaches, treatment through Clinic 77 is designed to be structured yet flexible, in order to accommodate clients’ personal needs and schedules.

Treatment and Staff

Incoming clients all undergo a thorough assessment with an intake specialist. These assessments take into account the client’s past history of substance abuse, family relationships, medical and mental health concerns and past traumas. Once this information is received the clients are placed into an individualized treatment program. The IOP consists of eight to 10 hours of treatment over two days per week. Due to the program’s flexibility, clients can attend their treatment sessions during the week, or during evening or weekend.

There are several different tools that the therapists use during treatment to determine where clients are in terms of progress, and what kind of therapeutic methods would be the most effective. In addition, there are a number of different therapy methods employed. This can include CBT, DBT, harm reduction, Motivational Interviewing (MI), mindfulness, psychodynamic and transactional analysis. All of these approaches are strengths based and client centered.

In addition to the mixed gender groups that take place in the IOP, Clinic 77 also offers gender specific groups that meet once or twice a week in the evenings. The men’s group, known as Amplify, and the women’s, called Focus, are closed groups that run between 90 minutes to two hours per session.

Programming breaks down into seven steps, starting with the assessment and ends with aftercare. Within these steps there are relapse prevention plans, psychoeducation, and if needed referrals to outside agencies. There are also medication management services for co-occurring disorders.

The clinical team of Clinic 77 includes registered psychotherapists, addiction specialists, support workers and medical staff.


There is an aftercare and relapse prevention treatment program that runs about six hours per week over two days. This is a common support and step-down treatment that puts in place a support system and helps their clients transition a bit easier. This track includes many of the parts of the IOP on a less intensive level, and while also teaching life and coping skills.

There is a family and friends program that meets twice a week for up to three hours a session. Additionally a speciality track is dedicated to those who are addicted to prescription medications.

In Summary

Clinic 77 sets straight-forward, achievable goals throughout the program, and aims to not only provide a strong foundation in recovery, but also an education for clients and loved ones. The organization promotes overall wellbeing and empowerment. Clinic 77 is a thoughtful and supportive rehab with a caring community of like minded individuals.

Clinic 77 Location

Clinic 77
61A Evelyn Road
Cockle Bay, Auckland 2014
New Zealand

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