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Founded in 1970 and serving the greater population of Hamilton County, Ohio, Central Community Health Board is a private, non-profit behavioral health organization that provides outpatient programs for mental health and addiction as well as a host of other community-oriented services.

Treatment and Staff

Though the facility’s first operative program in 1971 was a narcotic addiction program, today the majority of Central Community Health Board’s services focus on mental health. The only chemical dependency recovery program is basic outpatient services which accompany methadone maintenance. Clients are primarily self-referred and begin treatment with an initial evaluation with an on-staff medical doctor. After this, participants begin their programs which can include up to three group therapy sessions a week along with one weekly individual therapy session led by LADCs. There is also a nursing team on-staff to assist with the daily methadone administration and other general needs.

Therapy at the facility focuses on general drug education and relapse prevention. While there is no specific focus put on 12-step recovery, clients do receive information about local meetings. Special services for pregnant woman are also available. Those in need of more comprehensive care can receive referrals to local inpatient facilities.

Given the breadth of Central Community Health Board’s mental health services, dual diagnosis support is readily available. Clients can meet with an on-staff psychiatrist, attend group therapy to address co-occurring disorders and receive medication management.

Clients typically participate in treatment for 12 to 16 weeks though there are no time limits placed on programs. As long as participants continue to pass regularly administered drug screens they can extend their treatment indefinitely, which essentially constitutes the facility’s aftercare services.


A major part of Central Community Health Board’s purpose is to provide health education to the community. As a result, those participating in the methadone program at the facility can take also advantage of the facility’s HIV education classes which include special sessions dedicated to other related diseases like hepatitis and tuberculosis.

In Summary

While Central Community Health Board has a legacy of service to the Hamilton County community, potential clients should be aware that its main focus is on mental health disorders. Additionally, because the outpatient program for substance abuse includes methadone maintenance, this facility may be something of a niche option. Still, those coming off of harder drugs in need of an affordable dual-diagnosis program will be well served by Central Community Health Board.

Central Community Health Board Location

Central Community Health Board
532 Maxwell Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Central Community Health Board Drug Services Program Cost

Varies by insurance. Reach Central Community Health Board Drug Services Program by phone at (513) 559-2000 or on their website. Find Central Community Health Board Drug Services Program on Facebook

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  1. I feel some people are being discriminated against, for example, we never received takehomes for presidents day only when Obama became president. A counselor named Tammy Hilson is picking on everyone, I know someone that’s been there 4 months and there being Xeroxed ( her dose is 6mgs now) I thinks it’s all about saving money! They put water in your dose and then you rinse the cup again! I think it’s so you can’t taste when they short your dose sometimes, I’ve been going there over a decade now I know how It feels when your dose isn’t the same everyday! It boils down to cutting costs, kicking people out fast, they will cut your dose in half in 4 days but it takes months even years to get an increase.
    They say they care but if you can imagine going from let say 100mgs to 50mgs in 4 days you are deathly I’ll can’t eat can’t sleep for days. They seem to treat others differently, the person I know had one dirty benzo urine and shed been kicked out in less than four months, no warnings nothing ALL because Tammy Hilson, she hasn’t got a clue what it takes to be a counselor, the person in question confided in her that she had used,Mrs. Gilson waited for her the next day and pulled her out of line and gave her a urine just to be spiteful. This woman needs to be fired, there are many others she is picking on. Thank you for your time. By the way there is one white person working there out of everyone (John). If it was the other way around some might call it dicrimination!

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