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The Basics

Located an hour east of Birmingham in the village of Flore, Charterhouse Clinic is a luxury treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with substance use disorder and those in need of dual diagnosis support. Situated in a beautiful part of Northamptonshire, Charterhouse believes that every client is unique and so specializes in a completely customized treatment. It offers a comprehensive continuum of treatment that includes detox, a residential program, outpatient and aftercare.

Accommodations and Food

Situated in the beautiful English countryside, Charterhouse Clinic has the look of a classic estate with a thoroughly modern decor on the inside. With only 14 clients at a time, there is a communal atmosphere without sacrificing client’s privacy. Residents enjoy a spacious private room, 10 of them en suite, equipped with gorgeous furnishings, a queen-sized bed, flatscreen TV and stunning views of the property. Residents enjoy a heated indoor swimming pool on the campus that is open in the mornings and evenings, as well as an on-site fitness center equipped with free weights, nautilus machines and a punching bag. In addition, there is a ping pong table and a sauna. Also, clients are encouraged to visit the neighboring market town on Saturdays.

Clients enjoy healthy and delicious meals prepared by the on-site chef. Residents work with the chef to develop the menu and all dietary preferences and restrictions are accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment to help staff determine the most effective treatment program to meet their specific needs. If necessary, clients go through a medical detox process that is overseen by an on-site psychiatrist. The length of detox varies depending on the substance and the physical withdrawal symptoms. Upon completion of detox, clients typically transition into the residential program.

At Charterhouse, clients and therapists work hand in hand to develop a completely customized treatment program that integrates evidence-based therapies with a range of holistic methods. The length of residential treatment varies greatly depending on the specific needs of the client, with individuals staying anywhere between two and 24 weeks. Residents participate in individual and group therapy rooted in CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as gender-specific groups and psychoeducational workshops. In addition, clients enjoy holistic models including yoga, Tai Chi, active meditation and equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Charterhouse provides a comprehensive outpatient program as well as an executive service in London locations. This facility offers a vast array of holistic therapies including acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga, aromatherapy, homeopathy

The Charterhouse team is comprised of addiction specialists, a consulting psychiatrist, therapists, interventionists, family counselors and specialty therapists. For clients with co-occurring disorders, medication management is available.


Charterhouse places a premium on family involvement as a key component to the success of a sustainable long-term recovery. To this end, the facility provides interventions to encourage clients to seek the help they need. In addition, couples and families are encouraged to join clients in family therapy sessions.

Charterhouse has a partnership with Revital Health, a nutritional supplements and vitamins chain.

In Summary

Charterhouse Clinic is a luxury treatment facility that specializes in providing completely customized programs for clients with substance use disorders. Detox and residential programs are in the lovely village of Flore, where a vast array of therapeutic methods are offered. The accommodations are world-class, and with only 14 clients at a time, no one is left wanting for attention. For men and women seeking a well-rounded treatment program that checks all the boxes, Charterhouse Clinic is a great option.

Charterhouse Clinic Location

The Avenue

Charterhouse Clinic Cost

4500 GBP [$5,982 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (per week). Reach Charterhouse Clinic by phone at 0808 123 0222 or by email. Find Charterhouse Clinic on Facebook

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  1. I attended this clinic for 28 days. Firstly it is a non 12 step facility which is what I wanted however it did encourage a weekly visit to your chosen fellowship if you wanted and a chap from SMART recovery visits to explain what that is all about. The staff were very respectful, supportive and kind, many spoke freely of thier own addictions and recovery journeys, so they could relate to the pain and anguish which accompanies those in the throws of addiction/recovery.

    The recovery programme on the whole was extremely good, with group therapy being the most effective tool to encourage and facilitate change within the individual. Some of the educational workshops and interactive lectures were equally useful, however there were one or two which didn’t suit my needs. Therapeutic staff were good, with some being more experienced than others.

    Yoga and Tai Chi sessions were offered weekly, I really enjoyed the yoga. Having done Tai Chi in the past I wasn’t very impressed at the tutors teaching method, and thought it was more of an ego trip for an old man who simply wanted to show off his skills…this was fed back and it was suggested there be extra yoga sessions.

    The pool was great, it does need some maintenance but i used it most days and thoroughly enjoyed this activity.I also enjoyed the Aquarobics sessions.

    The food was excellent with the staff going the extra mile to ensure that my dietary needs were met. The chefs provided freshly prepared nutritious and balanced meals which of course is essential for those in recovery, the menu was discussed weekly and suggestions listened to.

    The routine was fairly stringent, it has to be! it encouraged us to form a routine and focus! This is one of the few rehab centres which allow phones and laptops in the evenings, a great comfort to so many of us who wanted to touch base with our families.

    I found at times that the support staff were under a lot of pressure to administer medications at certain times and were unable to tend to other areas of therapeutic support such as opening the pool on time or get locked items out of the office. That being said, this has been taken on board and times are likely to be altered to help.

    Some of the facilities are in need of maintenance, however, in my experience whilst there, whatever was reported, was taken on board and the staff did thier upmost to see that things were put right.

    I did find that there were sometimes a lack of communication between me and staff, however that being said, If i kept on asking I would eventually get an answer.

    On the whole I have to say that the positives far outweighed the negatives. I was addicted to opiate based prescription medications and on entry to the clinic my life was miserable beyond belief.
    I recently graduated after 28 days with a view to continuing my recovery journey in a positive way. I couldn’t have done this without this opportunity.

    I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is serious about getting clean and recovering from thier addiction. If you put the work in you too can walk out of there free from your addiction. The rest of course is up to you but at Charterhouse you are never short of support and advice, coupled with family support and after care the clinic simply covers all areas.

    • We are sorry to hear our clinic did not meet your expectation. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of treatment and care.
      Having gone through our records, we have no record of you being admitted to our clinic or having a friend, relative or significant other who accessed our service.
      Please clarify when you were a patient and the areas in which you feel we could have improved our service.
      Charterhouse Clinic

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