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Clear Horizons Review

Located 10 miles east of Phoenix in the city of Tempe, Arizona, Clear Horizons is a boutique treatment facility with outpatient counseling services for male and female adults, adolescents and pre-adolescents as well as for couples and families. Clear Horizons facilitates care for an array of eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating as well as mental illnesses such as depression, trauma and anxiety. It’s a comprehensive care approach that integrates multiple therapeutic models including evidence-based methods and the Maudsley family-based treatment. Clear Horizons primarily has outpatient therapy services, and it’s worth noting that medication management and the 12-step recovery model are not components of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

Clear Horizons specializes in the care of clients struggling with a range of eating disorders including binge eating, compulsive exercise and emotional eating as well as mental illnesses like PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorders. In addition, the facility offers counseling for prenatal and perinatal mental health as well as personal issues like self esteem and couple’s problems like infidelity. Before beginning treatment, clients undergo an initial comprehensive evaluation that helps the Clear Horizons team to determine the best possible treatment strategy customized to the specific needs of the individual, couple or family.

Length of treatment varies greatly from client to client. Factors such as severity, length of illness, motivation level, and treatment approach all impact treatment length and treatment outcome. Early on in treatment, you and your therapist will complete a treatment plan. During this process, you will discuss therapy goals, recommended services, and likely course of treatment.

A small counseling facility, Clear Horizons offers a personal touch that many larger facilities cannot. While the duration of care varies depending on the needs of the client, individuals are encouraged to speak openly about their goals for a plan. The facility provides a treatment approach that utilizes an array of therapeutic practices including interpersonal therapy, the Maudsley family based treatment and evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT. More specifically, Clear Horizons uses CBT methods like cognitive restructuring to dispute cognitive distortions, exposure and response prevention for those with panic disorders and narrative exposure therapy for victims of trauma. For those with an eating disorder, Clear Horizons uses intuitive eating methods.

Clear Horizons is the private practice of licensed counseling psychologist Lora Smitham, PhD and clinical therapist Betsy Van Tuinen, PsyD. As there is no psychiatrist or primary care physician is on staff, medication management is not available.


Clear Horizons understands that significant role that family plays in the success of a sustainable recovery. When it comes to adolescents with anorexia and bulimia, the facility offers the Maudsley family based treatment to help adolescents and pre-adolescents.

In Summary

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Clear Horizons is a boutique treatment facility that offers outpatient counseling services for male and female adults, adolescents and pre-adolescents struggling with an array of issues including eating disorders, mental illnesses as well as personal, marital and familial problems. The Clear Horizons team utilizes a comprehensive care plan that integrates a host of therapies including interpersonal therapy, individual and group therapy rooted in evidence-based methods like CBT, DBT and the Maudsley family-based treatment. The facility also offers integrative couples counseling and parental coaching. For clients seeking counseling on the outpatient level, Clear Horizons offers comprehensive programming, compassionate care and dedication. The facility is a great option.

Clear Horizons Location

Clear Horizons
1007 E Warner Rd, Ste 105
Tempe, AZ 85284

A Clear Horizons Cost

$150 (45-minute individual or couples session); $225 (90-minute individual or couples session); $60 (90-minute group session). Reach Clear Horizons by phone at (480) 839-1985 or by email. Follow Clear Horizons on Facebook and Twitter

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