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CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor


CASPAR Grow House and Hagar ManorCASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor Review

Grow House and Hagan Manor were founded in 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts as part of CASPAR, Inc., a community-oriented network for those struggling with substance abuse in the greater Boston area. Grow House is a transitional care facility designed for homeless adult women and is located in Cambridge. Hagan Manor is a sober living residence serving disabled adult men in Somerville Housing Authorities in Union Square, only two miles northwest of the city.

Accommodations and Amenities

Grow house is an eight-bedroom house with two single rooms and three double rooms, all located on the second and third floors. Three bathrooms are shared between clients. There is also a basement, and a living room and kitchen on the first floor.

Hagan Manor is a six-bed congregate living suite in a larger brick facility that also services programs associated with the Somerville Housing Authority. As such, residents sometimes share bathrooms, living rooms and a kitchen with the outside clients.

Both facilities have rooms and spaces for both individual and group therapy. Clients at both residences are allowed to have cell phones and cars as long as the cars are registered. Smoking is permitted outside of the house.

Clients are required to provide their own food and meals at both Grow House and Hagan Manor.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to any discussion or meeting, Grow House and Hagan Manor require clients to submit a bio-psycho-social evaluation that shows a documented six-month period of sobriety. They also must have been previously homeless. In addition, incoming clients must be employed full-time as they are required to pay their own rent.

Clients with co-occurring disorders must disclose if they are currently taking medications prior to the intake process as well as their full legal and medical history. Once the case manager receives all of the client’s information, they make an assessment on whether the client would be a good fit for the residence. If the case manager believes the program is appropriate, the client undergoes a phone interview with a case manager.

Since Hagan Manor is co-facilitated with the Somerville Housing Authority, the case managers look intensely into client’s criminal records and cannot enroll anyone in possession of a misdemeanor in the last five years or a felony in the last 10 years.

In addition to the above qualifications, Hagan Manor also looks for clients who are disabled or partially disabled.

Grow House and Hagan Manor occasionally have a waiting list that varies in length but can last up to two years based on how many current clients are in the program.

While Grow House consists of women of all ages over 18, Hagan Manor’s clients are mostly middle-aged men.

Clients may be required to enroll in an outside outpatient program depending on their needs. The case manager at both houses runs a weekly relapse prevention group on Thursdays that all clients are required to attend.

At Grow House, clients can stay up to two years. Hagan Manor does not have a maximum length of stay.

Grow House and Hagan Manor require clients to attend between four to five outside 12-step meetings a week.

Both Grow House and Hagan Manor have one case manger on-site to oversee the clients. Clients meet with the case manager once a week to discuss their progress and recovery. The case manager also teaches clients independent living skills including managing familial relationships and finances.

Grow House and Hagan Manor instigate a 12:00 midnight curfew Sunday through Thursday and 1:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. Grow House allows visitors during the day on Saturday and Sunday but does not allow any outside visitor during the weekdays. After 30 days, clients at Hagan Manor and Grow House are allowed overnights away from the facility.


When clients are discharged from both Grow House and Hagan Manor, they are referred to Home Start to help them find housing and any additional benefits they may qualify for.

In Summary

CASPAR’s Grow House and Hagan Manor are highly affordable and extensive sober living options for both adult men and women in the Boston area. The length of the programs provide clients with a great deal of time to fully recover and adjust before transitioning back into society. The individual case management meetings and small size of the house provides clients with a high level of individualized attention throughout their stay. Also, the required employment teaches clients not only how to keep down a job but also the financial reality of paying their own rent.

CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor Location

CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor
66 Canal St
Boston, MA 02114

CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor Cost

Sliding Scale; 30% Of Income (30 days). Reach CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor by phone at (617) 661-6020 or by email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Find CASPAR Grow House and Hagan Manor on Google+ and Facebook

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