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Chip’s Chateau


Chips ChateauChip’s Chateau Review

Chip’s Chateau is a safe, clean and secure sober living house for men, owned and operated by the House of Hope Foundation about sixty miles north of San Antonio in Kerrville, Texas. The residence is named for Charles R. “Chip” Arterburn, a recovering addict who dedicated his life to helping others. In addition to Chip’s Chateau, House of Hope operates two women’s facilities in Texas.

Accommodations and Amenities

Located in rural surroundings and situated on a hill, Chip’s Chateau’s landscape vistas in all directions provide time for contemplation and the hill country offers opportunities for long, uninterrupted walks in nature. In a two-story house with a large front porch, Chip’s Chateau accommodates eight men in five bedrooms including three double-occupancy rooms and two singles. There are three bathrooms, two communal living spaces, a laundry room, kitchen and dining areas. The bedrooms are carpeted and offer sufficient storage for personal belongings. There are two full bathrooms on the second floor and a half bathroom off the kitchen on the first floor.

The living room is equipped with cable TV and the den serves as a study for reading, writing or quiet relaxation. There’s a desktop computer in this room with Internet access which all residents are permitted to use. The kitchen is equipped with dishes and cookware, silverware and appliances and has a table and chairs for limited seating. Residents are responsible for their own meals. If they dine together, all planning and cleaning must be shared by the majority of residents. The dining area also serves as the space for weekly house meetings.

Rules and Regulations

While Chip’s House strives for a relaxed atmosphere, the staff suggests a regimen that keeps residents active and in touch with their recovery. Employment or community service must be secured within one month of residency. Ninety 12-step meetings are required within the first 90 days in the house, after which a minimum of five meetings each week is mandated. Residents must also get a sponsor within the first month. House meetings are required at 8 pm Wednesdays. Curfew is 11 pm Sundays through Wednesdays and 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their personal spaces and belongings as well as general cleanliness of the house. Anything used in the kitchen must be cleaned immediately and replaced in its assigned storage place. The house is fairly lenient and relaxed  when it comes to visitors, but all visitors be approved and signed in by the house manager. In some circumstances, a house vote may be necessary to determine visitation. Residents also get a certain number of passes to go off the premises, generally no more than five a month. Urinalysis and breathalyzers are mandatory after off-site visits. Medications are to be taken as prescribed and the house manager must be informed of any changes to medication.

Altercations of any kind—physical or verbal—theft and any disruptive or illegal activity are prohibited and may be grounds for eviction. In some cases, an eviction can be reviewed and a resident may be permitted to take up residence again in the house. Residents and their personal property are subject to inspection at any time there is reasonable suspicion of rule violation. Smoking is permitted outside. On most mornings, residents must be up and out of bed by 8 am.

Rent is due the first of the month, unless prior arrangements have been made.


The Texas hill country surrounding Chip’s House offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities like mountain biking and kayaking.

In Summary

Chip’s House is not going to offer the hustle and bustle of a city, but it provides a positive, safe, and accountable environment, and its rural location in Texas hill country offers ample room for contemplation and a focus on the mindset of recovery. This sober living environment stresses understanding, compassion and care and encourages all residents to set good examples for themselves and their house mates.

Chip’s Chateau Location

Chip’s Chateau
615 East Lane
Kerrville, TX  78028

Chip’s Chateau  Cost

$600 or $720 (30 days) Reach Chip’s Chateau by phone at 830-928-9721 or by email

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